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Elton to get first Brits Icon award
Sunday, July 28 2013

Pop star and songwriter Sir Elton John is to be the first recipient of a new annual honour launched by the Brit Awards organisers to celebrate major figures in music.

He will receive the Brits Icon award at a show in September which will be broadcast later by ITV. The prize has been created by the BPI, the music industry's trade body. It will go to an artist whose writing, recording and performances have made a "lasting impact" on UK culture.

Elton, who was recently treated for appendicitis, had to cancel a headline appearance in Hyde Park in July 2013. However, it is expected he will recover in time to perform at the Brit Icon awards show on September 2, 2013. He said: "It's a tremendous honour and a real thrill for me to have my work acknowledged in this way, and I'm really looking forward to participating in what promises to be a very special occasion."

The BPI and Brit Awards chief executive Geoff Taylor added that Elton had "achieved such a level of artistic creativity and originality, critical acclaim, global recognition and popular success" that he deserved to be recognised as a "true icon of our cultural life". Elton has sold more than 250 million records globally.

His track Candle in the Wind '97, which was released in the wake of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and which he performed at her funeral, is the biggest-selling single of all time, hitting 33 million copies.

Proceeds from the show will go to the Brit Trust and the Royal Academy of Music, where Elton trained.

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Elton is battling baddies in film "The Secret Service"
Saturday, July 27 2013

Director Matthew Vaughn wants to hand Elton a cameo in the comic book adaptation which will be released in 2014.

And he plans for Elton to be seen brawling in a huge fight scene. A source said: “The Secret Service is going to be a big British movie so Matthew wants to include some iconic British stars. He wants to turn the films into a franchise, so getting big names on board will help boost its profile. Seeing Elton fighting will be movie gold. He’s a great addition.”

The original comics, written by Scot Mark Millar, include cameos by stars including Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill and legendary director Rdley Scott. The cameos offered a twist by featuring stars in a different guise, so Elton’s change to hardman is in keeping with the concept.

Matthew is also co-authoring the James Bond-style film with Jonathan Ross' writer wife Jane Goldman — whom he worked with on previous Mark Millar adaptation Kick-Ass. Brit star Colin Firth has already signed up to play the uncle of the main character — a young tearaway who is recruited by Colin into spy school. Sir Michael Caine will also be starring, playing a veteran agent.

If Elton’s cameo goes well, it could open doors in the movie world for the veteran singer. Danny Dyer needs some competition in the British gangster field.

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Candle in the Wind ... and I think it's gonna burn a long, long time
Friday, July 26 2013

One by-all-accounts obnoxious man's love of Milli Vanilli and Elton John cost him almost $2,800 and cost his neighbors their sanity.

Jamie Smith spent two years blasting his playlist — including back-to-back-to-back spins of "Candle in the Wind" — all night long and up to 18 hours a day.

Despite complaints, threats and even a visit from environmental health officers, he refused to cease and desist. Smith was finally hauled to court and given a four-figure fine.

He was not sentenced to any jail time, possibly because being a Milli Vanilli fan seems like punishment enough.

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Local girl will parachute into Bestival wearing a giant Elton John suit
Thursday, July 25 2013

Jasmine Holder has started to make plans to parachute into the Isle of Wight dressed as Elton John for this year's annual music festival, Bestival.

This year is Bestival's 10th birthday and as a celebration of it being the 10th year and the headline act being Elton John, Jasmine has decided to give it a go. Jasmine had this to say: "I was planning on parachuting for charity anyway, and now I can do the same but dressed as Elton John! And I might even get a free ticket!".

Jasmine has been inspired by others and there different travels to Bestival. Like another local, Danny James who is somersaulting to this years festival, Jasmine is hoping when those in charge of Bestival hear of her plans to travel, they will give her a free ticket to enter, or maybe even let her meet her idol, Elton John. This would not just be a very impressive achievement for Jasmine, but she is hoping to raise some money for charity at the same time.

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Caribou Ranch for sale in Colorado
Thursday, July 25 2013

The Caribou Ranch, the Rocky Mountain recording studio that has drawn the likes of John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Waylon Jennings, is on the market for $45 million.

Record producer James William Guercio is selling the 1,600-acre history property near the Denver suburb of Nederland, Colorado, through Mountain Marketing Associates, Ltd., The Denver Business Journal reported. Guercio sold 2,600 acres of the ranch to the City of Boulder and Boulder County. The rest of the property is under a conservation easement, but can be cut into multiple lots.

Guercio purchased the ranch in 1971 for $11 million and built the studio. The ranch, nestled in the mountains, became a haven for recording artists who wanted to produce music away from the bustle of big cities. The Denver Business Journal reported Joe Walsh recorded his "Barnstorm" album there. Elton John named a 1974 album "Caribou" in honor of the ranch. Michael Jackson went horseback riding there and worked on songs while on tour in 1984.

Guercio told the Rocky Mountain News in 2008 that union rules in New York and Los Angeles limited his creative ability, which led him to look for a way to produce music without restrictions. "They'd unionized the studios. I couldn't touch a button," Guercio said. "I was at a point in my life with huge success and I said, 'You know, people are going to conform to my environment. I'm not going to conform to theirs.' They all refused – Chicago, all these guys. 'We're not going up to the mountains.' They eventually did, but when I first started I had a lot of resistance."

Other stars that recorded, mixed records, or wrote at the ranch include Stevie Wonder, Amy Grant, Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire, Frank Zappa, Rod Stewart, and Waylon Jennings.

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Happy Birthday, Matt!
Thursday, July 25 2013

Elton's bass player Matt Bissonette turns 52 today, July 25, 2013.

On behalf of the Hercules team and the Elton John fans all over the world, we would like to wish him a happy birthday!

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A special Thank You from Elton
Wednesday, July 24 2013

Elton has published the following note of gratitude on eltonjohn.com:

"I would like to thank the literally thousands of people who have sent me get well cards and messages over the past two weeks. Your well wishes have touched me deeply and will play a big part in my recovery.

I cannot wait to see you all and thank you in person when I resume my concert schedule later this year. In the meantime, please know that I consider myself a very blessed man to have such caring and considerate fans.

With all my love,


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    Stars including Elton John appeal for Pussy Riot release
    Wednesday, July 24 2013

    Paul McCartney, Elton John, Pete Townshend, Bryan Adams, Madonna, Adele and groups that include U2, The Clash and Coldplay are among more than 100 top international musicians calling for the release of the two jailed members of Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot.

    In an Amnesty International open letter of support for Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina, the stars urge Russian authorities to release the two young women, who are both applying for parole. The parole hearings on July 24, 2013 for Alekhina, 25, and on July 26, 2013 for Tolokonnikova, 23, are appeals against earlier decisions denying early release from two-year sentences handed down in August 2012 by a Moscow court.

    In the open letter the stars remind both young women that “around the world people are both still thinking of you and working for your release.” Noting that “many parents feel your anguish at being separated from your children,” the letter continues: “While understanding the sensitivities of protesting in a place of worship, we ask that the Russian authorities review these harsh sentences, so that you may return to your children, your families and your lives.

 The right to freedom of expression and dissent is a legitimate one and essential in any kind of democracy.”

    The sentences handed down to the two young women -- convicted of hooliganism and dispatched to what Amnesty describes as “notoriously brutal prison colonies” -- have stoked controversy internationally. Amnesty says both women are prisoners of conscience and there is “serious concern for their safety.”

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    Do you ever see the letters that I write
    Thursday, July 18 2013

    A copyright infringement lawsuit against Elton and Bernie fails.

    How many ways is there to say, "I love you"? Unfortunately for a man who composed a song entitled "Natasha" and sued Elton John and Bernie Taupin for ripping it off, there's more than one.

    On July 17, 2013, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of a copyright lawsuit against Elton after determining that substantial similarity couldn't be established in analyzing the work of plaintiff Guy Hobbs with Elton John's own "Nikita" song.

    In the lawsuit, Hobbs asked a court to look at his song inspired by a brief love affair he had with a Russian waitress. The plaintiff attempted to steer the judge to looking at the "unique combination" of elements allegedly similar in both songs. The list included things like a common theme of impossible love between a Western man and a Communist woman during the Cold War, descriptions of the beloved's light eyes, the phonetically-similar Russian female name in the title, and phrases such as "I need you" as well as versions of "you will never know."

    But the argument fails because Seventh Circuit judge Daniel Manion reiterates the principle that copyright law does not protect general ideas, only the particular expression of an idea. The judge adds that copyright law doesn't protect "incidents, characters or settings which are as a practical matter indispensable, or at least standard, in the treatment of a given topic."

    The appeals court decides it doesn't have to address Hobbs' "unique combination" theory because the plaintiff hasn't made the threshold showing of similarity in the particular elements. Going into more detail, and showcasing not only why copyright lawsuits often fail but also the many trappings of love in a tough geo-political climate, Judge Manion says that the two songs:

    "tell different stories about impossible romances during the Cold War ... 'Natasha' tells the story of two people who briefly become intimate, but who are forced to part ways because one is not free (presumably because of the Iron Curtain) and must sail away... 'Nikita' tells the tale of a man who sees and desires a woman whom he can never meet because she is on the other side of a 'line' held in by 'guns and gates' (perhaps the Berlin Wall)." He could only imagine and wish for a chance to hold her, to tell her about his home, and if the border guards were to leave and set her free then to find and meet her, but he thinks that will never happen."

    Here's the rest of the judge's thoughts on copyright and love songs.

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    Elton extends record for most Adult Contemporary hits
    Tuesday, July 16 2013

    Elton pads his mark for the most appearances in the 52-year history of Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, as "Home Again" soars in at No. 21. The song marks his 69th entry on the ranking.

    The start of "Home" marks Elton's highest on Adult Contemporary since "You Can Make History (Young Again)" launched at No. 11 in 1996. Until this week, Elton had last graced the list with "Electricity," which reached No. 17 in August 2009. The new entry ends his longest absence from the chart since he first appeared with the eventual No. 9-peaking "Your Song" the week of Dec. 26, 1970.

    "Home Again" previews Elton's 30th studio album, "The Diving Board," due September 24, 2013. It's his first set to be released on Capitol Records. "[Bernie Taupin and I] wrote 11 songs … and recorded them in four days," Elton says of the collection. Mixing gospel, blues, jazz, brass band, pop and even a waltz, it's "everything I love about American music," adds Elton, who was forced to postpone upcoming touring plans after being felled by appendicitis last week.

    In addition to holding the record for the most Adult Contemporary chart visits, Elton also boasts the most No. 1s (15, a mark he shares with the Carpenters) and top 10s (39). When Billboard celebrated the survey's 50th anniversary in 2011, Elton was honored as the chart's all-time top performer.

    Here's an updated look at the artists with the most entries in the Adult Contemporary chart's archives:

    69, Elton John
    64, Barbra Streisand
    58, Neil Diamond
    53, Elvis Presley
    50, Barry Manilow
    49, Johnny Mathis
    48, Frank Sinatra
    47, Kenny Rogers
    46, Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass
    45, Dionne Warwick

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    Katy Perry, JT, Queen, Elton John for iHeart Radio Music Festival
    Tuesday, July 16 2013

    The two-day music event will take place in Las Vegas on September 20 and 21, 2013 at the MGM Grand Arena.

    Queen featuring Adam Lambert, Elton John, Bruno Mars, Ke$ha, Muse, Chris Brown and Maroon 5 will perform. Phoenix, Tiesto, Keith Urban, fun., Zedd, Tim McGraw, Thirty Seconds To Mars and Benny Benassi have also been confirmed.

    A new Fan Village area will be created to run through the daytime, which will be free to ticket holders in a 15-acre parking lot next to the arena. Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Pete Tong, Jason Derulo and AWOLNATION will perform in the new area.

    Tickets for the iHeart Radio Music Festival 2013 will go on sale in the US on July 20, 2013 from 1pm ET.

    Watch the announcement for this year's iHeart Radio Music Festival below:

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    Elton: "I'm lucky to be alive"
    Sunday, July 14 2013

    If you ask Elton John, someone saved his life all right—doctors.

    In an interview with The Sun, he revealed he very nearly died after coming down with an excruciating case of appendicitis, which sidelined him from his current European tour, including a big concert in London's Hyde Park. "I'm lucky to be alive," Elton told the U.K. paper.

    After feeling intense stomach pain during some recent shows that he initially thought was food poisoning — a problem so agonizing he cut short a gig in Halle, Germany — the music legend consulted with physicians, who diagnosed him as having an appendix abscess. They also ordered him to cancel his trek or potentially risk his life.

    "I was a ticking time bomb. I guess I could have died at any time," added Elton. "I feel so lucky and so grateful to be alive. I played nine gigs and the White Tie and Tiara Summer Ball in agony." Elton is now undergoing an intensive round of antibiotics to ease the inflammation of his appendix and stem the possibility of blood poising. He's also expected to have surgery in the U.K. in the coming weeks once the swelling goes down.

    Until then, Elton is said to be confined to his bed at the Windsor home the father of two shares with partner David Furnish. No word yet when he'll make up the dates he had to scrap across the pond, but his rep said Elton won't resume performing until he's one hundred percent healed from his upcoming operation and the effects of the abscess.

    Despite the illness, Elton did have the strength to make the promotional rounds last week to hype his upcoming album, "The Diving Board," hitting stores in September 2013. Elton also may have inflamed some fans of NBC's The Voice when he slammed the reality competition for producing contestants that he called "nonentities," for their failure to generate hits, let alone sustain a career, after their appearance on the show.

    Perhaps his convalescence will give him time to cool down.

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    Elton's tour cancellation leads to $15 million insurance payout
    Sunday, July 14 2013

    Elton's insurers have to pay out nearly £10 million ($15 million) to cover promoters' lost revenue after the singer cancelled/postponed several European gigs due to his battle with appendicitis, The Daily Mirror reported.

    A source close to the singer said "artists have insurance for the promoters’ liability" and since “Elton is insured" so "no promoter will be out of pocket."

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    Remembering Bob Birch
    Sunday, July 14 2013

    On July 14, 2013 Bob Birch would have celebrated his 57th birthday.

    However, as we are all painfully aware, Bob died August 15, 2012 of an apparent suicide at his home in Los Angeles. Bob had been a member of the Elton John band since 1992, the longest-serving bassist in Elton's touring band.

    Birch is survived by his wife Michele and their son, Jonathan. It is still hard to believe that has gone forever and we are thinking of Bob's family at this very difficult time.

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    Elton praises Pope Francis
    Friday, July 12 2013

    Pope Francis has been named Man of the Year by Vanity Fair's Italian edition in recognition of his words and deeds during his first one hundred days as pontiff.

    The magazine's front cover features the 76-year-old Pope Francis waving at a crowd, dressed simply in plain white robes and a white skull cap. The article begins by quoting Pope Francis' March 28, 2013 invocation for priests to be "shepherds living with the smell of the sheep," and goes on to feature the praise of five celebrities about him, including Sir Elton John and Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

    Elton John warmly said, "Francis is a miracle of humility in an era of vanity," and went on to say that he hoped the Pope's message of compassion would extend to marginalized groups which "have a desperate need of his love," including gays and lesbians. Despite the Vatican's historically steadfast stance on issues like gay marriage, Elton, who has been in a civil partnership since 2005, expressed his hope that Pope Francis could "reach out to children, women, men who live with HIV and AIDS -- often alone, and hidden away in silence."

    "His first one hundred days have already placed him in the category of world leaders who make history," said Vanity Fair. "But the revolution continues."

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    Sharon Osbourne praises Elton's sommitment to Aids Charity
    Thursday, July 11 2013

    Sharon Osbourne has heaped praise on kind-hearted Elton John for hosting his annual Aids charity gala at his home in England in June 2013 even though he was terribly ill and in tremendous pain.

    Elton was convinced he was suffering from a bad bout of food poisoning when he was struck down with crippling stomach cramps, but he was recently diagnosed with a case of appendicitis after seeking treatment when the pain became too much to bear.

    His pal Osbourne reveals the 66 year old had been silently suffering with the condition for weeks, but he refused to cancel his annual White Tie and Tiara Summer Ball on June 27, 2013, and carried on with the show in between vomiting bouts.

    While co-hosting her U.S. chat show The Talk on July 10, 2013, she said, "All I have to say is that he was sick a couple of weeks ago at his White Tie and Tiara Ball. This is where he gains millions for his Aids charity, and he went through the evening, he went to every table, he welcomed everybody and in between he was going outside, throwing up, coming back in... He just will not give up... He thinks of everybody else but himself!"

    The TV personality also gave viewers an update on the singer's health, insisting he is already starting to show signs of improvement: "He's doing really well. He's at his home in Windsor and he's recuperating."

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    Elton's complex appendicitis diagnosis explained
    Wednesday, July 10 2013

    The LA Times gets into the science of exactly what that diagnosis means, but first a warning: It's not going to be pretty.

    This week, a spokesperson for Elton confirmed that the singer was postponing a series of concerts on his European tour because he was suffering from appendicitis. The specific diagnosis, as given on Elton's website, was "appendix abscess surrounding retrocaecal appendicitis."

    The appendix is attached to a part of your body called the cecum, which is a sack generally considered to be the beginning of your lower intestine. We're going to have to talk about pus and catheters and kind of gross infections.

    But if you think you can handle it, keep reading.

    Everyone's appendix is attached to the cecum, but individual appendixes can point in different directions. Some people's appendixes point down toward the pelvis, others point straight out. Elton's appendix does something a bit unusual in that it makes a U-turn and winds up hiding behind the cecum itself. That's why it's called "retrocaecal," explained Dr. Jerald Wishner, co-director of robotic and minimally invasive surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York.

    This is actually good news for the 66-year-old Elton. Based on the limited information on the singer's website, Dr. Wishner said, it's likely that John was having some discomfort, but probably not the acute pain that we associate with most cases of appendicitis.

    When his appendix ruptured, the infection did not move into the intestine lining like it would have if the appendix had been pointing down; instead, the infection brewed where the appendix was sandwiched between the back of his abdomen and the cecum, creating a collection of pus.

    This is when the pain probably became more severe. Doctors can't go in and remove the appendix with all that infection and inflammation around it, so they will give John a course of antibiotics to treat the infection and will insert a catheter in the abscess to drain it.

    Wishner said in cases like this, the catheter is usually needed for as little as a day or up to a week, and that it usually takes four to six weeks to get the infection under control. Once the area around the appendix is healthy again, doctors will remove the appendix in a surgery that requires just three small incisions. Most patients are able to go home the same day.

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    Elton's Summer Tour postponed
    Tuesday, July 9 2013

    A spokesman for Elton has confirmed the singer is suffering from appendicitis, reports eltonjohn.com.

    Elton had called in doctors after falling ill during his recent European tour. Following a number of exploratory scans and blood tests with his medical team in the UK, a diagnosis of appendix abscess surrounding retrocaecal appendicitis has been confirmed.

    Elton is currently undergoing a course of intensive antibiotics and is expected to undergo surgery in the UK in the coming weeks, once doctors can be confident they have sufficiently reduced toxins within the inflamed appendicitis site.

    Elton, 66, who regularly performs in excess of 120 concerts per year, has been advised by his doctors and surgical team to postpone all forthcoming shows from his current European tour (this includes the headline show due to take place at Hyde Park in London as part of the Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival on July 12, 2013).

    The spokesman confirmed Elton will not return to touring until he has fully recovered from both the planned surgery and any damage caused by the appendix abscess. He added, "Elton is incredibly disappointed to postpone these tour dates. To know that he made such super-human efforts and continued to perform to thousands through his illness only confirms his dedication to his European fans. He is eager to be back on top form and return to play the remaining shows starting in early September 2013."

    On behalf of the entire Hercules/eltonfan.net team and all fans around the world we would like to wish Elton all the best and a speedy recovery.

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    Elton in conversation with John Wilson
    Tuesday, July 9 2013

    In an BBC Radio 4 interview first broadcast on July 3, 2013, Elton reflects on his return to musical basics on his forthcoming album "The Diving Board," to be released later this year.

    He also considers the impact of early fame on young performers, the continuing influence of soul and classical music on his own songs and the effect of his two young sons on his performing career.

    You can listen to the interview online - it also containes a lot of snippets from the upcoming album.

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    Too Lohan for zero
    Sunday, July 7 2013

    It might seem odd to imagine Elton John spending time contemplating the lives of such young celebrities as Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan, but he reveals that those stars partly inspired the title track to his upcoming album, "The Diving Board."

    Appearing recently on BBC Radio 4, Elton explained that the tune focuses on the dangers of fame, specifically its effect on young people. “For me, the song is about someone like Lindsay Lohan who had everything…and then it all went really tragically wrong because of drugs and the wrong people,” he notes. “It’s about the pitfalls of being a young star, like a Justin Bieber. It’s hard when you’re young to go through that incredible fame, when you’re that young, when you haven’t had a childhood, and then you wanna grow up.”

    “I wouldn’t want to be Justin Bieber or any of those young artists,” Elton continues. “It’s tough on them. They get pushed into things, they have too much too soon…they didn’t do the driving around in a transit van, earning your corn. Bands who drive around and do two or three years’ hard work, that’s the way to do it.”

    Elton generally is a big supporter of young artists and new musical talent, but he says he isn’t a big fan of those singers who become famous by appearing on TV competition shows like The Voice. In fact, he’s dismissed all the winners of the hit NBC reality show — and its British counterpart — as “nonentities.”

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  • Home Again
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    Elton down with virus infection
    Thursday, July 4 2013

    The band shows in Halle (Westfalen) on July 5, 2013 and Mainz on July 6, 2013 have been postponed indefinitely.

    Doctors have adviced Elton to take a break due to health problems caused by a virus infection. His tour management is currently checking as to when the two shows affected can be re-scheduled. Tickets will remain valid until further notice.

    Elton is sorry for the inconvenience caused and is hoping for the fans' understanding. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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    Elton John and band performed in St Malo Du Bois on July 3, 2013
    Thursday, July 4 2013

    Following is the complete set list of the St Malo Du Bois show on July 3, 2013.

    1. The Bitch Is Back
    2. Bennie and the Jets
    3. Grey Seal
    4. Levon
    5. Tiny Dancer
    6. Holiday Inn
    7. Believe
    8. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    9. Philadelphia Freedom
    10. Candle in the Wind
    11. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    12. Rocket Man
    13. Hey Ahab
    14. I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
    15. Funeral for a Friend
    16. Love Lies Bleeding
    17. Take Me to the Pilot
    18. All the Girls Love Alice
    19. Sad Songs (Say So Much)
    20. Daniel
    21. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
    22. The One
    23. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    24. I'm Still Standing
    25. Crocodile Rock
    26. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

    27. Your Song

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    Home Again
    Thursday, July 4 2013

    Elton John has revealed that he will cut back on his hectic touring schedule when his sons start school.

    Elton takes Zachary, two, and six-month-old Elijah with him around the world as he performs up to 120 concerts a year. But he will spend more time at home once their education starts in around two years’ time so they can have a settled school life. "When Zachary goes to school and when Elijah goes to school... then I’ll have to take a look at my touring schedule," Elton told Front Row arts programme on Radio 4 on July 2, 2013.

    "They’re always on tour with me. Zachary has been to Australia twice before he was two. When they start school of course they can’t come on tour. I can’t be away from them that long, and things will have to change." Elton revealed that he and David will "be there on the first day" that gay marriage is legalised.

    The couple’s children were born using a surrogate mother but Elton said he had not planned to be a parent. "It’s only because I went to an orphanage in Ukraine that I saw a little boy who we wanted to adopt that we couldn’t because of the laws. It broke my heart. David sat me down and said, 'You know, why don’t we have our own'. I said, 'Well, I’ve always said I’m too selfish and I’m too set in my ways'. Life sometimes comes up with little signs for you, and that little boy was saying, 'You know what, you bloody well change your ways, you have a kid. You know, see what it does for you."

    "It’s made me the happiest person in the world. And then the new one as well – I just wish I’d had them earlier. But Zachary and this new one Elijah have brought me more happiness in the last two and a half years than I could ever have imagined."

    Elton and David became civil partners in a ceremony on the day it became legal in 2005 and intend to marry as soon as the law is changed. "I’ll be there on the first day it happens," Elton said. "It’s something that we’ve been given as gay people – a lot of gay people in the world don’t even have the right to exist practically, in Uganda and places like that, in the Soviet Union now. The fact we’ve been given these chances by the British Government is something that is joyous and I’m grateful for. I don’t want a big grandiose thing, I just want to go to a registry office.

    "But I’d like to do it. I’d like to say, 'Listen, we’ve been given this as people, and years ago people had to have miserable lives because they were afraid of their sexuality'. Embrace it, be thankful and set an example and say, 'Yes, this is how far Britain has come as a society'. I’m very proud of that."

    In the interview, Elton, who releases his 30th album, The Diving Board, in September 2013 – his first new material since 2006 – also hit out at television talent shows. He claimed they spawn "non-entities" who are propelled to fame too fast and struggle to achieve a long career because they are too young and ill-equipped to deal with life in the spotlight.

    "Unless you’ve got real gravitas and you’ve earned your corn, it’s going to be hard for you to stay sane," said Elton. "It will be hard for you to maintain a career, you may end up being a bitter, non-entity. It’s about the pitfalls of being a young star, like a Justin Bieber. It’s hard when you’re young to go through that incredible fame when you haven’t had a childhood. And then, you want to grow up. Luckily, fame came to me when I was 23, and then I lived my teenage years through my fame. But I wouldn’t want to be Justin Bieber or any of those young artists. It’s tough on them."

    "Television and video has done a lot of damage to music. They propel people into stardom that aren’t ready for it and can’t sustain it and they’re only as good as the next song. I hate that, I hate people being cast aside."

    He cited Michelle McManus, now 33, who was dropped by her management shortly after winning Pop Idol in 2003. "It breaks my heart... it’s not fair," he said, while also criticising The Voice. "The Voice is all about watching the judges. Nobody on The Voice in America has had a hit record, nobody on The Voice in England has had a hit record. They’re non-entities," Elton said.

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