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Universal Finally Releases the Elton John/Cat Stevens "Honey Man" Duet!
Tuesday, March 5 2002

On October 30, 2001, A&M/UME (Universal Records) released a 4 CD box set of Cat Stevens songs, which included the very rare "Honey Man" duet with Elton John.

Similar to Elton's "To Be Continued" box set, but more streamlined with smaller packaging, the 4 CD set contains many of Cat's hits and misses, along with some previously unreleased recordings. For years, Elton John fans have been listening to the substandard version of "Honey Man" on various bootleg releases that had been circulating around the world. The audio quality of the bootleg version was very grainy with a lot static, audio drop outs, and not at all up to studio standards. The version on this box set, however, is superb, superior, and far out shines all previously unauthorized releases. The clarity of each instrument and vocal is so clear and well balanced that it appears the song was remixed from the original master tapes for this release. Although Universal's press release only mentions that Elton provided piano for "Honey Man", he in fact sings the lead vocals during all of the verses and joins in on the Chorus along with Cat (whose name was changed to Yusuf Islam for religious reasons). The asking price for this box set averages to be about $75 (USA), but a used copy, purchased through one of the reputable Internet auction sites or via a used local CD store for about $30, may be a better way to acquire this highly sought after Elton collectible.

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