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Hercules turned 15 years on May 8, 2003 (also see 'Happy Birthday, Hercules'). That means we have accompanied almost half of Elton's career!

That's why we asked you to help us find the best Elton John song of all times. For starters, we asked you to vote on your favorite song from each regular studio album Elton has released in the past 34 years (see Part 1-3).

We then compiled the results from the first round and presented you with a list of the top 3 of each album for you to vote on again (see Part 4). That way, we tried to give those songs a chance which are usually overlooked when fans just name their favorite songs from memory.

In the final round we asked you to pick your favorite Elton John song from the following list. These ten songs made it through the first two rounds. And here are the final results:

What's your favorite Elton John song from these round #1 & 2 winners?

Your Song 98 Votes 22.3%
Funeral For A Friend 94 Votes 21.4%
Someone Saved My Life Tonight 69 Votes 15.7%
Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) 29 Votes 6.6%
I'm Still Standing 24 Votes 5.4%
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 18 Votes 4.1%
Sacrifice 21 Votes 4.7%
The One 47 Votes 10.7%
Original Sin 28 Votes 6.3%
This Train Don't Stop There Anymore 11 Votes 2.5%

439 Total Votes

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