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The Storys announce live dates with Elton John
Wednesday, March 29 2006

Elton John endorsed The Storys, have their self titled debut album released through Korova/Warners. The album was originally released independently and has a big Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young vibe to it.

They’re set to play live dates throughout April 2006 and have also been confirmed as the special guests on Elton John’s forthcoming 11-date stadium and arena tour.

Elton John has recommended The Storys saying that the band "have made a fantastic debut album, and I am really excited that they will be playing with me on tour".

The Storys – who have been tipped for ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2006 – are a six piece band from South Wales. The bands material has a rootsy quality, with flavours of Southern California about it, similar to the sumptuous sounds of country rock harmonies of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young /Eagles.

The self-funded debut album was recorded in Wales with natural acoustics. It was released independently through Absolute Marketing & Distribution/ Universal Music in October 2005. The Daily Telegraph wrote that "...every track is a perfectly polished gem."

2006 sees them signed to legendary record label Korova/Warners. The band recorded their first live session for Bob Harris which has just been broadcast 'Maybe it is because of our shared Welsh background that the Storys music resonates with me so much. Wonderful songs, great playing and instinctively beautiful harmonies. The album is a gem' – says Bob Harris.'

Also see Elton John Tour News.

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Elton‘s "Gnomeo" cartoon a no-go at Disney
Tuesday, March 28 2006

The Elton John movie "Gnomeo & Juliet," an animated musical based on William Shakespeare‘s tragic romance, is no longer in production at Walt Disney Feature Animation, the studio said March 27, 2006.

Elton was producing the movie about small star-crossed lovers through his Rocket Pictures banner, and was engaged to write the songs.

"Gnomeo" was Disney‘s second animation collaboration with Elton following 1994‘s "The Lion King," which featured Elton and lyricist Tim Rice‘s Oscar-winning "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

The crews at Walt Disney Feature Animation who were in production on the project have been reassigned to other projects, a Disney spokeswoman said.

Elton recently appeared in support of "Gnomeo" at the Walt Disney Studios Showcase in September 2005 when the studio offered members of the press a sneak peek of its slate through 2008. Elton marked the occasion by playing "Crocodile Rock" on a trademark red piano.

Walt Disney Feature Animation‘s film slate is under close review following Disney‘s purchase of Pixar Animation Studios, the firm behind the "Toy Story" movies. Pixar executives John Lasseter and Ed Catmull are reviewing the Disney slate while simultaneously developing new animated titles.

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    Elton John discusses recent "Lestat" revisions
    Sunday, March 26 2006

    When the curtain went up on the first Broadway preview of the Anne Rice-inspired musical Lestat March 25, 2006, what was on stage represented lessons the creative team learned from its recent San Francisco tryout.

    Composer Elton John, lyricist Bernie Taupin, librettist Linda Woolverton and director Robert Jess Roth, along with Matt West, credited with musical staging, will refine the work further with their cast in the weeks leading to the April 25, 2006 opening night.

    As previously reported, choreographer Jonathan Butterell (The Light in the Piazza, Nine, Fiddler on the Roof) has been enlisted to give his perspective on the staging. Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, making its producing debut on Broadway, brought Butterell onto the project as a little extra insurance that the show would be in shape. (He is not credited in the Playbill.)

    The San Francisco company remains intact for Broadway (with some additions), featuring Hugh Panaro as the title vampire (the musical is drawn from Rice's gothic novels under the umbrella "The Vampire Chronicles") and Carolee Carmello (Mamma Mia!, Parade) as Gabrielle, Drew Sarich as Armand, Jim Stanek as Louis, Roderick Hill as Nicolas, Michael Genet as Marius and Allison Fischer as Claudia. Lestat's cast of 16 features Rachel Coloff, Nikki Renee Daniels, Joseph Dellger, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Sean MacLaughlin, Patrick Mellen, Chris Peluso, Dominque Plaisant, Megan Reinking, Sarah Solie, Amy Sparrow, Will Swenson, Steve Wilson and Tommar Wilson.

    Lestat reunites the legendary pop songwriting team of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, who are collaborating together on a legit musical for the first time.

    Lestat had its world premiere December 17, 2005-January 29, 2006 at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco.

    Collaborators Woolverton, West and Roth were on the creative team of Broadway's hit Beauty and the Beast.

    Lestat is Elton John's third musical for Broadway following The Lion King and Aida. He also wrote songs for the smash London musical Billy Elliott, which has yet to be announced for a Broadway bow.

    The changes to the script and score are "radical," Elton John told Playbill's Harry Haun.

    "I just finished writing another two songs for Lestat," John said in February 2006. "One's called 'My Beautiful Boy,' and one's called 'Right Before My Eyes.' Like with Billy Elliott, I wrote an extra song quite late in the day, and we left some songs out. And that's par for the course when you're a composer for a musical. You kinda have to leave your ego at the door and see some songs you really like bite the dust and you have to write some other ones because, in every show, the story changes."

    Is the plot different since San Francisco?

    "The storyline has certainly changed in Lestat — and it's still changing in Billy Elliott, to be honest with you," Elton said. "That's still going on. We're just trying to sharpen it up and make it better. And I think that's the way a musical has to keep going. Otherwise, you don't keep it fresh, and it becomes stale. But when you're actually working on a musical and it hasn't actually opened yet, you want to get it as good as it can be. You're working on it right up to the eleventh hour. And that's what we'll be doing with Lestat, with the two new songs…"

    Elton explained, "'My Beautiful Boy' is done by Lestat's mother, Carolee Carmello, and 'Right Before My Eyes' is done by Lestat, Hugh Panaro."

    (The Playbill for the first preview lists "Beautiful Boy" and "Right Before My Eyes" as musical numbers in Act One.)

    How has the show changed since San Francisco?

    "I think the first act we'll radically change," Elton said. "I think something will change in the second act—the opening in New Orleans will be much more ensemble than it was before. And there are more ensemble pieces being put into the first act. Two new songs. New beginning. New ending. It's quite radically changed. The beginning of Billy Elliott changed about 10 days before the opening of the show. That seems to be the way musicals work. It's an evolutionary process."

    Elton isn't writing pop songs for Lestat — it's a more complex process than that.

    "Lestat I found to be particularly draining because the songs are much longer, more complex than anything else I've ever written, and I really enjoyed the process of writing Lestat," he said. "They’re much more wordy songs. It's much more serious subject. You're writing about a vampire, and you're writing about a more complex situation than you normally would. Billy Elliott is a '70s pastiche, and it's very straightforward. It's political, but it's very straightforward. Here, you’re writing stuff that's coming from the 19th century and its historical base as well so you've got to get the music. It's 180 degrees away from Billy Elliott. I've never done anything like this before. Never. I think it's my finest piece of work as far as writing for the stage goes."

    How is the score different?

    "Different because there are no electronic instruments in it," Elton said. "I wanted it to be like that. It's totally organic, in a way. We may have to use a couple of synthesizers to emulate string sounds because the actual score is quite huge—and we just can't afford to have that kind of orchestra on Broadway.

    "For me, it's not rock 'n' roll whatsoever. I mean, it changes in the second half, when it goes to New Orleans—and a little New Orleans music creeps in. But, generally, it's totally different from Aida and Billy and Lion King. I don't really see the point of doing something, one after the other, if you're not going to do something different."

    On the topic of the two failed vampire shows — Dance of the Vampires and Dracula — that came before Lestat, John told Playbill's Harry Haun, "I didn't see the musicals so I can't judge what they were like, but we did [go] into this, saying there are going to be no dancing vampires and no garlic. We tried to stay about from the cliched version. But you can't be bothered by what everybody else has done. It is a difficult subject matter. We know that's a challenge. The others didn't do very well, but we're just concerned with what we're doing."

    For more information, visit www.lestat.com.

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    Happy Birthday, Elton!
    Saturday, March 25 2006

    Elton will turn 59 on March 25, 2006 - and he is about to kick off another leg of "Red Piano" shows in Las Vegas starting on March 28, 2006.

    On behalf of the Hercules team and all the fans around the world, we would like to wish him all the best and a happy birthday!

    With this, the countdown will be started for the "big one" next year when the motto will be "Sixty Years On" for Elton.

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    LESTAT Preview Event
    Wednesday, March 22 2006

    Fresh from a phenomenal pre-Broadway world premiere now you can be among the first to experience LESTAT on Broadway, the theatrical event of a lifetime and beyond!

    On Monday, April 17, 2006, the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) will host a LESTAT Preview Benefit Event. This event will feature an exclusive pre-theatre cocktail reception, generously underwritten by the Hard Rock Café New York. Grab some of the best seats in the house at this pre-opening night performance!

    6:00PM Cocktail Party

    8:00PM Performance

    PATRON TICKET(S) at $500 each.
    · Prime seating at the LESTAT Preview
    · Pre-theatre cocktail event courtesy of the Hard Rock Café

    SUPPORTER TICKETS(S) at $350 each.
    · Excellent seating at the LESTAT Preview
    · Pre-theatre cocktail event courtesy of the Hard Rock Café

    Please see http://www.ejaf.org/lestat.html for further information.

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    Private show for Donald Trump
    Tuesday, March 21 2006

    Elton fan Maribeth Piscitelli had the good fortune of being given a ticket to a private concert that Elton John gave March 18, 2006 at Mar-A-Lago, a private club in West Palm Beach, Florida which is owned by Donald Trump.

    It used to be the home of Lee Merriweather Post, the Kellogg heir until Donald Trump purchased it a while back.

    The evening was wonderful and of course got much better when Sir Elton took the stage at exactly 9:30 PM. He played for one and one half hours solo - just him and the piano.

    His voice was clear and crisp and he looked and sounded well rested! All proceeds went to the EJAF. Following are some of the songs that Elton performed that night:

    • Your Song
    • Bennie And The Jets
    • Rocket Man
    • Philadelphia Freedom
    • Levon
    • Crocodile Rock
    • Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    • Daniel (partially became "Donald" in honor of Trump)
    • Tiny Dancer
    • I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
    • Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    • Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

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    US Senate candidate says Elton John worthy of death
    Thursday, March 16 2006

    The US press reported that Merrill Kaiser, a Democratic candidate United States Senate from Ohio, believes that homosexuality should be punishable by death. Kaiser’s opposition for the Democratic nomination is US Rep. Sherrod Brown.

    PageOneQ has obtained a portion of an audio interview in which Kaiser says that singer/performer Elton John should be put to death and insinuates that the same should happen to Mary Cheney, the daughter of Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

    The Edge Show, a growing podcast with over 4,000 weekly listeners, conducted the interview.

    Here is the transcript of the portion of the show in which Kaiser speaks of Elton John. The original recording of the transcribed text is here in MP3 format.

    The transcript follows below:

    Host Chad Larson: Elton John, he comes to the state of Ohio, he’s gay and proud, you want him dead? Should he be killed?

    Candidate Merrill Kaiser: I would prefer that he repent

    Larson: Obviously, he’s not repenting, should he be killed?

    Kaiser: Well he’s worthy of death

    The interview then turned to the subject of Mary Chemey, the Vice President’s daughter. Larson inquired as to whether Ms. Cheney should be subject to the same treatment Mr. Kaiser suggested for Elton John:

    Larson: How about Mary Cheney? How about the vice president’s daughter? Should she be killed? Should she be killed, sir, if she does not repent?

    Kaiser: You know the important thing is they are facing the second death

    Larson: Of course, but in your perfect world, should Mary Cheney be killed for her being a homosexual?

    Kaiser: If she’s not going to repent.

    Larson: Then she should be killed?

    Kaiser: She’s not being killed.

    Larson: If her life is no longer existing then she is being killed.

    Kaiser: Well, how else are you going to do it?

    Larson: So you are saying Mary Cheney …So you are saying Mary Cheney should be killed for being a homosexual.

    Kaiser: Why don’t we….What’s wrong with drugs

    Larson: We’re going to drug her?

    Kaiser: Why do we have laws against drugs?

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    Ashcroft takes majority stake in Watford
    Wednesday, March 15 2006

    Michael Ashcroft, the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, is set to become the majority shareholder of Watford Football Club.

    The second division side said on March 14, 2006 their parent company has launched a rights issue to raise more than six million pounds to wipe out their bank overdraft and increase working capital.

    Ashcroft will then own up to 42 percent of the club's shares through his investment company, Fordwat, which is underwriting the rights issue.

    "This is an important step to achieve our goals," Mark Ashton, chief executive of Watford Football Club, said in a telephone interview.

    Watford Leisure plc, the club's parent company, reported a trading loss of 2.2 million pounds in the year to June 2005, compared to a loss of 4.6 million pounds in 2004 and 10.3 million in 2003.

    "Watford is a good business that is making steady and sure progress," Ashcroft said in a statement released by the club.

    He stressed that the investment by Fordwat was not going to lead to him taking over the football club.

    Ashcroft is one of the country's richest men and has been a member of the upper House of Lords since 2000. He has a track record of backing entrepreneurial businesses and has owned shares in Watford since the company was listed in August 2001.

    Watford are challenging for promotion to the Premier League and are in fourth place in the second division with 69 points. They were relegated in 2000.

    The club was owned by Elton John when they reached the 1984 FA Cup Final, which they lost 2-0 to Everton.

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    The Richest Rock Stars of 2006
    Monday, March 13 2006

    U2, Stones, Green Day make the annual list of Rolling Stone.

    Rock's Top Thirty Moneymakers
    Compiled by Rob LaFranco

    U2, $154.2 million
    The Rolling Stones, $92.5 million
    Eagles, $63.2 million
    Paul McCartney, $56 million
    Elton John, $48.9 million
    Neil Diamond, $44.7 million
    Jimmy Buffett, $44 million
    Rod Stewart, $40.3 million
    Dave Matthews Band, $39.6 million
    Celine Dion, $38.5 million
    Kenny Chesney, $31.5 million
    Green Day, $31 million
    Coldplay, $30.1 million
    Destiny's Child, $24.8 million
    Diddy, $24.3 million
    Gwen Stefani, $23.9 million
    Toby Keith, $22.2 million
    Motley Crue, $22 million
    50 Cent, $19.7 million
    Bruce Springsteen, $19.6 million
    Eminem, $17.8 million
    Jay-Z, $17.5 million
    Barry Manilow, $17.2 million
    Hilary Duff, $17.1 million
    Kanye West, $16.9 million
    Dr. Dre, $16.9 million
    Rascal Flatts, $16.3 million
    Aerosmith, $16.3 million
    Bon Jovi, $15.8 million
    Tom Petty, $14.9 million

    The list was compiled using interviews with record executives, managers, lawyers and agents. It uses figures from Nielsen SoundScan, Pollstar, the Recording Industry Association of America, Amusement Business/Billboard and other sources. Net figures reflect performers' earnings after expenses have been deducted and managers, agents and lawyers have taken their cuts. All figures should be considered estimates.

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    Karl Lagerfeld snubs Sir Elton John's Wedding
    Monday, March 13 2006

    Head designer at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has revealed that he boycotted the wedding of Sir Elton John and David Furnish because of the over the top security measures as the after party.

    According to Handbag.com Lagerfeld said of the happy occasion: "I refused to go to Elton's civil ceremony. I got a paper saying no gifts for the couple. Cameras are forbidden, cell phones are to be deposited at the arrival. No smoking.

    "I will not go where things are forbidden and I'm told to behave. They say it's security - I went to The White House, I went to the court of Monaco, and I never got this.

    "You feel not like a guest. You feel like an unpaid extra. You're hostage for a party."

    Maybe he should try being a real hostage for a day…what a drama queen!

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    Cattrall starring in Elton's ABC comedy pilot
    Monday, March 13 2006

    Kim Cattrall has been tapped to star in ABC's comedy pilot "Him and Us," which centers on a gay British rock star and his longtime manager.

    Anthony Stewart Head will play the rock star, and Cattrall will play the manager, Freddie. The role originally was written for a male but is being reworked for Cattrall.

    "Having a great comic actress like Kim is so exciting," said Elton John, the project's executive producer. "I'm a huge fan of hers."

    Cattrall, who won a Golden Globe for her role on HBO's "Sex and the City," most recently co-starred in the feature "Ice Princess."

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    Elton sets up Sienna Miller
    Monday, March 13 2006

    Elton John is adding matchmaker to his many titles and has promised TRANSAMERICA star Kevin Zegers he would set him up on a blind date with actress Sienna Miller.

    Miller split from former fiance Jude Law in January 2006 and Zegers, who played Filicity Huffman's son in TRANSAMERICA, recently split from BOSTON LEGAL star Marisa Couglin.

    Zegers confirms the music legend is playing cupid between him and Miller saying, "Elton John is setting us up. I've never been set up before. "I'm psyched. If she likes me, I know I'll definitely like her back!"

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    Sir Elton-style goblets to go on sale at Edinburgh Castle
    Wednesday, March 8 2006

    Goblets similar to those used by Sir Elton John and David Furnish at their civil partnership celebrations are to be sold at Edinburgh Castle's gift shop after a revamp.

    The Crown Jewel Shop is undergoing a makeover, and is reorganising products round a series of collections including themes of kings, queens, princes and princesses. Work is expected to be complete towards the end of March 2006 when the retail facility will re-open as the Crown Gift Shop.

    The goblets will form part of the Banqueting Collection, along with a selection of food and drink - much of it from Scotland.

    Aundrea Hollington, Historic Scotland's head of retail, said: "After ten years it was time the shop had a more contemporary look. At the same time we wanted to broaden the range of gifts and goods that visitors could buy.

    "By having the kings, queens, princes and princesses ranges we can give a fantastic historical twist to high-quality products for men, women and children." The walls are being repainted in cream, a light oak floor is being laid and matching cabinets have been built.

    A Tapestries Collection has also been created. This includes works carrying images from the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries series which is being recreated for the Royal Palace at Stirling Castle.

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    Sir Elton works on ‘Captain’ sequel in Atlanta
    Wednesday, March 8 2006

    Elton John generously gave a scoop on March 5, 2006 during his 14th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit Oscar party at the Pacific Design Center.

    He confided that in addition to readying “Lestat” for Broadway and performing his “Red Piano” tour dates in Las Vegas, he’s been spending time in his adopted U.S. hometown recording.

    “I’ve been in Atlanta recording for the past three weeks,” Elton said. “It’s going brilliantly. We’re halfway through.”

    Elton has been working with Atlanta engineer Matt Still, who also assisted John in producing his 2004 studio disc “Peachtree Road” in Atlanta.

    The upcoming album is “The Captain and the Kid,” a long-awaited sequel to Sir Elton and lyricist Bernie Taupin’s classic 1975 recording “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.” Presumably, the new album would pick up the storytelling threads of the first album’s song cycle 30 years later.

    Elton said Buzz the new album is due in stores in September 2006.

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    Elton’s big bash
    Tuesday, March 7 2006

    More than 2,000 invited guests sang along to “Rocket Man” at the star-studded height, early March 6, 2006 morning, of Elton John’s 14th annual Oscar party benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

    Singer Macy Gray swayed along in the audience as heiress Paris Hilton played tonsil hockey with her latest boy toy. But even with the likes of teen queen Lindsay Lohan, Donatella Versace, Patty Hearst and John Waters in the VIP lounge, the originator of the A-list Oscar party never let anyone forget the reason they were under the chic blue-and-chocolate-hued circular tent at the Pacific Design Center — to raise money, lots of money.

    The party began at 4 p.m. Pacific time, after guests navigated through police barricades and flashed ID to party organizers. From then, the designer-labeled crowd was painstakingly fawned over till the wee hours of the next morning.

    Attendees like “Will & Grace” star Eric McCormack, “Today” weatherman Al Roker, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Pamela Anderson, Tim Allen, and others were served a luscious four-course salmon, filet and risotto dinner as they viewed the Oscars on a dozen massive flat-screen televisions around the room.

    Elton and David visited every table and chatted with almost every single one of the exclusive 540 guests at the viewing party dinner.

    Popping in at Table 32 where the Gallupses and the other Atlantans were seated, Elton said: “It’s always extremely touching to me to see so many Atlantans here. Each year, the number seems to grow. For me, it’s very gratifying to see so many familiar faces from the city I call home. Their support is very important to me.”

    “Elton is the single reason that I can get Ozzy to come to this,” Sharon Osbourne said. “He simply adores him.”

    As always, the bash was a celebrity magnet. “The Office” actors John Krasinski and B.J. Novak milled about as former “Queer as Folk” co-stars Scott Lowell and Peter Paige held a mini reunion as “The Shield” actress CCH Pounder and “NYPD Blue” actor Henry Simmons looked for a few partying perps to prosecute.

    Former “Lost” crash victim Ian Somerhalder was looking to get, well, lost with one of the leggy supermodels circling him all evening. Winter Olympics gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno was also a hit with women despite his “he looks taller on TV” 5-foot-8 height.

    “Pink Flamingos” director Waters was having a ball introducing members of his extended film family to one another. 1950s actor Tab Hunter, who starred in Waters’ trash classic “Polyester,” was introduced to Hearst, who once played a juror whacked with a pay phone receiver by Kathleen Turner in the director’s black comedy “Serial Mom.”

    “Believe it or not, Patty and Tab had never met until tonight,” Waters said with a devilish grin as his pencil-thin mustache twitched. “It’s almost like the GLAAD Awards in here tonight!”

    As Sunday became Monday and stars like Jessica Simpson and Charlize Theron continued to stroll in, the Atlantans booked on the 8:20 a.m. flight back to Georgia were focused on other matters as they awaited their limos.

    Chief among them? How to pack their hefty 10-pound gift bags. “These are really heavy,” Jeffrey Gallups allowed. “You always know you’ve been to one of Elton’s parties when you can bench-press the goody bag.”

    It wasn’t just a night to show off your bling and rub shoulders with all the glitzy celebs. At least one pop star had to do a little work. John Legend and Elton — blinged out with gem-encrusted eyeglasses, diamond necklaces and a hypnotizing 5-carat emerald cut earring — performed a duet for the formally attired crowd.

    Singer Michael Bolton and “Desperate Housewives” gal pal Nicollette Sheridan stayed busy talking to friends at the bar. Bolton fondly recalled singing at Coretta Scott King’s memorial in Georgia last month.

    “I hated having to be there because it meant this great lady was gone,” Bolton said. “But it was [an] amazing day to be a part of. Nicollette was also very moved by the tribute. It was an honor to participate.”

    “Basic Instinct” actress Sharon Stone successfully bid $170,000 for the piano that Elton John played on. That certainly made Elton really happy.

    “I want to thank everyone here tonight,” Elton told the crowd, grinning. “Because of you, we’ve raised more money tonight than at any other Oscar night party.” The evening raised about $3 million for the nonprofit, up from $1.3 million in 2005.

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    Webmaster on the move
    Tuesday, March 7 2006

    Due to moving apartments on March 10, 2006, I will be offline for a couple of days.

    Things should be back to normal as soon as the Internet is working in the new place. According to previous experience, however, this can take up to two weeks.

    During that period, I will certainly find other means to connect to the Internet and to update the website, but things will slow down a little bit and for that I would like to ask your understanding.

    The new address will be as follows:

    Hercules Coordination
    c/o Stephan Heimbecher
    Haeberlstr. 13
    80337 Muenchen

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    Blues and no baby for me
    Tuesday, March 7 2006

    Elton John has refused to adopt a child - despite desperate pleas from husband David Furnish.

    Elton has told his life partner he has no desire to be a father - but has sponsored an African orphan. Furnish said: "We've talked about it a lot and, personally, I would. But Elton feels that we wouldn't be around enough at the moment to give the kind of support a child needs."

    "We have adopted a child in Africa and we both have tons of godchildren, whom we care about very much. That will have to do."

    However, Furnish admits his paternal instincts are still strong despite Elton's insistence he doesn't want to adopt.

    He revealed to Britain's Daily Telegraph magazine: "Sometimes when I'm playing with them, I wonder what it would be like to be father, but sadly it's not to be."

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    Audi becomes EJAF partner
    Friday, March 3 2006

    In preparation for the launch of the 2007 Audi Q7, Audi of America has launched a pair of initiatives to spark consumer awareness of the new performance SUV and the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF).

    Consumers can register to win a driving trip for four to the Rocky Mountains or the Utah Canyonlands. Concurrently, potential Audi customers will have an opportunity to have a donation made to the EJAF in their name, courtesy of Audi of America, Inc.

    By visiting the Q7 micro-site at http://www.audiusa.com/audiq7 , browsers can register to win one of two Driving Adventure vacations. Each trip for four -- courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent -- includes an Audi Q7 for the drive and accommodations at local luxury resorts in each region along the drive routes.

    Participants can register once a day between March 1, 2006 and May 15, 2006. Winners will take their driving vacations in the June/July timeframe.

    Additionally, Audi has partnered with the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF). Audi will sponsor the 14th annual Academy Awards Viewing Dinner and After Party to benefit the EJAF on Sunday, March 5, 2006. A 2007 Audi Q7 will be auctioned off at the benefit, and the proceeds will go to the EJAF.

    A second fundraising program is the "Test Drive an Audi to Help Fight AIDS" program developed to assist the EJAF towards their pursuit of eliminating the HIV and AIDS viruses. Donations of $50 and $500 are given for prospective owners who test drive or buy/lease a new Audi vehicle, respectively.

    This new program will take place in the greater New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco areas. Prospective owners will be sent EJAF incentive
    cards. Those card holders who test drive an Audi will have a $50 donation made in their name to the EJAF. Card holders that purchase or lease a new Audi will
    have a $500 donation made in their name. This program will run from March 1, 2006 until December 31, 2006. Delivery must be taken before December 31, 2006 for a donation to be made, and test drivers must be 25 years of age for donations to be made in their name.

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