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Art-lover Elton to build a gallery
Monday, April 30 2007

Elton John wants to knock down part of his £8million mansion and replace it with a giant art gallery, reports The Sun.

Elton has paintings worth tens of millions of pounds in a collection to rival museums like the Louvre. He also owns one of the world’s largest private photo collections. But his treasures have outgrown his homes in England, France and America.

Now he wants to put all the works in one place with hi-tech security. He has asked his local council for permission to demolish a huge garage block at his mansion in Old Windsor, Berks, and build a gallery in its place.

A pal said: “Elton has many works of art, from the 18th century to the modern day, and an incredibly valuable collection of over 3,000 photos. There is hardly a famous name who is not captured by the world’s finest photographers. He spends most of his time in Windsor now, so he’s decided to gather them in one place so he can enjoy them.”

Elton once said: “I never get fed up with looking at the images.” The council said it was likely to approve the plan.

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Hurley goes pink for charity
Monday, April 30 2007

Liz Hurley has found time in between her numerous wedding ceremonies to host a glitzy charity bash in New York.

The glamorous star is a veteran of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's annual Hot Pink Party Goes Cool spring gala at the Waldorf-Astoria. Dressed in shimmering pale pink John Galliano gown, the newly-married actress welcomed celebrities such as Vanessa Minnilo, Rosario Dawson and Elton John.

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Di tickets sell out in 20 minutes
Monday, April 30 2007

Extra tickets for Princess Diana’s memorial concert sold out in 20 minutes on April 27, 2007.

The tribute, organised by Princes William and Harry, put 10,000 tickets on sale at 9am. A crowd of 62,000 is expected to watch the show at Wembley. More tickets will be sold later.

The concert is on July 1, 2007 — which would have been Di’s 46th birthday. The Princes said they were grateful to everyone who bought tickets. A Clarence House spokeswoman said: “The demand has been high.”

Sir Elton John, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, Lily Allen and Kanye West will all perform. William and Harry will also appear on stage. The BBC will broadcast the show and hundreds of millions are expected to watch worldwide.

The Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla are not expected to attend.

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    Hourglass protests to highlight Darfur war
    Monday, April 30 2007

    Hugh Grant and actress Thandie Newton will join other stars including George Clooney, Elton John and Mick Jagger in a call for action to end the bloodshed in Darfur.

    Their public statement comes on the fourth anniversary of the conflict, which is estimated to have killed more than 200,000 people.

    The actors and musicians, who also include Bob Geldof, US actor Don Cheadle, film producer David Furnish, former Dire Straits star Mark Knopfler and actress Mia Farrow, spoke out as part of the international day of action on April 29, 2007, including a Downing Street demo. Activists turned over 10,000 hourglasses filled with fake blood.

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    Elton tops UK donor chart
    Monday, April 30 2007

    Elton John is Britain’s most generous pop star, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.

    The Who’s Who of the ­wealthiest in the land revealed that the singer recently gave away £22.4million. Elton, worth ­£225million, gave most of the cash to Aids charities and ­children’s groups as well as ­making generous donations to the world of music.

    The richest man in Britain is steel magnate Lak­shmi Mittal whose personal wealth stands at £19.2billion. Roman Abramovich came in second at £10.8billion, in spite of his £155million divorce settlement last month.

    Elton comes in seventh position with £225 million, followed by Mick Jagger (£215 million).

    The number of billionaires in Britain rose by 14 to 68 and the country’s richest 1,000 increased their ­fortunes by 20 per cent to almost £360billion.

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    "The Feeling" by Elton John
    Monday, April 30 2007

    Elton John interviews The Feeling in the May 2007 issue of Interview magazine.

    The sound is sexy. The look is slick. The sensation unexpected. The Rocket Man gets the scoop from singer Dan Gillespie Sells on why The Feeling’s music is striking a nerve.

    ELTON JOHN: Your album, Twelve Stops and Home [Cherrytree/Interscope], which is already a big success in Britain, is out now in America. When I first heard the record, what really struck me was the strength of the songwriting. Is writing songs a collaborative effort involving everyone in the band, or is it just you?

    DAN GILLESPIE SELLS: The writing of the album began at first with some songs that I’d written. “Fill My Little World,” “Strange,” “Kettle’s On,” and “Sewn” were the first four that the band started to work around. We were all session musicians, and we’d worked together in original bands since we were kids. We’ve all worked together for 10 years on various different projects and got all our ego stuff sorted out a long time ago, so making Twelve Stops and Home was more about just making sure that what we did was best for the song at every stage. When the guys had heard my demos, we all just said, “Why don’t we get together again and just do a proper recording?” . . .

    EJ: What is the first single in America?

    DGS: “Sewn.” That’s the one they’ve gone for. “Love It When You Call” will probably be next.

    EJ: I would have thought that they’d go for “Love It When You Call” first. Most of the songs on the album are catchy, but it’s ridiculous how catchy that one is.

    DGS: It’s kind of instant. When I first wrote the song, it made me laugh. I just kind of thought to myself, “Can I get away with that?” But it made me smile too much.

    EJ: The vocals on that song are very sexy. You have an unusual vocal style because you don’t really sing out that much.

    DGS: No, I don’t. I don’t have that powerful a voice, so I try to make it all kind of conversational. I’ve always had a hoarse voice, ever since I was a kid. I’ve always sounded like I have a cold.

    EJ: You’ve got one of those voices that, when you hear it, you know exactly who’s singing straight away. Its Britishness is also part of its charm. Twelve Stops doesn’t sound like an American record, even though there are so many American influences within the music. It sounds like a totally British record. So what do you like to do outside of the band?

    DGS: I deejay sometimes at a club in London called Rebel Rebel. It’s run by this guy who is a real music fan. It’s kind of like a gay indie club, which is really nice. It’s just quite down to earth.

    EJ: Do you want to mention the fact that you’re gay in this interview? Does it matter?

    DGS: I don’t mind. It’s not something that I can hide.

    EJ: You openly came out in England.

    DGS: I did. But it wasn’t like I was ever in anywhere in my life, so it felt weird when the newspapers did an outing story. I was never presented with a closet—

    EJ: To get out of. [both laugh] Well, you either are who you are or spend the rest of your life hiding from it.

    DGS: At the end of the day, if it’s between being who I am and selling a few more records, I’d much rather be totally open as to who I am.

    EJ: It was very refreshing.

    DGS: Yeah, and the more of us who do come out, the easier it is for other people to do it themselves. It is a little battle against bigotry, isn’t it?

    EJ: That’s something that I’m very proud of about the British: They don’t give a shit. What they actually love is when you’re honest.

    DGS: My sexuality has only got a small amount of relevance to the music, really. I avoided talking about women or men on the album, because I didn’t want to exclude people. I wanted anyone to be able to sing along to the songs and not feel ashamed about singing about loving people. It can just be about loving people.

    To read the complete interview with the Feeling, pick up the May issue today.

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    The Captain and the Kid sheetmusic
    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    The sheetmusic for Elton's latest album, "The Captain And The Kid", is now available.

    Click on the link to the right to order the 86 pages paperback (published by Hal Leonard Corporation) from amazon.com right away.

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    Madonna and Elton top Ivors list
    Monday, April 23 2007

    Madonna and Sir Elton John have two nominations each for this year's Ivor Novello songwriting awards.

    Madonna's track, "Sorry", which appeared on her album Confessions on a Dance Floor is up for international hit of the year and most performed work. "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'," co-written by Sir Elton and performed by the Scissor Sisters, has also been nominated in the same categories.

    This year's Ivors will be held at Grosvenor House in London on May 24, 2007. The awards honour British songwriters, composers and music publishers.

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    Di concert 'threat'
    Sunday, April 22 2007

    Organisers fear the giant London concert to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales will be usurped by the Live Earth gig a week later.

    News of the World reported that her sons Princes William and Harry were "desperately trying to rescue" the July 1 concert they are heading up at the new, 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium, fearing it will be blown out the water.

    The Live Earth gig at Wembley on July 7, 2007 - one of at least seven such mammoth concerts across the globe aimed at highlighting climate change issues - will feature Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Genesis, Duran Duran, the Foo Fighters, the Black Eyed Peas and Bloc Party among others. News of the World said alarm bells rang for the princes when the memorial concert organisers were forced to sign up 1980s Australian pop heart-throb Jason Donovan and American 1970s entertainer Donny Osmond.

    "There is no doubt the Diana concert needs further big names," an insider told Britain's biggest-selling newspaper. "There is very little appeal to young people. With the exception of Elton, the acts aren't nearly as strong as Live Earth. Live Earth knocks it for six with virtually every cutting-edge, big-selling band in the world."

    At the charity "Concert for Diana" on what would have been her 46th birthday, Elton John, who performed at her funeral, will play, as will her favourite band Duran Duran. British singers Bryan Ferry and Joss Stone and US rapper Pharrell Williams will appear, while composer Andrew Lloyd Webber will stage a medley of songs from his musicals and the English National Ballet will perform. Lloyd Webber is trying to recruit a big US star, News of the World said.

    "The princes want the concert to be as much about modern-day trends as Diana's favourite songs and performers," the tabloid quoted him as saying. "I have pledged to make sure that vision is achieved."

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    Elton John to perform at Charity Gala
    Sunday, April 22 2007

    Elton John will join tennis superstar Andy Roddick at the third annual Andy Roddick Foundation Charity Gala on October 14, 2007 at the Hilton Austin.

    “I am ecstatic that Elton will be performing again in October, he is a musical genius and true philanthropist,” Andy Roddick said. “His first concert for our charity gala in 2005 was remarkable. We are all thrilled to have him back in Austin for such a worthy cause.”

    Andy Roddick will host the evening’s festivities that will include an auction, dinner and an intimate concert with Elton John. Seating will be for 700 at the elegant, four-star Hilton Austin. Executive Chef Mark Dayanandan, winner of this year’s Diamond Chef Award, will be creating a special dinner for the Gala.

    The Andy Roddick Foundation is a non for profit that strives to improve the quality of life and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all children based on the principles of respect for family, education, and morality. Founded in 2000, the Andy Roddick Foundation has raised over six million dollars for various Southern Florida and Austin based children’s organizations. The third annual Charity Gala will benefit several organizations in Austin and central Texas.

    For sponsorship opportunities and more information contact The Andy Roddick Foundation at (561) 620-9449 or visit www.arfoundation.org and www.andyroddick.com.

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    New York Weekend - order your DVD now!
    Friday, April 20 2007

    The weekend of March 24/25, 2007, several hundred of fans have celebrated the 60th birthday of Elton John in New York.

    We have now prepared some video clips of these events which can be found in the Hercules Video Library of the Member Area which is now free to everybody.

    Nearly 90 minutes of video material have been compiled and edited into five video clips with a total length of some 35 minutes. If you are interested in a DVD copy of these video clips, please send Euro 20 per copy via paypal.com to stephan@heimbecher.de. Please make sure to include your full shipping address.

    The money is to cover the costs for the DVD, box, colour cover etc. as well as for worldwide postage & packing. If at the end of the day there will be money left, we will donate this to the Elton John Aids Foundation.

    Please allow up to three weeks for delivery as we expect a large number of orders and all DVDs are hand-made.

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    eBizAuctions announces auction of celebrity tour items
    Thursday, April 19 2007

    Nancy Baughman, president of eBizAuctions, an eBay online auction service, has announced that the company will be showcasing vintage tour pieces owned by a celebrity photographer who toured with Elton John and others.

    The sale will include vintage clothing by Gianni Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Yohji Yamamoto, as well as VIP backstage passes and other miscellaneous tour items. The sale will take place in two phases, the first from April 21, 2007 to April 28, 2007, and the second from April 28, 2007 to May 5, 2007.

    The auction will feature designer pants, vintage silk shirts and colorful jackets, including an altered jacket provided by Elton John. For more information visit the eBay auction site at www.ebizauctions.com.

    “We are excited to be able to auction the work of some of the world’s most famous designers,” said Baughman. “The clothing, along with the special VIP backstage passes, are truly unique. This will undoubtedly be one of our most successful auctions.”

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    Beckhams no longer Britain's favourite couple
    Thursday, April 19 2007

    David and Victoria Beckham have lost their crown as Britain's best loved couple, as naked chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jules have been voted the country's favourite match.

    Elton John and his partner David Furnish rounded off the top ten as the only gay couple to make the list.


    1. Jamie and Jules Oliver
    2. Richard and Judy Finnegan
    3. Prince Charles and Camilla
    4. David and Victoria Beckham
    5. Jordan and Peter
    6. Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes
    7. Wayne Rooney and Colleen McLoughlin
    8. Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson
    9. Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim
    10. Elton John and David Furnish

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    Celebrity signatures go under the hammer to keep tails wagging at PDSA
    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    Rock legends, sporting heroes and pop stars autographs are all up for grabs in aid of veterinary charity PDSA. So if you fancy getting your paws on the signatures of Sir Elton John, or everyone's favourite Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell, or Greased Lightnin' babe Holly Willoughby, then log on to eBay and get bidding!

    The auction coincides with the start of eBay's animal campaign, encouraging people to either sell items they no longer need and donate a percentage of the sale to their chosen animal charity, or bid on items being sold. Funds raised for PDSA will help the veterinary charity provide free veterinary treatment for sick and injured pets.

    PDSA so relies on the generosity of the public to funds its PetAid services, which cost more than £41 million every year - and is counting on your bids to help keep tails wagging across the UK!

    So what are you waiting for? Log on to PDSA's website, www.pdsa.org.uk and follow the links through to the auction site.

    PDSA spokesperson, Liza Randall, says: "If you're a massive Lulu fan; love talk show host Trisha, or are a fan of pop star Jenny Frost, then this auction is for you! There are lots of different items up for sale for pets in need of vets, so log on and get bidding! All funds raised from sales will help PDSA treat the 4,650 pets it sees every working day."

    Visit eBay today and start bidding on celebrity autographs, such as Sir Elton John's, in aid of PDSA!

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    CARE congratulates Sir Elton John for putting food first in the fight against HIV and AIDS
    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    Elton John is joining with CARE and other leading international aid agencies to put food at the forefront of the fight against HIV and AIDS in India.

    The Balasahyoga project aims to improve the quality of life of children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and their families in India's Andhra Pradesh state by providing care, support and treatment services. It will support 150,000 people affected by HIV and AIDS get better access to food and nutrition, as well as a chance to build sustainable livelihoods.

    The £500,000 contribution from the Elton John AIDS Foundation is crucial to ensuring the success of the new Indian food project. Sir Elton said, "If we have learned anything from this epidemic over the past 20 years, it is that success is only possible with collaboration. I hope this project will serve as a model for public/private partnership of HIV and AIDS treatment and care in India."

    Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of CARE UK agrees, and warns that it is almost impossible to fight the HIV virus without effective nutrition. Malnourished people have weaker immune systems and are much more susceptible to infection. To stay strong children infected with HIV can need as much as twice the amount of food that healthy children need.

    "The fight against HIV cannot be won using drugs alone. Some anti-retroviral therapies are only effective when taken on a full stomach, so drug treatments must be run alongside programmes which ensure those affected have access to reliable food supplies. The need for food might soon overtake the need for anti-retroviral treatment in some areas of the world", he added.

    The HIV virus has reached epidemic levels in Andhra Pradesh. To fight it CARE International, along with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Family Health International (FHI), the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) have joined forces.

    Sir Elton commends NACO for its vision and leadership in inviting world class partners such as CHAI, FHI and CARE to join them in Andhra Pradesh in delivering a holistic package of services to those that so desperately need them. "I am proud that my own Foundation can complement CIFF's funding of this project by contributing the vital ingredient of sustainable food security", he said.

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    Goodbye Europe, say Caley Thistle
    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    Inverness have scrapped plans to enter the Intertoto Cup this year - because of Elton John.

    Elton will play a concert at the club's Caledonian Stadium on July 15, 2007, a date which clashes with the second round of the tournament.

    Director of football Graeme Bennett said: "We're withdrawing our interest in the Intertoto Cup. The cup dates clash with an Elton John concert at the stadium which would've been a big issue. We were also left hanging on so late last year to find if we were in the Intertoto that we don't want the same hassle. We'll now look to fix up a training camp in Italy."

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    Frys sell limited edition Elton John piano
    Friday, April 13 2007

    The Fry family of Easton has catered to an assortment of A-list celebrities and musicians, thanks to their lucrative piano business.

    And things got a little more exciting when the family-owned business featured an Elton John Limited Edition Signature Series Red Piano in their Fairfield showroom last fall. Fry's Westport Fairfield Piano & Organ was the only business retailer in the state to showcase the red piano, according to Marketing Manager Dennis Fry.

    The one-of-a-kind $60,000 piece, distributed by Yamaha, is an exact replica of the instrument highlighted in Elton's Las Vegas show, Fry said. This is Yamaha's first-ever artist signature series piano, the Yamaha website said. The Mark Disklavier IV red piano plays five exclusive Elton recordings and is autographed by the famed entertainer, Fry said. Yamaha produced only 30 red pianos, available in home and concert sizes.

    "Yamaha announced that these pianos would be available. Originally, there was supposed to be 51 made; one for each state, but then it was cut to 50, then 30," Fry said. "I was excited to know we would be able to have this piano." They showcased the musical must-have for a couple of months before it sold.

    "For the few weeks we had it, it attracted much attention," Fry said. "We would let the piano play in the showroom and it sounded like there was a live concert going on. It was amazing." Joe Poggioli Jr., a New York musician, was the lucky buyer. An Elton John fan, he learned about the piano from a friend who saw it in Las Vegas.

    "He knows I'm a big Elton John fan, so he called me right away to tell me about it," Poggioli said. "I started to do some research and saw that Fry's was going to feature it in their store. I knew I had to see it for myself." Two weeks after that, Poggioli, was ready to purchase the coveted piece. "I'm very pleased with my decision," he said. "Dennis was extremely helpful. It was a great experience."

    Poggioli said the red piano, along with an autographed picture of Elton John, sits in his living room. "It has attracted some attention in my neighborhood. I had one neighbor actually bake cookies just so she could come over and see the piano." "The sound quality is amazing," he said. "I'm very happy with the way things turned out."

    The Frys have sold pianos to Andrea Bocelli and also had a piano featured in Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

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    Diana concert organizers shun McCartney to avoid Elton rift
    Friday, April 13 2007

    Organisers of the memorial concert for Diana reportedly snubbed Sir Paul MCCartney to avoid a clash at the top of the bill with fellow music legend Sir Elton John.

    Both acts would expect to headline the summer spectacular - so Elton was picked, because of his friendship with the princess, who died in a Paris car crash 10 years ago.

    A source told British newspaper the Daily Express, "It has long been accepted that Paul always tops the bill, as he did at Live 8 and the Queen's Golden Jubilee concert. However, this would have been tricky for the Diana event as Elton inevitably is a lot more closely associated with the Princess and it's fitting that he should be the main act. If Paul had become involved, it would have caused all kinds of headaches for the organisers."

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    Elton John sings, Sharon Stone swings at Billie Awards
    Friday, April 13 2007

    "I can still hit a baseball pitched at 70 miles an hour and hope that keeps me looking as young as you two," Sharon Stone told Thelma Eisen and Dorothy Harrell Doyle, who both played for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1940s.

    The occassion was a private reception at the Beverly Hilton on April 11, 2007.

    Stone then hugged Women's Sports Foundation founder Billie Jean King and chatted with presenters Geena Davis and Marlee Matlin before the second annual Billie Awards, which honor media contributions depicting women in sports. They and other guests, including Elisabeth Shue and Michelle Rodriguez, sported scarlet wristbands in support of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

    "Women's sports account for less than 8 percent of all sports coverage, and it's critical that there's more balanced coverage and fewer stereotypes," King told basketball players Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Miller. "We've got a long way to go."

    Swimmer Diana Nyad played "Reveille" on a cornet to introduce three dozen female champions, including Brandi Chastain, Lindsay Davenport, Dominique Dawes, Natalie Coughlin, Donna de Varona, Lisa Fernandez, Temeka Johnson and Tracy Austin. But Eisen, Harrell Doyle and Annie Wagner Lampl, whose participation as a swimmer in the 1936 Munich Olympics was thwarted by the Nazi regime, got the loudest standing ovations.

    The evening, which raised $1.4 million for foundation programs, wasn't totally female. Rodney Peete, Deion Sanders and Jimmy Connors presented some awards. "Women just don't just inspire women in sport," Connors clarified before Elton John dedicated "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" to the Rutgers team. "Billie Jean, my mom and my grandmother inspired me to take up tennis."

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    Elton John interview on CNBC
    Tuesday, April 10 2007

    "Conversations with Michael Eisner" goes to Las Vegas for an exciting line-up of guests interviews, including Elton John.

    The show will air in the US according to the following schedule: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 9 PM & Midnight (ET); Sunday, April 15, 2007 at 10 PM (ET); and Monday, April 16, 2007 at 1 AM (ET). Other guests at this show will be David Copperfield, Illusionist, and Steve Wynn,
    Resort Developer.

    Elton talks about his success, his 60th birthday, why he doesnt own an iPod, and what sparked his "Rude Vile Pigs" incident.

    "Conversations with Michael Eisner" is CNBC’s monthly interview program in which Michael Eisner, the former head of The Walt Disney Company, talks with business leaders, industry innovators and members of the entertainment community. From business issues such as micro-management to the back story behind the making of a successful movie, Conversations with Michael Eisner gives viewers a seat at the table during fascinating insider discussions.

    "Conversations with Michael Eisner" also airs on CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia. Please consult their schedules for exact times.

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    Kaiser Chief attacks Princess Diana Concert bands
    Thursday, April 5 2007

    British rockers Kaiser Chiefs have attacked modern bands booked to appear at the memorial concert for Diana, Princess Of Wales this summer - accusing them of hypocrisy.

    Sir Elton John, Duran Duran, James Morrison, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Rod Stewart and Keane are among a starstudded line up for the London gig on July 1, 2007 - what would have been Diana's 46th birthday.

    Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson claims he would have refused to perform, if asked, because he never knew the princess - and he accuses bands who are playing of using the occasion to promote their music. He says, "A lot of them are doing it to sell more records. It's fine if you're doing something like Live 8, which is raising awareness or events that raise awareness over green issues. That's all right. But not just Diana. I'm not disrespecting her, but can you imagine someone like Kasabian playing at the concert?

    "Elton John can do it - he knew her. I didn't know her. It would be hypocritical."

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    Elton John put to shame by a dog
    Thursday, April 5 2007

    He may be one of the most popular rock pianists since Jerry Lee Lewis, but Elton John, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday with a glamorous cast of A-listers has been put to shame by a dog.

    Eltondog, the piano playing pooch has set up his own website and it seems that he is throwing down the gauntlet to the real Elton.

    Eltondog's unique brand of avant garde, haphazard playing has struck a chord with many music lovers. He even has his own merchandise.

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    Elton Birthday Concert to be released on DVD
    Thursday, April 5 2007

    According to Adam Chester, director of the Brooklyn Youth Choir that performed during Elton's Birthday Concert at Madison Square Garden on March 25, 2007, the show will be commercially released on DVD.

    On adamchester.com he writes that Phil Ramone will be putting the finishing touches on a DVD of the entire concert to be released in the very near future!

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    More chart success for Elton
    Thursday, April 5 2007

    Elton John earns his 16th top 10 album with the retrospective "Rocket Man: Number Ones" (Rocket/Island), which enters at No. 9 of the Billboard Charts with 49,000 copies sold.

    Elton's last set to reach the top 10 was "The Big Picture," which also hit No. 9 back in the fall of 1997. This is also Elton's seventh hits compilation (including 1990's four-disc "To Be Continued...") to enter the chart.

    Also see Elton John Charts.

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    British (GQ) invasion
    Thursday, April 5 2007

    It felt a bit as if the British had invaded the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 2, 2007 at a cocktail party hosted by Sir Elton John, David Furnish and Burberry's creative director Christopher Bailey who marshaled the forces in honor of British "GQ's" Hollywood issue.

    The mag's creative fashion director Jo Levin, said the glossy contains a 20-page portfolio paying tribute to U.K. actors, writers and producers that have made it big in Tinsel Town. "And we thought what better way to do that than dress them all in Burberry -- the most British of brands," she said.

    Among the 250 guests hobnobbing in the Polo Private Room were Mena Suvari, Mario Testino and Saffron Burrows (all paying homage by wearing pieces from the 151-year-old clothier -- with nary a signature check between them) and "Will and Grace" actor Eric McCormack who says he's known Furnish since his high school days. "We did musicals together in 11th and 12th grade," he said. "We haven't seen much of each other since but we have stayed in touch through other people."

    He told the Mirror that the real scoop was back across the pond. "You want a story? I was just at their [David and Elton's] new place in London and David's closet was this absolutely huge room. You could just take a picture of it and run that -- it wouldn't even need any words." As for Elton himself, he rocked to the beat of his own sartorial drummer with a Yohji Yamamoto pinstripe suit and purple tie (with pink spider-web embroidery) that managed to perfectly match both eyeglass lenses and pocket square.

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    Elton John and others to perform at Princess Diana Tribute Concert
    Wednesday, April 4 2007

    Elton John, Rod Stewart, Kanye West and James Blunt will perform at Princess Diana's tribute concert.

    The late Diana's sons, Princes William and Harry, have invited a host of musical stars to appear at this summer's Concert For Diana, including Meatloaf, Bryan Adams, Pharrell Williams, Orson, Joss Stone, Take That and Keane.

    Elton, who sang at Diana's 1997 funeral, said he was "thrilled" to be taking part. Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon is set to perform a duet with Justin Timberlake. Newly reformed Take That revealed they idolized Diana, who was killed in a Paris car crash in 1997. Mark Owen said: "Princess Diana was such an amazing woman. I think it's lovely the princes want to do something to remember her."

    Organizers are trying to convince Dire Straits - one of Diana's favoritebands - to appear, and the Spice Girls are also rumored to be reuniting for a special performance. The concert will take place at the new Wembley Stadium on July 1, 2007 - which would have been Diana's 46th birthday.

    Prince William said: "We want it to represent exactly what our mother would have wanted. A church service wasn't enough. We wanted this big concert full of energy, fun and happiness. It has to be the best birthday present she ever had."

    Tickets for the event sold out within 20 minutes last December. Money raised from the concert will go to several charities, including the Diana Memorial Fund.

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    Elton on new Timbaland album
    Wednesday, April 4 2007

    Hip-hop beatmaster Timbaland's record as a producer is unparalleled for sheer bulk of hits and unstinting quality, but his track record as a performer, to put it charitably, is mixed.

    The pride of Virginia Beach has not turned himself into Jay-Z on his solid if unspectacular new album, "Timbaland Presents Shock Value," but Timothy Mosley, wise enough to know his limitations, turns over the bulk of his album to guest stars. As would be expected from a producer as beloved and well-connected as Timbaland, the guest list is star-studded.

    Surprisingly, it is the mash ups that are the most successful, with Timbaland taking emo and piano rock under his capacious wing. These experimental efforts are crammed into the last third of "Shock Value," which is front-loaded with radio-friendly hip-hop tracks. After a torrid start with the remarkable "Oh Timbaland" -- in which the producer samples Nina Simone's "Sinnerman," tweaking Simone's voice to substitute his name for the song's title -- the next batch of songs are occasionally thrilling but mostly familiar takes on Timbaland's hip-hop-pop formula.

    Timbaland has always been more comfortable with tweaking the mainstream than messing around at the margins, and so the most successful mash up is the Fall Out Boy collaboration "One and Only," which manages to simultaneously be a lighter-waving emo anthem and a Timbaland gem in the vein of Aaliyah's "We Need a Resolution." On "2 Man Show," even Sir Elton gets into the mix, dropping some lovely piano (but no vocals).

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  • Elton spied with Timbaland
        Friday, October 20 2006 at 15:43:12

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        Sunday, August 27 2006 at 08:47:27

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    Venice fears being rocked by Elton
    Wednesday, April 4 2007

    Plans to stage two concerts by Elton John in St Mark's Square in Venice have been criticised as "irresponsible" amid fears that the city's monuments could be damaged.

    The concerts, scheduled for June 5 and 6, 2007, are part of Sir Elton's Red Piano tour, which will also stop at the Palace of Versailles and Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Tickets in Venice cost between £140 and £700.

    A spokesman for Venice's town council said there remained "obstacles" and no final deal had been confirmed. "We have to take into account the monuments of the city," he said. "The concert, just like any other event in St Mark's Square, has to be organised according to the requirements of the council and the regional authority."

    Critics fear a repeat of Pink Floyd's 1989 concert, which attracted 200,000 people to the area. A lack of lavatories left a mess that took the city three days to clear up. "To encourage such large crowds in the square is irresponsible," said Maurizio Zanetto, of the heritage organisation Italia Nostra.

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  • "The Red Piano" to tour Europe
        Monday, February 26 2007 at 21:09:54

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    Capitol Gold's Elton John Top 30
    Tuesday, April 3 2007

    As part of Capitol Gold's Elton John week (March 19-25 2007), marking Sir Elton's 60th birthday, they had asked fans to vote for their favourite Elton John track.

    Capitol Gold then played out the top 30 songs on March 25, 2007. Here's what the fans voted:

    1.'Your Song'
    2. 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight'
    3. 'Candle In The Wind'
    4. 'Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding'
    5. 'I'm Still Standing'
    6. 'Daniel'
    7. 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'
    8. 'Sacrifice'
    9. 'Rocket Man'
    10. 'Tiny Dancer'
    11. 'The One'
    12. 'Bennie And The Jets'
    13. 'Come Down In Time'
    14. 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting'
    15. 'Crocodile Rock'
    16. 'Blue Eyes'
    17. 'Skyline Pigeon'
    18. 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'
    19. 'Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters'
    20. 'Philadelphia Freedom'
    21. 'Something About The Way You Look Tonight'
    22. 'And The House Fell Down'
    23. 'Passengers'
    24. 'I Want Love'
    25. 'I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues'
    26. 'Levon'
    27. 'Honky Cat'
    28. 'The Greatest Discovery'
    29. 'Are You Ready For Love'
    30. 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'

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    Celebrities launch global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality
    Tuesday, April 3 2007

    Prof. Louis-Georges Tin, president of the International Committee for IDAHO (the International Day Against Homophobia), on April 2, 2007 announced the launching of a global petition campaign for a proposed United Nations resolution in favor of the universal decriminalization of homosexuality.

    “With more than 70 countries in the world still making homosexuality a crime by law — and punishable by death in twelve of them — this is a legal scandal which the petition for a proposed U.N. resolution decriminalizing homosexuality gives people a concrete way to fight,” Tin said.

    The International Committee for IDAHO coordinates world-wide annual observances of the Day Against Homophobia each May 17, 2007 — and in this, its second year, IDAHO was marked by events in over 50 countries and endorsed by the European Parliament.

    IDAHO released not only the text of the petition (see below) but also a list of hundreds of national and international organisations, well-known cultural, political, and intellectual figures who have endorsed the campaign:

    many international NGOs such as the ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association), the FIDH (Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme), the IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth), the International AIDS Society, the ILGCN (International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network) etc.

    five Nobel Prize winners: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa, Nobel Laureate for Literature Dario Fo, Italy, Nobel Laureate for Literature José Saramago, Portugal, Nobel Laureate for Literature Elfriede Jelinek, Austria, Nobel Laureate for Economics Amartya Sen, India;

    from the entertainment industry: Merryl Streep, Sir Elton John, David Bowie, Edward Norton, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Abril, Cyndi Lauper, directors Bernardo Bertolucci and Mike Nichols, and Hollywood producer Kathleen Kennedy;

    distinguished writers and intellectuals like Salman Rushdie, Gore Vidal, Sir Tom Stoppard, Edward Albee, Tony Kushner, Noam Chomsky, Russell Banks, Judith Butler, John Patrick Shanley, Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Richard Sennett, Princeton University President Shirley Tilghman, and 10 Pulitzer Prize winners;

    leading African-American intellectuals like Cornel West and K. Anthony Appiah;

    political leaders, including Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission; two former French Prime Ministers (Michel Rocard and Laurent Fabius); Michael Cashman, president of the Intergroup on gay and lesbian rights of the Europarliament ; Thomas Hammerberg of Sweden, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe ; former European Union Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs Antonio Vitorino of Portugal, and Mayor Bertrand Delanoe of Paris, France.

    The petition — entitled, “For the Universal Decriminalization of Homosexuality” and based essentially on the articles of the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights — says, in part, “We ask the United Nations to request a a universal abolition of the so-called ‘crime of homosexuality‘, of all ‘sodomy laws‘, and laws against so-called ’unnatural acts‘ in all the countries where they still exist.”

    Tin said that “the object of the petition is to insure that a decriminalization resolution will be presented at the United Nations in the months to come.” Michael Cashman, the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who is President of the EuroParliament’s Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Affairs, declared: “The members of the Intergroup unanimously support this initiative of the IDAHO Committee. We hope that it will go far, and that it will bring strong pressure to bear on the United Nations. We invite everyone who supports fundamental human rights to support this petition, and to ask their friends and co-workers to do so too.”

    Alice Nkom, the African human rights lawyer who defended the 11 young men arrested earlier this year in Cameroon and imprisoned for homosexuality, said: “This proposed resolution gives us immense optimism, and we ardently hope that Louis-Georges Tin and the IDAHO Committee will achieve their goal. This is a fight for liberty and for human rights.”

    Tin noted that, “In October this year, the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention declared that the imprisonment in Cameroon of 11 young men who’d been caught in a raid on a gay bar on charges of homosexuality was ‘an arbitrary deprivation of liberty‘ that violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. That’s encouraging.” Tin added that, “It is obvious that the battle to get the U.N. to pass such a resolution is a difficult one, because there are a number of Heads of State who justify and encourage homophobic violence. Despite this, we are counting on the U.N.’s own preceding jurisprudence in this matter. In 1994, the U.N.’s Commission on Human Rights (as it was called then) condemned Tasmania for making homosexuality a crime. As a result, Tasmania had to change its legislation to make it conform to the U.N.’s position. The object of our petition is to make the U.N.’s jurisprudence in the Tasmania case applicable to all the countries which still penalize homosexuality”

    The petition may be signed online via the Internet at www.idahomophobia.org. But local and country associations of all kinds, including labor unions, are urged to reprint and circulate the petition — once signatures have been collected, the completed petitions should be mailed to: Louis-Georges Tin, President, Comité IDAHO, 26 rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris, FRANCE.

    The full text of the petition reads as follows:


    Petition "For a universal decriminalization of homosexuality"


    The Universal declaration of Human Rights

    Article 1.

    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

    Article 2.

    Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

    Article 3.

    Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    Article 12.

    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.


    The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (adopted by General Assembly resolution 2200A (XXI) of 16 December 1966, entry into force 23 March 1976)

    Article 17

    1. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation.

    2. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.


    The Human Rights Committee’s decision in Toonen v. Australia (04 April 1994)

    We ask the United Nations

    to request a universal abolition of the so-called "crime of homosexuality", of all "sodomy laws", and laws against so-called "unnatural acts" in all the countries where they still exist.

    Among the first supports are :

    International Organisations

    Association Européenne des Droits de l’homme
    Equality for Gays and Lesbians in the European Institutions (EGALITE)
    Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme (FIDH)
    International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)
    Intergroup of the European Parliament on gay and lesbian rights
    International Aids Society
    International Gay and Lesbian Cultural Network (IGLCN)
    International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organisation (IGLYO)
    International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)
    International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)
    Nordic Rainbow Council
    Nordic Rainbow Humanists
    World Union of Meretz

    National Organisations

    ABGLT - Associação Brasileira de Gays, Lésbicas e Transgêneros (Brazil)
    Act Up (France)
    ADEFHO (Cameroon)
    And Liggey (Senegal)
    Arc-en-Ciel Plus (Ivory Coast)
    An Nou Allé ! (France)
    Associação ILGA Portugal (Portugal)
    Aujourd’hui autrement (France)
    Birmingham University LGBT Association (UK)
    Blue Diamond Society (Nepal)
    Center for Constitutional Rights (USA)
    Campaign against homophobia (Poland)
    Le Centre Gai et lesbien de Paris (France)
    La CGT (France)
    Clube Safo (Portugal)
    Coordination Lesbienne en France (France)
    Le CRAN (France)
    Equality Now! Development Group (Kenya)
    La Fédération française des Centres LGBT (France)
    FELGT (Spain)
    Fondation Emergence (Canada)
    La FSU (France)
    GALHA (UK)
    Fundación Huesped (Argentina)
    George House Trust (UK)
    Green Party LGBT Group of England and Wales (UK)
    Grupo Dignidade, Curitiba-PR (Brazil)
    Grupo Gay da Bahia (Brazil)
    Grupo Gay Negro de Bahia (Brazil)
    Grupo Quimbanda-Dudu Negros Homossexuais (Brazil)
    Jamaica Forum For Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (Jamaica)
    Jerusalem Open House (Israel)
    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans History Month (UK)
    Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Manchester (UK)
    La Ligue de l’Enseignement (France)
    La Ligue des Droits de l’Homme (France)
    La Lucarne (Belgium)
    London Pride (UK)
    Maneo (Germany)
    Meretz (Israel)
    Le Mouvement des Jeunes Socialistes (France)
    Le MRAP (France)
    Não te prives - Grupo de Defesa dos Direitos Sexuais (Portugal)
    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (USA)
    OutRage! (UK)
    Panteras Rosas - Frente de Combate à Lesbigaytransfobia (Portugal)
    Le Parti Communiste (France)
    Le Parti Radical de Gauche (France)
    The Progressive magazine (USA)
    Project GayRussia (Russia)
    Les Putes (France)
    Le RAVAD (France)
    Sans Contrefaçon (France)
    School’s Out (UK)
    SOS Homophobie (France)
    SOS Racisme (France)
    Syndicat National des Entreprises Gaies (France)
    L’UNEF (France)
    UNSA Education (France)
    Les Verts (France)


    Tom O. Abongo (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Victoria Abril (actress, Spain)
    Janet Afary (president of the International Society of Iranian Scholars, Iran)
    Eddie Aït, (national secretary in the questions LGBT of the Radical left party, France)
    Edward Albee (playwright, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, USA)
    Nikolai Alekseev (co-organiser of the first Pride in Moscow, Russia)
    Lord Waheed Alli (member of the House of Lords, UK)
    Dennis Altman (academic, author of Homosexual : Oppression and Liberation, Australia)
    Martin Amis (writer, UK)
    Tom Ammiano (member and former president of the Municipal Council of San Francisco, USA)
    Claude Angeli (co-chief editor of the Canard Enchaîné, France)
    Ronald Aronson (author, professor of Humanities and Inter-disciplinary Studies, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA)
    Dorothy Atieno (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Irene Atieno (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Mouloud Aounit (president of the MRAP, France)
    Kwame Anthony Appiah (author, philosopher, Princeton University, USA)
    James Awasi (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Susan Awino (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Nicolas Bacchus (musician, singer, France)
    Roselyne Bachelot (member of European Parliament, France)
    Robert Badinter (senator, former minister of justice, France)
    Elisabeth Badinter (philosopher, France)
    Jon Robin Baitz (playwright-scenarist, 4 Tony Awards, USA)
    Russell Banks (president of the International Parliament of Writers, USA)
    Jean-Michel Baylet (president of the Radical left party, France)
    François Bayrou (president of the liberal party, UDF, France)
    Yossi Beilin (Member of the Parliament, former minister of justice, chairman of Meretz, Israel)
    John Berendt (writer, author of Midnight in the garden of Evil and Good, former head of the New York Magazine, USA)
    Pierre Bergé (businessman, France)
    Bernardo Bertolucci (film maker, Italy)
    Jacqueline Bhabha (Executive Director, University Committee on Human Rights Studies, Harvard University, USA)
    Patrick Bloche (member of Parliament, France)
    Marc Blondel (former president of the Union FO, France)
    Stephen L. Borello (judge, Court of appeals of Michigan, USA)
    Malek Boutih (national secretary of the Socialist Party, France)
    David Bowie (singer, UK)
    Janir Branco (mayor of Rio Grande, Brazil)
    Chris Bryant (member of Parliament, UK)
    Judith Butler (philosopher, USA)
    Marie-George Buffet (leader of the Communist Party, France)
    Pedro Cahn (President of the International AIDS Society, Argentina)
    Yves Cantraine (film maker, Belgium)
    Eric Cara (art director, Belgium)
    Peter Carey, novelist, scenarist (Commonwealth Writers Prize winner, Australia)
    Bob Carr (former Prime minister of New South Wales, Australia)
    Michael Cashman (member of European Parliament, UK)
    Marcelo Cerqueira (human rights campaigner, Brazil)
    Michael Chabon (novelist, scenarist, winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, USA)
    George Chauncey (historian, Yale University, author of Gay New York, USA)
    Noam Chomsky (linguist, USA)
    Maryse Condé (writer, France)
    Clovis Cornillac (actor, France)
    Nilo Cruz (playwright, Pulitzer Prize Winner, USA)
    Michael Cunningham (novelist, Pulitzer Prize winner, USA)
    Alain Dantinne (writer, Belgium)
    Eugenia Debrianskaya (Leader of the Russian Lesbian Movement, Russia)
    Bertrand Delanoë (mayor of Paris, France)
    Jacques Delors (former president of the European Commission, France)
    Christine Delphy (philosopher, France)
    Roxane Descortes (member of the municipal council of Paris, France)
    Thierry Delaval (general representative of the Région Wallone to the European Union, Belgium)
    Michel Dorais (professor, researcher, Université Laval, Canada)
    Ariel Dorfman (writer, author of Death and the Maiden, Chile)
    Martin Duberman (historian, Pulitzer prize winner, USA)
    Jean-Pierre Dubois (president of the League of human rights, France)
    Laurent Fabius (former prime minister, member of Parliament, France)
    Eric Fassin (sociologist, France)
    Jean-Charles Fischoff (editor, France)
    Dario Fo (playwright, actor, Nobel literature prize winner, Italy)
    Matt Foreman (leader of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, USA)
    Chris Fox (Lead Officer for Gay Mens Issues, Manchester City Council, UK)
    Geneviève Fraisse (philosopher, former member of the European Parliament, France)
    Lady Antonia Fraser (historian, UK)
    David Furnish (film maker, Canada)
    Monseigneur Gaillot (bishop of Parthénia, France)
    Françoise Gaspard (sociologist, France)
    Michel Giliberti (writer, painter, France)
    Christophe Girard (deputy mayor of Paris in charge of culture, France)
    Maurice Godelier (anthropologist, France)
    Ana Gomes (member of the European Parliament, Portugal)
    Patrick Gonthier (general secretary of the UNSA Education Union, France)
    Lissi Groener (Member of European Parliament, Germany)
    John Guare (playwright, scenarist, USA)
    Jann Halexander (singer, France)
    David Halperin (academic, USA)
    Thomas Hammarberg (commissionner of the Council of Europe on human rights, Sweden)
    Marie-Elisabeth Handman (anthropologist, France)
    Adeline Hazan (national secretary of the Socialist Party, France)
    Serge Hefez (psychiatrist, France)
    Christopher Hitchens (writer and journalist)
    Manuela Hoelterhoff (journalist, Pulitzer Prize Winner, USA)
    Indochine (musical band, France)
    Sophie In’t Veld (Member of European Parliament, vice-president of the Intergroup on gay and lesbian righst, Holland)
    Doug Ireland (journalist, USA)
    Yves Jégo (member of Parliament, France)
    Elfriede Jelinek (writer, Nobel literature Prize winner, Austria)
    Sir Elton John (singer, composer, UK)
    Carole Seymour Jones (biographer, UK)
    Bruno Julliard (president of the UNEF Union, France)
    Liliane Kandel (member of the reading committee on Les Temps modernes, France)
    Michel Kazatchkine (ambassador in charge of the fight against aids, France)
    Kathleen Kennedy (producer, USA)
    Rory Kennedy (documentary film maker, USA)
    Larry Kramer (writer, playwright, co-founder of Act Up, USA)
    Tony Kushner (playwright, Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner for Angels in America, USA)
    Francis Lambert (cultural worker, human rights campaigner, Belgium)
    Jean Lambert (member of the European Parliament, UK)
    Olivier Laouchez (president of Trace TV, France)
    Jack Lang (member of parliament, minister of culture, France)
    Cyndi Lauper (singer, actress, Grammy and Emmy Award winner, USA)
    John Leonard (writer, USA)
    Sue Leonard (writer, USA)
    Lord Anthony Lester (member of the House of lords, UK)
    Jonathan Lethem (novelist, National Book Critic’s Circle Award winner for Motherless Brooklyn, USA)
    Bernard-Henri Lévy (philosopher, France)
    Lara Li (singer, Portugal)
    Sébastien Lifshitz (movie maker, France)
    Judith Light (actress, USA)
    Scott Long (Human Rights Watch, USA)
    Patrick Lowie (writer, playwright, Belgium)
    Patrick Lozès (president of the CRAN, France)
    Caroline Lucas (member of the European Parliament)
    Vincent Mac Doom (artist, France)
    Magloire (TV presentator, France)
    Noël Mamère (member of Parliament, France)
    Paul Martin (chief Executive, The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Manchester, UK)
    Karen Maseto (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Ali Mazera (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Serigne Mbodji (human rights campaigner, Senegal)
    Neil Mc Kenna (writer, UK)
    Jacques-Alain Miller (psychanalyst, France)
    Frédéric Mitterrand (movie maker, France)
    Edward Murzin (Member of the Parliament of Bashkortostan, Russia)
    Stephen Musweti (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Meshack Musyoki (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Azar Nafisi (writer, director of International studies at John Hopkins University, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, Iran)
    Tasliman Nasreen (writer, feminist human rights campaigner, Bengladesh)
    Elizabeth Ngesa (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Alice Nkom (lawyer, Cameroon)
    Edward Norton (actor, USA)
    Benedict Ojwang Awich (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Michel Onfray (philosopher, France)
    Ken Owino (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Rose Oyuko (human rights campaigner, Kenya)
    Michael Palin (actor, writer, UK)
    Pierre Palmade (humorist, France)
    Sunil Babu Pant (human rights campaigner, Nepal)
    Michelle Perrot (historian, France)
    Helena Pinto (member of Parliament)
    Stéphane Pocrain (politician, France)
    Jason Pollock (chief Executive of London Pride, UK)
    Miguel Portas (member of the European Parliament, Portugal)
    Olivier Py (writer, France)
    Pierre et Gilles (artists, France)
    Alexandre Quintanilha (scientist, Portugal)
    Franca Rame (playwright, actress, Italy)
    Marc Ramsbottom (member of the council of the City of Manchester, UK)
    Michelle Reid (chief Executive, George House Trust, Manchester, UK)
    Michel Rocard (former prime minister, France)
    Jean-Luc Roméro (president of Aujourd’hui autrement, France)
    Matthew Rothschild (editor-in-chief, The Progressive Magazine, USA)
    Elisabeth Roudinesco (psychanalyst, France)
    Yvette Roudy (former minister for women rights, France)
    Ségolène Royal (member of Parliament, France)
    Raul Romeva Rueda (Member of the European Parliament, vice-president of the Intergroup on gay and lesbian rights, Spain)
    Elio Di Rupo (vice-president of the Socialist International, president of the Belgium Socialist Party, minister of the Région Walonne, Belgium)
    Salmon Rushdie (writer, UK)
    Christian Saout (president of Aides, France)
    José Saramago (writer, winner of the Nobel Literature prize, Portugal)
    Amartya Sen (Nobel Economy Prize, India)
    Richard Sennett (sociologist, fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, USA)
    Claude Servan Schreiber (journalist, France)
    John Patrick Shanley (playwright and screenwriter, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award (Oscar) Winner, USA)
    Lord Chris Smith (member of the House of Lords, UK)
    Alipio de Sousa Filho (sociologist, Brazil)
    Fodé Sylla (member of the Economical and social Council, France)
    João Silvério Trevisan (writer, Brazil)
    Yoav Sivan (human rights campaigner, LGBT coordinnator of the IUSY, Israel)
    Dominique Sopo (president of SOS Racisme, France)
    Sir Tom Stoppard (playwright, UK)
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn (member of the Parliament, former minister of economy, France)
    Meryl Streep (actress, twice Academy Award [Oscar] winner, USA)
    Alexander Stubb (Member of the European Parliament, vice-president of the Intergroup on gay and lesbian rights, Finland)
    Lindsay Tanner (MP, Shadow Finance Minister, Australia)
    Peter Tatchell (human rights campaigner, UK)
    Alex Taylor (journalist, UK)
    Paula Teixeira da Cruz (lawyer and President of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon)
    Shirley M. Tilghman (President of Princeton University, USA)
    Lily Tomlin (actress, humorist, Oscar of the Academy Award for her role in Nashville, Tony Award for One Woman Show, USA)
    Desmond Tutu (bishop, Nobel Peace Prize winner, South Africa)
    Miguel Vale de Almeida (anthropologist, Portugal)
    Christiane Vienne (minister of health, social action and equal opportunity of the Wallon government, Belgium)
    Bruce Vilanch (artist, writer, USA)
    António Vitorino (lawyer and former EU Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs)
    Paula Vogel (playwright, Pulitzer Prize winner, USA)
    Roberto Luiz Warken (sociologist, Brazil)
    Yann Wehrling (leader of the Green Party, France)
    Peter Weiss (lawyer, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, USA)
    Cornel West (professor, Princeton University, USA)
    Edmund White (writer, USA)
    Michel Wieviorka (sociologist, France)
    Robert Wintemute (professor of human rights law, UK)
    Doug Wright (playwright, scenarist, Pulitzer Prize winner, USA)
    Ana Zanatti (actress, Portugal)
    Malik Zidi (actor, France)

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    Elton charts high after birthday concert
    Monday, April 2 2007

    Elton John went to number two in UK album charts, days after he celebrated his 60th birthday at a star-studded event.

    "Rocket Man - The Definitive Hits", which includes 18 classic tracks from Elton's lengthy career, ranked number two, but failed to knock Take That's "Beautiful World" off the top spot.

    Elton has sold more than 200 million albums world-wide in a career that kicked off with his first hit single "Your Song" in 1971. His latest album features 12 British top ten hits, and showcases his unique song-writing partnership with Bernie Taupin.

    Also see Elton John Charts.

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    Tobago will not discriminate
    Monday, April 2 2007

    Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Orville London on March 29, 2007 broke his silence on the controversy surrounding gay pop superstar Sir Elton John’s appearance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival.

    London made it absolutely clear that the THA would not support any effort to discriminate against the world renowned singer and musician over his sexual orientation. Within the past few weeks, there has been a call by a minority group of clergymen in Tobago to ban Elton’s performance at the Jazz Festival on moral grounds.

    The clergymen declared that Elton should not be allowed to enter Tobago to perform at the Jazz Festival where he is billed as the headline act. In backing Elton, London said, “The state and church are partners but they are not identical twins.”

    “Basically one has got to understand that this should not be about Orville London’s personal opinion, it is the assembly’s position. As I indicated to the (protesting) pastors the position church leaders take does not necessarily have to be that taken by the State or the assembly,” London said. “I also want to make it very clear that as far as I am aware and I have had discussion with a number of church leaders, even within the church itself, there is no consensus, no unanimity in relation to this particular position. But we in the Tobago House of Assembly are very clear that we do not support any ban on any individual on these grounds, including Sir Elton John,” London declared.

    “Sir Elton John is coming here to do what he does best and that is, to entertain the people of Trinidad and Tobago and therefore we would not support any effort to discriminate against him or any effort to embarrass him.” London recalled an incident where, in the middle of the raging debate, his 11-year-old daughter told him, “That is not fair, it is not fair for them to have us singing the man’s song and the man cannot come here to sing his own song.”

    He stressed this was a particularly profound statement which should “force all of us as Tobagonians and human beings to question ourselves. What are the lessons to be learned from this? And not only that, what is the position we are going to be placing ourselves in after Elton John?”

    He warned, “We have got to be very clear about the signals and the messages we send to people, we might be thinking about one side of the story but there is another side. I respect the rights of any individual to hold any position, but I am saying that as an assembly we have a responsibility to recognise we must manage diversity and govern in an environment where there are differences.”

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    Elton and David buy unit in popular LA building
    Monday, April 2 2007

    Elton John and David Furnish have purchased a two-bedroom, 20th-floor unit in the Sierra Towers condominium building just off Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip that had been listed for $2,497,000.

    The sale of Unit #2006, which took place in February 2007, hasn’t cleared public records yet, so we don’t have an exact purchase price that the couple paid for the unit in the celeb-heavy building at 9255 Doheny Road.

    The 1831-square-foot unit that the pair bought is exactly two floors below actor Matthew Perry’s 22nd-floor unit in the building, which he purchased in April 2005 through his Alvy Singer Trust for $3.2 million, according to public records. And that’s very fitting, since Elton was the one who sold that unit to Perry in 2005, through his Big Wednesday Trust.

    Elton had previously purchased the unit several years earlier for an undisclosed amount. For no clear reason, last month’s purchase, however, was made in Furnish’s name only, instead of through any trust name.

    Features in the unit that Elton and David bought include two and a half baths and views from downtown to the ocean, according to listing information.

    Other celebrities who have lived in Sierra Towers include Lindsay Lohan, who sold her 27th-floor unit in the building for an undisclosed price—just a year and a half after buying it for $1,975,000—and who now has been reported to be renting a lower-floor unit, and singer Cher, who in January 2006 purchased her unit in the building through her Inshallah Trust from moviemaker Vincent Gallo for a reported $4.5 million.

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