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The international Elton John Fan Club Hercules, also known by its internet domain eltonfan.net, has been serving the Elton John community since 1988. That means we have been around for 20 years. What about you?

How long have you been an Elton John fan?

I just recently became a fan
For a few years
For less than 5 years
For 5-10 years
For 10-15 years
For 15-20 years
For 20-30 years
More than 30 years


Best song Elton John song of all times

What is your preferred location for an Elton John Fan Convention?

Major European city (e.g. London, Munich) 150 Votes 41.7%
Major US city (e.g. New York, Los Angeles) 148 Votes 41.2%
Major Australasian city (e.g. Tokyo, Sydney) 17 Votes 4.7%
Las Vegas (linked to a Red Piano show) 34 Votes 9.4%
No Opinion 10 Votes 2.7%

359 Total Votes

What is your preferred concept for an Elton John Fan Convention?

Touristy city - linked to an Elton show 141 Votes 42.8%
Touristy city - no Elton show 40 Votes 12.1%
Any city - linked to an Elton show 112 Votes 34%
Any city - no Elton show 25 Votes 7.5%
No opinion 11 Votes 3.3%

329 Total Votes

Would you attend an Elton John Fan Convention?

In any case 19 Votes 5.6%
Depends on the location 223 Votes 65.9%
Depends on the price 42 Votes 12.4%
Depends on the time 24 Votes 7.1%
Not sure 18 Votes 5.3%
No, I won't attend 12 Votes 3.5%

338 Total Votes

What do you think of 'The Red Piano' in Las Vegas?

A great show which I have seen many times (and will probably see again) 44 Votes 10.4%
A great show, but far too expensive 50 Votes 11.9%
An interesting show, but I prefer a 'normal' Elton John concert 59 Votes 14%
I didn't like it 8 Votes 1.9%
I haven't seen it yet, but plan to attend a future show 155 Votes 36.9%
I haven't seen it yet and don't plan to do so in the future 104 Votes 24.7%

420 Total Votes

Costs for attending an Elton John concert (tickets plus food, transportation, accomodation, etc.) have gone up rapidly over the past few years. What is the effect of this increase on your touring plans?

I will always attend Elton shows (near and far) - by hook or by crook 96 Votes 19.5%
I can only afford attending a few shows (near and far) per year 81 Votes 16.4%
I can only afford attending a few shows (in my neighborhood/country) per year 131 Votes 26.6%
I can only attend one show (in my immediate neighborbood) per year 142 Votes 28.8%
I cannot even afford attending just one show in my immediate neighborhood 42 Votes 8.5%

492 Total Votes

How do you like the new look of eltonfan.net?

Better than the old one 131 Votes 45.8%
About the same as the old one 74 Votes 25.8%
Don't like it that much 44 Votes 15.3%
I hate the new look 14 Votes 4.8%
I don't know 23 Votes 8%

286 Total Votes

What type of Elton John performance do you like best?

Elton solo 83 Votes 25%
Elton & Ray Cooper 34 Votes 10.2%
Elton & basic band (drums, bass, guitar) 97 Votes 29.2%
Elton & full band (e.g. brass section) 52 Votes 15.6%
Elton & Billy Joel 22 Votes 6.6%
Elton & full orchestra 37 Votes 11.1%
None of the above 1 Votes 0.3%
I don't know 6 Votes 1.8%

332 Total Votes

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