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Fashion Cares bumps up with Elton John fund
Thursday, July 29 2010

Jeffrey Fashion Cares, the annual Atlanta runway swank-fest to fight AIDS and breast cancer, is $75,000 more flush a month out from the big night thanks to a matching grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

If you swoon at the mention of Gucci, Prada, Marni, Manolo Blahnik, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, and Jason Wu, Fashion Cares is for you. The 18th annual event thrown by gay retailer Jeffrey Kalinsky takes place on August 30, 2010 at the luxurious 12th & Midtown on Peachtree Street.

In addition to the high-label octane in clothes featured in Kalinsky’s Atlanta and Manhattan Jeffrey stores, this year’s Fashion Cares also features special guest designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the gay gurus of Proenza Schouler. The evening includes a reception, live auction, an after party at Opera, and of course the fashion show. The after party is expected to be as big a deal for the gays as the off-the-runway fashions are for the Benefactor Bettys. B52s frontman Fred Schneider is scheduled to DJ the bon soir soiree.

Local gay activist and do-gooder Barron Segar, a longtime board member of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, announced on July 27, 2010 that the foundation is again ponying up big dollars to benefit Suan G. Komen for the Cure and the Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund. “We are so grateful for the support of Barron Segar and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. For the past five years, their generosity has helped us achieve goals we never thought possible,” Lila Hertz, a 2010 event co-chair, says in an announcement.

The event draws the well-heeled and generous in what social columns call “the beginning of the fashion season.” We thought that was this week’s premiere of the next “Project Runway” season, but what do we know? What’s clear is that Jeffrey Fashion Cares rakes in the dough for its worthy causes—to the tune of $9 million since its inception. This year’s host committee adds the Elton John AIDS Foundation funds to the $150,000 already in the coffers, and that’s not including sponsorships and other donations.

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Taupin's website reveals track listing for "The Union"
Thursday, July 29 2010

Bernie Taupin has disclosed the secret of the track listing for the upcoming Elton John/Leon Russell album "The Union".

The track listing is as follows:

  • If It Wasn’t For Bad
  • Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes
  • Hey Ahab
  • Gone To Shiloh
  • Jimmie Rodger’s Dream
  • There’s No Tomorrow
  • Monkey Suit
  • The Best Part Of The Day
  • A Dream Come True
  • When Love Is Dying
  • I Should Have Sent Roses
  • Hearts Have Turned To Stone
  • Never To Old (To Hold Somebody)
  • The Hands Of Angels
The site also reports that two bonus tracks, “Mandalay Again” and “My Kind Of Hell”, will be included on both the vinyl and extended deluxe CD edition of the album.

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    Denials that Justin or Elton judging 'Idol'
    Wednesday, July 28 2010

    Deadline.com has learned that representatives for both Justin Timberlake and Elton John are denying there's anything real behind that published rumor that both musicians are in talks to replace Simon Cowell as a permanent judge onAmerican Idol.

    A Justin insider says the report is "just silly" because Timberlake has no time for a gig like this. That's because his film career is really taking off after acting turns in David Fincher's Oscar-touted The Social Network as well as Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits. And he's been offered the lead in the Andrew Niccols-directed I'm Mortal for New Regency and Fox.

    Elton John's name surfaced the moment Cowell announced his exit -- which is why the singer's UK publicist Gary Farrow just gave this blunt quote to Deadline London editor Tim Adler: “Absolute rubbish... This story’s three months old. There’s more chance of you fucking me than Elton appearing on US Idol.”

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    Idol Wish List: Elton John, Justin Timberlake?
    Tuesday, July 27 2010

    Nigel Lythgoe, who left his post as executive producer of "American Idol" in 2008 to focus solely on "So You Think You Can Dance" and its various incarnations, is poised to make a return to Idol in its hour of need (for a fourth judge, that is).

    While the show's focus has appeared to be on finding a so-called replacement for the irreplaceable Simon Cowell, there's also been much quieter talk about scrapping the whole crop of current judges—an idea that Lythgoe has championed in the past when asked about Idol's diminishing popularity.

    "I think over the last couple of years, the show has been about the judges, whether it was Kara [DioGuardi] or Paula [Abdul] leaving or Ellen DeGeneres joining," Lythgoe told E! News in April 2010. "It shouldn't be about the judges," he said. "It should be about the young talent. And once we get that into focus, the show will be successful again."

    And there are plenty of names being bandied about as to who would make for a stellar panel, albeit not exactly a group of shrinking violets. Count Justin Timberlake and Elton John, who has performed on Idol in the past, as two of the biggest names on Idol creator Simon Fuller's wish list, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Lythgoe has also namechecked Elton as someone who's "capable of knowing what's needed," and has praised the talents of Abdul and Usher, who "knows exactly what's going on in the moment." Harry Connick Jr., who won major props for his turn as guest mentor last season, Chris Isaak and Bret Michaels have also come up in conversation.

    Abdul, whose name always comes up as a possible addition to Cowell's X Factor when that's up and running on Fox, has inked a deal in the meantime to be lead judge on CBS' foray into bust-a-move programming, Got to Dance, and it's pretty certain that she won't be returning to Idol in any official capacity.

    As for who's already employed as an Idol judge: Kara has a year-to-year deal that hasn't officially been reupped for 2011 yet. Randy Jackson has one more year left on his contract. Ellen, however, signed a multiyear deal, so she at least planning on going anywhere for awhile.

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    Elton is working on a new musical
    Saturday, July 24 2010

    Elton is teaming up with his 'Billy Elliot' co-writer Lee Hall to pen a new stage production based on George Orwell's book 'Animal Farm'.

    However Lee - who won Olivier and Tony awards for his book and lyricsfor the musical 'Billy Elliot' and an Oscar for the movie - admitted that the musical will not be completed any time soon. He said: "I would think it's going to take about two years before it's all ready to go".

    The writer also revealed that the 'Rocket Man' hitmaker prefers the lyrics to be written before he begins to work on the music. He explained to the Daily Mail newspaper: "Having worked with him on 'Billy Elliot', I know that Elton likes to have the lyrics done and have them in front of him so I'll work on a batch before I give him anything to look at." And the writer said he is "deep into it, writing songs for pigs and other four-legged friends."

    'Animal Farm', an allegorical novel based on events in the Soviet Union tells the story of a piglet called Napoleon who destroys his opponents in a bid to control the old Manor Farm. There is no producer attached to the project yet, with Lee saying that he and Elton would get others involved when the show is near completion.

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    Elton's choice words for boycotting musicians
    Saturday, July 24 2010

    Elton John didn't mince words in slamming his fellow musicians for boycotting Arizona over the controversial SB 1070 immigration law.

    From the stage at his sold-out Tucson Arena concert on July 22, 2010, Elton savored a few choice, not-so-family-friendly words: "We are all very pleased to be playing in Arizona. I have read that some of the artists won't come here. They are (expletive) wits! Let's face it: I still play in California, and as a gay man I have no legal rights whatsoever. So what's the (expletive) with these people?"

    Elton has never been one to cave into political pressure from his musical colleagues. He ignored an artist boycott of Israel in June 2010 over the flotilla fiasco and played a show in Tel Aviv. He also played Rush Limbaugh's latest wedding reception in early June 2010, which drew the ire of gays and lesbians. Limbaugh is vehemently anti-gay marriage.

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    Elton calls Eminem weekly for drug chats
    Saturday, July 24 2010

    Elton continues to help rap pal Eminem with his battle to stay sober by calling him once a week.

    The rapper reached out to Elton, who he performed with at the 2001 Grammy Awards, and asked the British rocker to unofficially counsel him as he attempted to get clean after a four year hell of painkiller abuse.

    The hip-hop star felt Elton's past battles to kick his drug habit would serve as lessons for him - and he was right. So much so that he still looks forward to his pal's weekly chats.

    He tells Spin magazine, "Elton John calls me once a week. He used to tell me stuff like, 'You're going to start seeing certain things you've been overlooking'. And it came true.

    "I'd walk around like, 'Damn, that tree does look crazy, look at all those leaves!' Things I didn't notice when I was f**ked up."

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    Face the Music at the British Music Experience
    Friday, July 23 2010

    Mid July 2010 saw the launch of Face the Music, the new marketing campaign from the British Music Experience, masterminded by student Cassie Lawrence from University College Falmouth.

    Cassie won the Young Creative Network Student Awards, a competition opened up to all the creative universities in the UK to produce a communication that showcased the depth of the content within the British Music Experience, The O2’s interactive exhibition of rock and pop. Cassie’s entry was the stand out winner of the 80 entries submitted.

    The Face the Music game features the abstract likenesses of 64 British music greats, from Elton John to Amy Winehouse, from John Lennon to Liam Gallagher. Players are given a clue and have to guess who the face represents, before being given a clue to the next face, and so the game continues. Many of the artists included have donated memorabilia to the British Music Experience or feature in the interactive time zones.

    Richard Philip, Brand Manager for The O2 and the British Music Experience, commented: ‘Cassie’s campaign captured our imagination immediately. It’s a fun and interactive way for our audience to engage with the British Music Experience and its infectious format will no doubt make this a viral hit.’

    The campaign can be found at www.britishmusicexperience.com/facethemusic and is also visible in tube and overland railway stations across London. Face the Music will also feature on a host of online music, entertainment and film websites including XFM, Uncut, NME, Q, MOJO and Kerrang, and has been developed as a facebook app.

    The viral campaign aims to target domestic tourists, Londoners exploring their city, educated music fans and online game fans. Prizes include gig tickets at The O2, a signed Epiphone Guitar, tickets to the L.E.D. Festival or a private tour of the British Music Experience for you and your friends.

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    Elton brings Star-studded Tennis Benefit to AU
    Friday, July 23 2010

    Elton John is bringing his World Tennis Team Smash Hits charity event to D.C. in November 2010, so get ready for a good cause complete with a legendary pop star.

    The 18th annual event will take place on November 15, 2010 at American University’s Bender Arena with tennis greats such as Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova and Stefanie Graf all making an appearance on the court. If we’re lucky, Elton might just take a few serves as well seeing as he has a private tennis trainer who travels on tour with him.

    All funds raised through the event will benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation and local Washingon, D.C. Area AIDS charities.

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    Food poisoning forces Elton to postpone concert
    Thursday, July 22 2010

    A bout of food poisoning has caused the postponement of Elton John's scheduled concert at Tucson Arena.

    The Arizona Daily Star reports that the show originally scheduled for July 21, 2010 was nearly sold out with about 8,800 tickets purchased. Organizers say the British rocker will perform on July 22, 2010 night instead.

    A spokeswoman for the Tucson concert venue says Elton apologizes for the inconvenience caused by his illness, but doctors say he will be fine to take the stage on July 22, 2010.

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    Kylie plans Charity Concert
    Tuesday, July 20 2010

    Kylie Minogue plans to throw a charity concert to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her beating breast cancer. The fundraiser is expected to include performances from her famous friends Robbie Williams, Elton John and the Scissor Sisters.

    As well as continuing to raise awareness, Kylie wants the February 2011 bash to be a big thank you to the French doctor who treated her. Speaking to Sunday Mirror about her plans, the pop veteran said, "Early next year it will be my five years all clear and I would like to do something to mark that – something like a benefit concert. We are going to try and arrange something with my professor in Paris."

    Kylie was first diagnosed in 2005, causing her to pull out of the coveted headline slot at the Glastonbury festival. She was replaced by Basement Jaxx, who honoured her absence by performing Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and leading the crowd in a chant of “2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate? Kylie!”
    When the 42-year-old went public with her diagnosis, cancer screenings went up a third in the UK. Kylie said she hopes the benefit concert with further highlight the importance of screenings and early detection.

    “I know a lot of women went for screenings after my announcement,” the All The Lovers singer said. “And a lot of people came up to me and said I saved them. Of course I didn’t – but it made them go and get checked.”

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    Taupin takes to the air
    Saturday, July 17 2010

    Bernie Taupin’s recent relationship with SiriusXM got into full swing on July 3, 2010 with the premier of his “American Roots Radio” show.

    The 2-hour program will have new shows airing every other Saturday. Repeat performances will air on the following Thursday, 12 midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific. For full details check out Bernie's new web page.

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    Happy Birthday, Bob!
    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    Elton John band bass player Bob Birch is celebrating his 54th birthday on July 14, 2010.

    On behalf of the Hercules team and all Elton John fans around the world we would like to wish him all the best and happy birthday!

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    EJAF and US National Aids Strategy
    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) applauds the release of a new National AIDS Strategy for the United States

    The announcement from the White House on July 13, 2010 is the culmination of a multi-year campaign by a broad range of HIV/AIDS advocates and organizations, including EJAF, who championed the development and implementation of a single plan to accelerate effective responses to the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    This national plan of action affirms many of the core principles that have governed EJAF's grant-making priorities since its inception in 1992:

    • HIV/AIDS remains an urgent public health concern throughout the U.S. and deserves the highest level of attention.
    • Investments addressing HIV/AIDS must be targeted to communities where HIV is prevalent, focused on populations that are most at risk, and must implement proven interventions based on scientific evidence.
    • It is crucial to confront the difficult social and behavioral barriers - such as poverty, substance use, incarceration, and homophobia - that make people more vulnerable to HIV infection and significantly impair their opportunities to seek HIV testing and health care.
    All Americans have a stake in ensuring that the United States succeeds in achieving the objectives defined in this Strategy. The Elton John AIDS Foundation pledges its ongoing commitment to the fight against AIDS and welcomes this step forward in leadership from the U.S. federal government.

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    Elton loves Gordon
    Sunday, July 11 2010

    Former PM Gordon Brown is being wooed by Elton John - to work with him to fight Aids.

    Mr Brown, 59, has been in talks over taking a post with the Elton John Aids Foundation. And Elton wants the ex-Labour leader and wife Sarah, 46, to become patrons.

    David Furnish revealed: "Gordon's a friend and we've spoken to him and Sarah about how they could help. We talked about Gordon taking up a more active role within the charity. Gordon is very knowledgeable about the subject and we are very excited about him joining our team on a more permanent basis."

    Days before resigning as PM in May 2010, Mr Brown spoke of his desire "to do something that helps other people". He added: "Sarah and I might do charity and voluntary work."

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    Elton John unveils "The Union"
    Friday, July 9 2010

    "It's like Crazy Heart … only without the drink and the drugs," deadpans Elton John when discussing the rise and fall of Leon Russell, his piano playing idol.

    Introducing "The Union," his remarkable new album of duets with Russell, at the Electric Cinema in London's Notting Hill, Elton is in fine form, but is keen to emphasize Russell's impeccable musical credentials. "I don't know why he just fell off the radar," he says, explaining that in the Seventies Russell not only played on a huge variety of Phil Spector records but also wrote anthems such as "A Song For You". Here's what else GQ Magazine learnt from listening to Elton explain this "real labour of love"...

    1. Elton has worshipped Russell for over three decades. He remembers seeing him sit in the front row of the audience on the second night he played the Troubadour in 1970. "He really is the most incredible looking man," says Elton. "You couldn't miss him!" The pair subsequently went on tour together - and although Elton tended to steal the show every night, there was never any animosity between them.

    2. Their friendship was rekindled after 37 years with a phone call. While on safari in Africa, Elton heard a vintage Russell song on David Furnish's iPod and gave the 68 year old singer a call. At the time Russell was scraping a living playing down-at-heel venues and was physically fragile - just before they started recording, Russell needed a five and a half hour operation "because he had spinal fluid coming out of his nose". His confidence was shot as well, asking Elton at one point, "Can I still play and sing?"

    3. On their first day in the studio, the pair were visibly uncomfortable and nervous around each other. Elton wasn't even sure the idea of recording twin pianos would work - only listening to Mahalia Jackson on youtube united them through their shared love of gospel.

    4. The record's producer is T Bone Burnett, the man behind the "O Brother Where Art Thou?" soundtrack. He was all set to record the followup to the hugely successful Alison Krauss/Robert Plant LP, but when recording stalled, he took up Elton's offer. For Elton, this was key to the success of the project: having self-produced his last two records he was keen to try something different.

    5. Elton's US record company was also looking for something different. At one point they suggested a Motown covers album and a Christmas record. The succinct response was simply, "I'm never going to do a f***ing Christmas album ever."

    6. The other advantage to making an unconventional album is that he's free of commercial constraints. "I can't make pop records any more," says Elton. "And I hate videos. I just watched VH1 and it makes me want to vomit."

    7. The model for this LP is Bob Dylan's 2006 Modern Times. "It sounded like velvet," says Elton. There's a further link with Mr Zimmerman as well - the very first time Elton met Dylan it was when the latter came to see Russell backstage (he'd played on "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall").

    8. The guestlist for "The Union" is incredibly impressive. Brian Wilson, Booker T, Don Was and Neil Young all contribute. "Neil and I have been friends since 1971," says Elton. "One night he came back to my flat on the Edgware Road and played the whole of Harvest on the piano." One of the most unlikely collaborations was a cameo by funk musician The Mighty Hannibal. When Elton contacted him about using a sample from "Hymn No. 5", he began discussions with the line "My name is Elton John. I play piano and sell records."

    9. Elton knew he had to keep things interesting. "I've made 40 odd albums. People aren't screaming for another Elton John record - I'm not screaming to make another record". When talking about "The Union" he talks about the influence of Exile On Main Street. "It's one of the greatest records ever made and it's very loose. This album is rough around the edges, not everything is in perfect time."

    10. Leon Russell has, according to Elton, a particular type of woman. "Leon loves black ladies," he says with a grin, describing him as "like a bee round a hive" when the gospel singers came in. Apparently the highlight was having Grace Jones sit on Russell's lap for half an hour.

    11. As for Bernie Taupin, he was apparently unsure about the project "but then he's quite unsure anyway". Thankfully having met Russell at South by Southwest festival in Texas they realised it should be a truly collaborative effort. "It's a dream come true but it's going to rely on good word-of-mouth," says Elton. "It's not going to get a lot of radio play - not in this format."

    12. Although Elton mentioned how proud he is of writing for Scissor Sisters, working on a Tupac record and re-releasing "Tiny Dancer" with Ironik, he knows "the singles chart isn't one I'm going to be in". He wants to make more sophisticated records: quite simply, "I don't think I'm going to be doing 'Crocodile Rock'."

    14. Elton hasn't lasted for so long without being able to answer a dumb question. When a Belgian journalist asks what song they would play a six-year-old who knew nothing of the singer, Elton said simply "Just show him The Lion King."

    15. There is a distinct Rolling Stone connection to "The Union." Former staffer (and "Tiny Dancer" advocate) Cameron Crowe has recorded the whole experience on video, editor Jann Wenner loves the LP and photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the cover. For Elton, it exemplifies the aim to make a "Seventies record with a modern feel to it".

    16. When asked about his greatest achievement, Elton said that it was managing to get sober and clean. "It's hard to give advice" he explains modestly, before explaining that it may be a matter of getting it out of your system at an early age: Jared Leto told Elton he "got sober by the time he was 17". One performer at the last White Tie and Tiara Ball confirmed this. "I was with [Lady] Gaga last week - she said "I got over my cocaine habit by the time I was 20. [laughs] I didn't get over mine till I was 43".

    17. Elton's current listening includes Hot Chip, Robyn and Röyksopp. "But I wouldn't be true to myself if I made that kind of record. I'd need a great producer, like Stuart Price, to guide me."

    18. At one point Elton was asked whether he ever worried that an artist might turn down a collaboration when he calls them. "It could still happen," says Elton, remembering how sometimes his advice has not been called for: George Michael wasn't best pleased when Elton gave him some tips in print. [it has to be noted that while Elton has just recorded a new album, Michael has just crashed his car yet again]

    19. "It's a new chapter for me, a more mature, very exciting one," says Elton of his plans for the future. In terms of what he has planned next, a solo album with T-Bone is on the cards, hopefully of long forgotten songs of the Fifties and Sixties. He wants to record live with an orchestra over three days, citing Richard Hawley as the kind of template to follow.

    20. He hopes that Russell will also do a solo record as well and they are also reissuing his archive. He offered a caution to those who sign away their publishing. "The money is great at the time - but you've got nothing to fall back on. Just look at Nina Simone". Elton hopes that in the future, Russell and he might record together again: he's just delighted to see Russell reborn. They make quite the pair - but the mutual respect is always there. "He calls me 'The Governor'," says Elton, "but I call him 'The Master.'"

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    Elton talks about "The Union"
    Wednesday, July 7 2010

    Elton John says his forthcoming collaboration with legendary singer, songwriter and sideman Leon Russell marks a new chapter in his recording career, saying: "I don't have to make pop records any more."

    Speaking at the launch of the album at the Electric Cinema in West London on July 5, 2010, Elton said: "I thought, 'The world isn't screaming for another Elton John record and I'm not screaming for it either unless it's going to be different. In the '70s, '80s and '90s, the record companies always said we had to have a single and I think I fulfilled my brief. But at 63, the singles chart isn't one I'm going to be in very often. To me now, it's all about writing albums and trying to be mature."

    Elton recruited Russell for the album, aptly entitled "The Union," after rediscovering Russell's music 40 years after they toured the United States together. Russell was a big name in the 1960s and 1970s, playing keyboards for the likes of Phil Spector and the Beach Boys, making solo records and writing songs including "A Song for You," "This Masquerade" and "Delta Lady." But he largely fell off the radar in the late 1970s and has suffered from poor health in recent years, although he kept touring.

    Elton described Russell as his "idol" and working with him as a "humbling and moving experience." He hopes the exposure from the album will bring new attention to Russell's solo output. "There's no point doing this record if it doesn't bring his work to light," said Elton. "I want him to be comfortable financially. I want his life to improve a little."

    Elton and Russell worked with Elton's long-time songwriting partner Bernie Taupin and producer T Bone Burnett on the collaborative project, which also features guest appearances from the likes of Neil Young and Brian Wilson. Journalists at the launch also heard a playback of the 16-track album, which has a rootsy, almost gospel sound, and was recorded live, with most tracks done "in one or two takes."

    In an entertaining Q&A session hosted by U.K.-based broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, Elton also held forth on Christmas albums ("My record company in America asked me to do a Christmas record and I just told them to fuck off"), videos ("I fucking hate videos") and even which of his songs would be the best introduction to his music for a 6-year-old ("Just show him 'The Lion King'").

    Elton said he plans to tour with Russell next year and hopes to make another record with him if "The Union" is a success. He also plans to do a solo covers album in the near future.

    "The Union" will be released October 19, 2010 in the United States on Decca Records, and October 25, 2010 in the United Kingdom on Mercury.

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    "George Michael" blames "Elton John" for Chase Side restaurant fight
    Wednesday, July 7 2010

    A bottle brawl in a Chase Side restaurant kicked off just as an Elton John look-a-like stepped onto the stage.

    The man, sporting a rubber mask of the singer, was about to join George Michael tribute act Rob Lamberti in the spotlight at Enzo's Ristorante, in Chase Side, when the audience started bottling each other.

    Dozens of women, comprising 90 per cent of the audience, clustered around Mr Lamberti for support while the fight escalated on July 2, 2010. Police were called at around 11.50pm and arrested two men aged 20 and 27 for affray, and one man aged 47 for affray and grievous bodily harm. They have been bailed pending further enquiries.

    Two people, including owner Enzo Taglialavore, were taken to hospital by ambulance after suffering minor injuries.
    Mr Lamberti, 37, from North Lincolnshire, said: "I saw a scuffle by the bar and Enzo waved at me to stop and turn the music off. I thought at first it was the council saying the music was too loud. Then I think a table got overturned and a pot plant fell over, spilling lots of water everywhere. I think some guy had been touching a man's wife's bra strap and he got upset. Then suddenly everyone seemed to panic and started throwing themselves at each other. Someone got bottled and there was blood everywhere. All the women got frightened and ran to my side of the restaurant - but I guess there's nothing wrong with a lot of women huddling around you."

    Mr Lamberti usually shares the stage with actor and DJ Paul Cullinan, who resembles Elton John - and who used to play Bungle in Rainbow in the late 1980s - but when he is not available, he asks a staff member to wear a mask. The man is then asked to step on stage and take a bow with the Wham! star - but just as he came forward on July 2, 2010, the audience turned on each other.

    Mr Lamberti said: "I had just said 'ladies and gentleman, please welcome Elton John to the stage' when it all kicked off. I suppose you could say Elton caused the fight." He added: "I felt really sorry for Enzo as he puts so much work into that restaurant. It was a massive disappointment as it had been a great atmosphere until that point. It is scary how society is going. You can't go out and have a good time these days."

    Police are investigating the incident.

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    “Rockin’ Man” applauds Elton John’s legacy to songwriting
    Wednesday, July 7 2010

    A rousing tribute to one of the most successful artists of all time, "Rockin’ Man," a single reflecting the musical journey of Elton John, has been released by Mauro Montuschi, a leading West End piano/vocalist.

    Drawing inspiration from the work of the enduring singer/songwriter, "Rockin’ Man," tells how the music of Elton and lyrics of Bernie Taupin have influenced Mauro’s love of chords and melody, and the emerging talent of a generation of songwriters. Set to become a firm favourite with Elton’s fans worldwide, "Rockin’ Man" is a stirring ballad reflecting the power of Elton’s music.

    The cleverly crafted lyrics reflect the magic of Elton’s songbook. From “Empty Sky” to “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, fans will see an echo of Elton in every line, the live feel of the single reminiscent of the dynamic presence of Bennie and The Jets.

    Mauro, a hugely experienced musician, actor and performer, has been Musical Director for West End Shows and keyboard player and vocalist with chart topping bands. Born in London of Italian parents, his natural talent was nurtured by his Uncle Min who was first violinist with the SanRemo Symphonic Orchestra. Mauro can currently be seen as the resident piano/vocalist at major London venues such as The Dorchester Hotel and Harrods, Mauro Montuschi, said: “Elton’s work having influenced my own development and creative journey, I wanted to pay tribute to the power of his music. Showcasing Elton’s genius for chords and melody, I hope that Rockin’ Man reflects the tradition of his music, his influence on a generation of musicians, and the loyalty of the fans who love him”.

    "Rockin’ Man" is available on i-Tunes.

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    Elton John performed a solo show on the Faroe Islands
    Sunday, July 4 2010

    Following is the complete set list of the Faroe Islands show on June 29, 2010.

    • The One
    • Sixty Years On
    • The Greatest Discovery
    • Border Song
    • Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes
    • Levon
    • Tiny Dancer
    • Daniel
    • Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    • Rocket Man
    • I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
    • Philadelphia Freedom
    • Sacrifice
    • Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    • Nikita
    • Take Me to the Pilot
    • Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
    • Candle in the Wind
    • You're Never Too Old
    • Honky Cat
    • Bennie and the Jets
    • I'm Still Standing
    • Crocodile Rock
    • Circle of Life
    • Your Song
    A recording of the show - his only solo performance in 2010 - is available from Symfilive.com.

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    Agent Ed Limato dies
    Sunday, July 4 2010

    Ed Limato, one of the most powerful and successful Hollywood agents of a generation, died on Jul 3, 2010 of natural causes at age 74 at his home in Beverly Hills, EW.com has confirmed.

    Limato, most recently a senior agent at William Morris Endeavor, helped guide the careers of such heavyweights as Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Liam Neeson, Mel Gibson, Steve Martin, and Claire Danes. He also became known for throwing a huge A-list bash at his home during Academy Awards weekend.

    “I became friends with Ed because of his Oscar party,” Elton John, one of his closest friends, tells EW.com. “He hardly ever traveled outside of America, but he used to come every summer to stay with us in France. He was the gentleman agent and the last of a dying breed. He was such a wonderful man. I don’t think we’ll see the likes of him again.”

    Limato had been battling lung problems for the last several years.

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    Scissor Sisters watched by Elton as they open iTunes Festival
    Friday, July 2 2010

    The band dedicated their hit "I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’" to the singer, who looked on from the balcony at the Roundhouse in London.

    “We’re about to play a real sweetsong for a dear friend of ours who is here tonight,” frontman Jake Shears said, signalling to Sir Elton. “We love you - you are one of our greatest friends.”

    Elton, who co-wrote the track with Shears, looked on fondly behind sunglasses as the crowd danced along to the song. The gig marked Scissor Sisters’ third London show in two weeks, and featured exactly the same set as their recent dates at Brixton Academy.

    The iTunes festival will feature a total of 62 bands over 31 consecutive nights throughout July 2010 at the Camden venue.

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    Sharon Osbourne: I made drunken bid at Elton auction
    Thursday, July 1 2010

    Sharon Osbourne can’t wait to see what she won in an auction at Elton’s recent party, as she was so drunk she has no recollection of what she bid for.

    The TV star attended the singer’s annual White Tie and Tiara ball with her daughter Kelly Osbourne. The pair had a fantastic time mixing with the other celebrities, and Sharon admits she sampled rather too much of the free alcohol on offer. Elton and David held the event at their home in Old Windsor, England. It raises money for the Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF), so an auction is always held.

    “Don’t even talk about that, because I put my hand up for something and I have no idea what I bought. I’ve got no idea,” Sharon laughed. “And I’m too embarrassed to ring up and say, ‘Oh, it’s Mrs. O. I made a bid, what did I get?’ They’ll think, ‘She’s nuts!’ No, there I was absolutely legless, sticking my hand in the air. I don’t know, we’ll see.”

    Before the glitzy party Kelly took to her Twitter page to discuss how much she was looking forward to it. Lady Gaga performed, and Kelly couldn’t wait to watch her. Sharon has now confirmed the star didn’t disappoint, adding she is proud to call Gaga her friend.

    “Elton’s party was amazing because they had Lady Gaga performing so that was... Usually when you go to these events and it’s a big star performing it will just be them and a piano or something,” she said on a British TV show. “She had dancers and a stage set there. It was unbelievable, she was fantastic. She is fab, absolutely fab. I adore her.”

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    Saturday, June 26 2010 at 12:08:50

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