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mp3 files

Tina Charles with Elton John
Title file size time
Good To Be Alive 1.616 kB 3'26"
Same Old Story 1.234 kB 2'37"
Karaoke versions by Jose Gabriel Yamuni
Title file size time
Please 3.570 kB 3'54"
Blues For My Baby And Me 4.885 kB 5'46"
Have Mercy On The Criminal 4.660 kB 5'32"
The TV Camera Never Lies In The USA!
Title file size time
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with Miss Piggy, Muppets Show 1977) 2.633 kB 2'48"
Imagine (Central Park 1980) 1.618 kB 3'27"
White Powder White Lady (Central Park 1980) 1.781 kB 3'47"
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee, Live Aid 1995) 992 kB 2'06"
Stan (with Eminem, Grammy Awards 2001) 5.972 kB 6'22"
Check out these never released remixes of Elton John's & Ru Paul's Don't Go Breaking My Heart.
Title file size time
Club Remix 2.729 kB 5'49"
Instrumental 2.020 kB 4'18"
Playback Remix 2.074 kB 4'25"
Radio Remix 2.026 kB 4'19"

Various interviews

Check out these interviews with Elton John and members of the Elton John band.
Title file size time
Elton John, Tim Rice and others on Aida 3.514 kB 28'31"
Band Interview, Germany 1997 291 kB 1'56"
Elton on Tammy Wynette 381 kB 3'05"
Elton John on the Howard Stern Radio Show 3.402 kB 27'49"

Elton John talks ...

The following audio clips are from station IDs, etc.
Title file size time
"Hi - I'm Elton John" 5 kB 2"
"Hi - I'm Elton John and I'm coming to you live." 7 kB 3"
"This is Elton John." 3 kB 1"
"Oh, I don't have anything to wear. Ain't life a bitch." 15 kB 7"
"Some people are born royal, others become Queen on their own." 17 kB 8"

HERCULES - A Musical Celebration

Check out these audio clips from the HERCULES CD A Musical Celebration, which was released in June 1998. This limited edition CD is no longer available.
Title file size time
(Fifty) Years On 271 kB 1'49"
Happy Birthday, Dear Elton 309 kB 2'04"
Hercules (Club Remix '97) 288 kB 1'56"
I'm Still Standing 186 kB 1'15"

Elton Desktop Sounds

Use the following sounds to add an Elton touch to your computer desktop. Check out the following samples before you download the zip file (Elton_Desktop_Sounds.zip, 763 kB).
Title file size time
Elton Critical 4 kB 2"
Elton Error 4 kB 2"
Elton Exclamation 6 kB 3"
Elton Exit 13 kB 6"
Elton Question 6 kB 3"
Elton Recycle 6 kB 3"
Elton Start 6 kB 3"
Elton Welcome 7 kB 3"

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