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"ELTON: The Biography" - exclusive extract
Wednesday, January 31 2007

"ELTON: The Biography" by David Buckley will be published in February 2007. Read an exclusive extract here!

Following is an exclusive extract from the book (to be published in February 2007) which deals with the era of Elton's 50th birthday in March 1997:

 But it was in March that Elton would grab the headlines with the most over-the-top outfit of his career. For his fiftieth birthday party, he decided to go eighteenth century. With its three-feet high silver wig and 15-foot feather train, his astonishing costume would have put even the Sun King himself to shame. The problem was that the dress was simply too ambitious, as John Jorgenson reveals: ‘His fiftieth birthday was a fancy dress party. Brian May dressed as Dame Edna, Davey Johnstone went as a pirate, and Elton’s mum, Sheila, came as the Queen. There was a giant entryway and a red carpet and the venue itself was very classy. Elton had a huge wig, on top of which was a Spanish galleon that shot smoke out of the cannons.

‘It got to the point where he was supposed to make a grand entrance and he wasn’t there. I remember asking his PA, Bob Halley, where he was, and he had this look of, “Don’t even ask, it’s really bad” on his face. Because the wig was so big, Elton couldn’t fit into a normal vehicle, so they had had to get a lorry. They decorated it as a throne room and they had two thrones, one for Elton and one for David, but it didn’t have any windows or anything. The truck got stuck for 45 minutes or an hour in traffic, and Elton had this 50lb wig on. There was nothing he could do. So, by the time he got to the party, he was really hot and sweaty and in a bad mood. He quickly made his entrance and then took the wig off and put on a smaller wig for the rest of the party.’

According to reports, Elton spent £120,000 on catering for the evening, including £6,000 on the cake alone. He later donated his costume to charity. In return, of course, he got some suitably unusual gifts from his celebrity friends. Elton had bought Rod Stewart a Zimmer frame for his fiftieth birthday 18 months earlier, and Rod retaliated in suitable style. ‘He sent me one of those old-fashioned ladies’ hairdryers you sit underneath with the message: “The only thing I forgot to buy was the hair to go with it.” It’s like a Joan Crawford/Bette Davis relationship. Rod’s never lost his vicious British humour, and that’s why I adore him.’

The fans also queued up to pay tribute to Elton. A week after his fiftieth birthday, Elton met Stephan Heimbecher, the founder in May 1988 of Rocket Fan, an Elton John fan club that, under the name of Hercules, subsequently became the biggest in the world. ‘We named a star after him and Bernie,’ says Heimbecher. ‘It was one of the last stars visible with the naked eye from Earth which had yet to be named. It’s now called “Elton Hercules John and Bernie Taupin”. I also presented him with a leather ledger full of messages, drawings, photos and kisses from 300 fans from around the world. He seemed genuinely touched to be remembered by the fans.’

Elton cut another studio album in 1997, The Big Picture, a record that saw him reunited with Chris Thomas after a gap of five years. The album was not one much loved by its co-creator, Bernie Taupin: ‘The production is abysmally cold and technical,’ was his assessment. ‘It’s a dark album, introspective and ballad-oriented,’ says Charlie Morgan, who also worked on the record. ‘But the chord progressions are innovative on some of the tracks. “The River Can Bend” was an inspirational gospel tune, whilst “Love’s Got A Lot To Answer For” was really sarcastic.

‘“Live Like Horses”, the duet with Pavarotti, was originally a cut from Made In England. That song had a great Bernie lyric about the death of his father and him being released from the shackles of life. Bernie really had something meaty to get his teeth into, and the death of his father during Made In England was a real catalyst. The problem was that there were far too many slow tracks selected for the final running order of the record, and the lead-off single, “Something About The Way You Look Tonight”, was just Elton by rote.’

‘I remember whenever Elton was writing songs there would be this place in the song where there would be this chord change that sounded so classic Elton John,’ says John Jorgenson. ‘He would try every other chord he could think of to get away from that sound. But at the end of the day he would always go back to whatever the first one was. It was just interesting to see him go through the process; he wouldn’t just take what came along. He was going to try out everything.’

During the recording, the dynamic in the studio seemed to change. Charlie Morgan reports that he and John Jorgenson were favoured by Chris Thomas. ‘Elton would write a lot of the songs to a drum loop,’ says Jorgenson. ‘He would ask Charlie to give him a loop at a certain tempo and work from that. Davey and I did a lot of our guitar parts together actually because Chris was a hard taskmaster and we felt more confident doing it together. He could be intimidating.’

Thomas also saw fit to challenge Elton. ‘I remember Chris Thomas daring to say something was substandard, which resulted in Elton storming out of the studio,’ says Morgan. ‘Chrissie Hynde was in the next studio, and Elton barged past her and almost pinned her to the wall, shouting, “Not only is he a fucking bastard, he’s a deaf one too.” And Chrissie looked at me as if to say, “Oh, well, nothing’s changed then,” and walked back into the studio.’

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    Elton is back in Vegas and expecting a visit from Bette Midler
    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Elton John strikes up his Red Piano shows again and, before the current run wraps February 17, 2007, superstar songstress Bette Midler will be sitting front and center to see him at work.

    According to vegaspopular.com, Midler's visit is top-secret because it's still not officially announced that she's taking over for Colosseum co-headliner Celine Dion in February 2008.

    Midler has already been out to see Celine perform and talked with her backstage. She now plans the same with Elton because she's so concerned about "Vegas Throat," the ailment that seriously affects hard working vocal chords in the dry desert climate.

    Midler has been reassured by the stars and the AEG Concerts West /Caesars executives that Dion's theater has special humidifier nozzles pumping moist air over the stage without anybody realizing it. Current plans call for Cher to rotate with Midler after Dion calls it quits December 15, 2007 so she can have time to add a new baby to the family and tackle a world tour.

    Since, in show business it's never too early to plan for the future, there's even been discussion as to who replaces Sir Elton when his Caesars contract ends in 2008. Would it surprise you to know that casino executives have even floated the idea of Dion herself returning after a two year break? "She will always have a home at Caesars," a source said. "She is welcome back to sing here anytime she wants. We're all about superstar, headline names, and the policy doesn't change with her December exit."

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    Timbaland grabs Jay-Z & Elton John for new album
    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    Grammy-nominated producer Timbaland is preparing to unveil his second solo album, "Timbaland Presents Shock Value" in March 2007.

    "Shock Value" boasts a genre-bending lineup of guest appearances that range from rap stars Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg to rock acts The Hives and Fall Out Boy, while also welcoming both the legendary Elton John on piano as well as singers M.I.A. and Keri Hilson - who, like Nelly Furtado, is signed to Timbaland's Mosely Music Group through a joint venture with Interscope.

    "My mission is to blow up the boundaries and tear down the limits," Timbaland said via statement. "I'm taking my music outside of the box. I'm not getting away from what I'm known for; I'm just going to a place where it's all about the music, not about the labels on the music. That's why I call it "Shock Value"--from the artists to the production, it will shock the system."

    "Shock Value" arrives on the heels of Timbaland's Grammy-nominated collaboration with Justin Timberlake on the multi-platinum "FutureSex/LoveSounds". Timbaland will also perform as a guest on Timberlake's 2007 "FutureSex/LoveShow World Tour," Timbaland's first time touring in years and first ever world tour where he will offer audiences a chance to hear beats and original music from "Shock Value".

    "Timbaland Presents Shock Value" is set for release on March 27, 2007 via Mosley Music Group/Blackground/Interscope.

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    EJ Birthday deadlines extended
    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    With only 54 days to go (as of January 30, 2007) until Elton's 60th birthday, we would like to remind you that some of the deadlines for your chance to take part in various activities are approaching fast! In fact, we have decided to extend some of these deadlines as feedback still is very poor.

    As for the Online Birthday Card (see 'How to post'), you still got time until the day before Elton's big celebration, i.e. the deadline is March 24, 2007. However, when it comes to both, the 'Sixty Years On' CD and the Ultimate Fan Guide, the new and final deadline is now February 21, 2007!

    As of today, we only have received very little input for the CD/DVD and the Fan Guide. If we won't get more feedback from you within the next few weeks, we will have to combine those two projects, which means there will not be a printed book for the fan guide, but the input received will be incorporated into the ‘Sixty Years On’ CD/DVD. If you are currently in the process of preparing your input, please send us a short notice to sixty-years-on@eltonfan.net so that we know what's in the pipeline.

    Make sure to be part, start preparing your contribution today!

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    Elton loves L.A.
    Saturday, January 27 2007

    According to a news item in the New York Post, Elton John may be moving to L.A.

    On January 20/21, 2007, fitness guru Nikki Haskell held a dinner party for Joan Collins at her swank apartment in the Sierra Towers. The buzz among building residents at the party was that Elton was trying to buy the penthouse, which has sweeping views of the ocean and downtown L.A., for a whopping $25 million.

    If he does move in, Elton would be next door to Cher, Lindsay Lohan and Matthew Perry.

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    No sanctuary for troubled music group
    Friday, January 26 2007

    The troubled music group Sanctuary warned on January 26, 2007 that it will be next year or later before it returns to the black.

    The warning came as the <>company, which is Morrissey's record label and manages Sir Elton John and James Blunt, said it had run up an operating loss of £56.7m in the year to September 30, 2006.

    This compared with £136m the previous year. Revenues dropped to £133m from £148m. The figures include £8m of refinancing and restructuring costs.

    Sanctuary's new bosses - former British Airways chief Bob Ayling and Frank Presland, the chief executive of Sir Elton John's management company, acquired by Sanctuary in 2005 - have been busy revamping the group's businesses, which range from recorded music through artist management to merchandising.

    "These results highlight the difficult position that the group was in," Mr Presland said. "We now have a new business strategy, with the group divided into three autonomous divisions, each focused on its own profit and cash generation.

    "Under this new structure, and following a significant cost-reduction programme, we believe that all three divisions will demonstrate improved performance in 2007, although it will be 2008 or later before there is a return to overall profitability."

    Sanctuary has plunged further into the red after a poor performance from the 49%-owned indie label Rough Trade. The group is now trying to sell off the loss-making label as well as other parts of the business, but is not believed to be in talks at the moment.

    It said in November 2006 that it had received a number of offers for several of its businesses and that it would consider them after its annual results.

    Last year Sanctuary rebuffed a takeover approach from the rock management company behind the Kaiser Chiefs after issuing a string of profit warnings and launching a £110m rescue refinancing in the spring. The group has been hit by delays in album releases by loss-making Urban Records, which it bought in 2003 from Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles.

    Mr Ayling said today: "This has been a turbulent year for Sanctuary and a very disappointing one for its shareholders, but I believe the company is in a better position now than it was when the new board was appointed in April 2006."

    The shares edged 0.25p higher to 12.25p in early trading.

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  • Elton Sells Management Company in £16million Deal
        Saturday, April 2 2005 at 01:09:37

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    Elton and David to host 15th Annual Oscar Party
    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    Elton John and David Furnish will host the 15th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) Academy Awards Viewing Party. The event will be held on Sunday, February 25, 2007 at the Pacific Design Center and will be co-sponsored by Audi, Chopard and VH1.

    EJAF's party to celebrate the Academy Awards is one of the Foundation's most successful and visible fundraisers of the year.

    The Elton John AIDS Foundation annual gala is the leading fundraising event in Hollywood on Oscar night. Over the past 14 years the party has raised over $125 million for EJAF and this year's event promises to be the most successful yet. The 15th anniversary of this party promises to bring about some exciting changes with an expanded dinner, significant live auction and enhanced musical performance. These modifications will significantly increase funds generated to support EJAF's grant-making activities in the fight against AIDS.

    "We are looking forward to celebrating the 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar party," says EJAF Director Scott Campbell. "We are so appreciative to the Hollywood community for their support. This is such an important event for the Foundation as it generates significant funds allowing us to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS."

    The gala is guaranteed to bring out some of the biggest and hottest celebrities from the entertainment community. Past guests have included Hollywood luminaries and Oscar winners such as Halle Berry, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Benicio Del Toro, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Ian McKellen, Sharon Stone, Kevin Spacey, John Waters, Sissy Spacek, Denzel Washington, and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Many friends from the music industry have also attended, including Jon Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Jewel, Shirley Manson, Sir Paul McCartney, Prince, Sugar Ray, Rod Stewart, and Sting.

    Antony Todd of the New York City-based event design company, Antony Todd Incorporated, will be responsible for transforming the "Outdoor Plaza" of the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood in to a lavish and beautiful arena staged in a custom-built rectangular tent. Todd is known for his exquisite floral arrangements and immaculate planning and design of special events. Guests will arrive at 4:00pm for a cocktail reception followed by the five-course benefit dinner and 79th Annual Academy Awards telecast. The evening will come to a close after the live auction and a soon-to-be-announced musical guest performer invited by Elton John.

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  • Chef Wayne's crumble catering dishes for Elton on Oscars night
        Wednesday, January 24 2007 at 10:14:02

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    Chef Wayne's crumble catering dishes for Elton on Oscars night
    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    When it comes to creating mouth-watering cuisine for Oscar parties, nobody does it better than Chef Wayne Elias of Mark’s Restaurant and Crumble Catering.

    As official caterer for the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala, it’s his responsibility to please the palettes of Hollywood's A-list celebrities. Elizabeth Taylor, Sir Ben Kingsley, Kate Blanchett, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ozzy Osbourne, Lindsay Lohan, Helen Miran, Nicolette Sheridan, Natalie Cole, Mary J. Blige, Josh Groban, Donatella Versace, Christina Aguilera, Beck, John Waters, and Kate Winslet all delight in his creativity.

    For the third year running, Chef Wayne and his Crumble team will provide a wide range of delicious culinary delights as the exclusive caterer for Elton John’s annual soiree. From its humble beginnings in 1992, the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala has distributed over $55 million in grants worldwide.

    Preparations for Sir Elton’s bash begin two months in advance, with Chef Wayne working hand-in-hand with his business partner of over twenty-five years, Chris Diamond. When the 1,100 celebrity guests arrive after sitting through the ceremonies, they’ll undoubtedly be famished. An army of more than 150 servers, bartenders and kitchen staff will be on duty throughout the night to keep them fed and happy.

    For anyone else, an event of this magnitude might be intimidating and overwhelming; but for Chef Wayne and his partner Chris Diamond, it’s just one of the many exciting and fun challenges in their busy annual schedule. Diamond commented: “It’s definitely a labor of love for us.”

    Crumble currently provides all food services for the NBC Studios Commissary in Burbank, serving up over one-thousand daily meals for the network’s workforce in addition to on-set catering for “The Tonight Show,” “Ellen” and other hit shows.

    Over the years, Crumble has catered hundreds of A-list events, including the World Premieres of “Happy Feet” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

    To Chef Wayne, every person he serves on a daily basis is equally important; Chef Wayne remarked, “When guests depart with the many delicious flavors of the night pleasantly etched on their taste buds, it makes it all worth-while.”

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    Elton John performed at Icelandic birthday party
    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Elton John was a surprise guest at the 50th birthday party of Ólafur Ólafsson, the managing director of Samskip, in Reykjavík on January 20, 207.

    Elton entered the stage at 9 pm and entertained the guests with an hour-long private concert.

    Well known Icelandic singers such as Björgvin Halldórsson, Bubbi Morthens and Kristjana Stefánsdóttir performed along with the Reykjavík Big Band after Elton John left the stage.

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    Tycoon sued over party at Elton's home
    Sunday, January 21 2007

    A wealthy property developer is at the centre of a potential High Court wrangle over an £800,000 party held at Sir Elton John's home.

    Rafi Manoukian is refusing to pay £200,000 of the bill for the event last December 2006 to celebrate his 50th birthday and his daughter's christening.

    Mr Manoukian, who is believed with his brother Bob to be worth more than £250million, is unhappy about 'the quality of the service' at Elton's Windsor mansion and claims the organisers received more than he had agreed in commission from their 'suppliers'.

    Organiser DNA Productions - which boasts of hosting events for Elton, Stella McCartney and Kevin Spacey - is taking the case to the High Court. According to its writ, it sub-contracted to suppliers for food, drinks, lighting, marquees and entertainment. Elton himself performed some of his hits on the night.

    Armenian-born Mr Manoukian allegedly asked the party planners to limit commissions or rebates it received from those suppliers to £16,000 - but the writ claims that while a letter of request was signed 'such agreement was unsupported and is of no contractual effect'.

    Curiously, DNA Productions was dropped as Elton's party planner shortly after the Manoukian party, although its chief executive Matt James has dismissed suggestions of a link. Mr Manoukian has made part payments amounting to £588,685. DNA is suing him for the balance.

    The writ claims the party organisers agreed to discount the total bill by nearly £10,000 after complaints about the party.

    Charlotte Connor, solicitor for DNA Productions, who described the party as 'highly successful', said: "It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time." Mr Manoukian was unavailable for comment.

    >> Make sure to take part in our competition and win one of six copies of the new book "ELTON: The Biography" (deadline January 31, 2007). <<

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    Elton tickets snapped up by scalpers
    Saturday, January 20 2007

    Tickets for Elton's summer concert in the Scottish Highlands have been snapped up by scalpers - days before they go on sale to the public.

    Elton is due to play at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium in Inverness on July 15, 2007 as the opening event of new arts festival InvernessFest. Bosses at Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club, who own the soccer stadium, have offered their 2,600 season ticket holders first refusal on the tickets, setting up a special hotline number with password for the sale of the concert passes.

    However, the details - which were exclusively for the club's members - were leaked to the public, resulting in scalpers snapping up the GBP40 ($78) to GBP80 ($156) tickets and posting them on auction website eBay for around GBP300 ($585) each. One fan says, "We got letters on Thursday morning with the hotline number and password. But the information got round Inverness like wildfire. I just hope there's enough tickets to go round."

    Mike Smith, the club's chief executive, says, "We thought it was beneficial to give this opportunity to our fans. But we are disappointed if people have passed that on to other people - but we have no way of stopping them."

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    Top 60 Elton John rarities
    Friday, January 19 2007

    UK magazine "Record Collector" is searching your help in preparing a feature on the Top 60 Elton John rarities to celebrate Elton's 60th birthday in March 2007.

    You can support this effort by sending them a list of your most valuable rarities. If possible, please also provide illustrations and information on prices.

    The magazine will credit anyone who helps. The deadline for your contributions is early March for the issue that goes on sale March 15, 2007.

    Please e-mail your input with the subject 'Top Elton rarities' to Alan Lewis.

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    "Elton John" on the run
    Friday, January 19 2007

    A violent armed robber branded a "ticking time bomb" is missing after being released early from prison.

    Elton John, 47, was let out of a top security jail after serving 11 years of a 17-year term for a 1995 Post Office raid in which shots were fired at police.

    But within days the namesake failed to report to probation officers, breaching the conditions of his release.

    An internal police report on the case warns John is a "real, imminent danger" to the public and police. Officers are "convinced he will re-offend".

    A prison officer at Long Lartin jail described him as a "ticking time bomb", the report adds.

    John was let out of Belmarsh prison in South East London on January 5, 2007 under the early release scheme. He was being monitored by the multi-agency team in nearby Lewisham.

    Categorised as high-risk Category A prisoner John, also served two years for possessing a revolver during a raid on a cash van in 1992.

    A police spokesman said: "Inquiries to trace him continue."

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    Robbie Williams to strip at Elton's 60th birthday party
    Friday, January 19 2007

    Elton is said to have asked his friend Robbie, 32, to perform on the night and make the day extra-special, and the 'Angles' singer has obliged by offering to do a striptease while performing classic Tom Jones hit 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'.

    A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Robbie knows this is one gift Elton won't be able to out do. The pair love to shock each other, so Elton will probably already be cooking up something for Robbie's birthday next month."

    Robbie and Elton previously fell out after Robbie, in his autobiography 'Feel', described Elton as "weird", and claimed he "kidnapped" him when he was suffering from alcoholism, forcing him to go to rehab.

    However, the two have now patched up their differences and are "best pals again".

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    ELTON: The Biography
    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    "ELTON: The Biography" by David Buckley will be published by André Deutsch in February 2007 at £20.

    On 25 March 2007, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, aka Sir Elton John, will celebrate his 60th birthday. One of music’s true global superstars, the lad from Pinner will be at the centre of massive media attention, and "Elton: The Biography" will be published to tie in with this milestone.

    Drawn from over thirty original interviews, including Kiki Dee, Tim Rice, musical collaborators Ray Cooper and Paul Buckmaster, lyricist Gary Osborne, two members of Elton’s first band, and many more friends and associates, alongside meticulous secondary research, "Elton: The Biography" tells a page-turning story of incredible rock ‘n’ roll excess, amazing comebacks, tantrums, high-camp humour and prodigious talent. This authoritative, entertaining and compulsive book traces Elton’s extraordinary journey to national treasure status with wit, intelligence and insight, offering at last an in-depth biographical study worthy of this complex and compelling superstar.

    David Buckley is the author of five other highly acclaimed music biographies, including "David Bowie: Strange Fascination", R.E.M. (both Virgin Books) and "Roxy Music: The Thrill of it All" (André Deutsch).

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    Elton John on mission to lose weight
    Monday, January 15 2007

    Elton John has been living it up, and now for his upcoming birthday he wants to make sure he's in the best shape of his life!

    Elton recently announced that he is giving up curries in an attempt to lose weight for his 60th birthday.

    He admits he has "let himself go" in recent months and is giving up his favorite meal, all junk food and embarking on a rigorous exercise regime so he is in shape for the landmark day on March 25, 2007.

    He told Britain's Radio 1, "I've let myself go recently so I'm going on a diet and making an effort to do more exercise so that I'm looking good for my birthday."

    Elton, who is known for his lavish bashes, has revealed he and his partner David Furnish are planning something extra-special for the big day. However, the music icon is refusing to give much away about the party.

    He explained, "We have a trick up our sleeves for my 60th celebrations which we have been planning for two years. I'm really excited about it. The only thing I am going to tell you about it is that it has a New York theme."

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    Rapper requires Jack-hit
    Monday, January 15 2007

    Elton John is a fan, Kylie has asked him to write a track for her and he was discovered by Madness star Chas Smash.

    Just Jack — aka rapper, singer and DJ Jack Allsopp — should be seeing stars in his own eyes when his second album "Overtones" is released on January 29, 2007.

    After the buzz of his debut "The Outer Marker" in 2003, the unassuming North Londoner had a setback when his record label folded and he lost his manager.

    So is he hoping to become as as famous as his fans?

    “Elton has been really supportive. He is part of the puzzle of where I am now. Whatever you think of Elton he is a 100 per cent music lover and that’s what we talk about. If my music wasn’t good he wouldn’t have helped me.

    “He heard my first album, then I sent him tracks from this album and he loved it.

    “Kylie then heard my album at Elton’s house and said she was interested in me writing for her. I’d love that as she is a credible and diverse pop star.

    “As for me I was never really that ambitious. I just want to be able to make a living out of music.

    “I haven’t got any big plans for world domination though obviously that would be quite nice.”

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    Dion gives Vegas her final answer
    Monday, January 15 2007

    No word yet on what will replace Celine Dion in the Ceasar’s Palace Coliseum Theatre, or what will happen to Elton John’s Red Piano show that fills in when she’s not around.

    Caesar’s Palace got five years of use out of the specially redesigned Coliseum Theatre; the casino spent $95 million to set up the venue to house Celine Dion’s headline concert show A New Day, but now MSNBC reports that new day is about to end. The casino resort has put the last block of tickets on sale for the concert, and has made the announcement that Dion’s stand at the casino will close after five years.

    “As we prepare ourselves to say goodbye,” says the singer, “I know this will be the best year yet.” Dion has performed the concert in front of 2.5 million people since the show opened in 2003, and the final year’s plans include some new numbers and new costumes. And just to show you that the Internet knows no bounds, at one point there was an e-rumor floating around that Dion did the deal with Caesar's to settle a gigantic high roller debt incurred at the casino-hotel by her husband.

    The show will be recorded for history later this month, with a TV special and a DVD planned. Caesar’s Palace hasn’t made public its plans for the venue after Dion’s 100 million-dollar deal comes to an end later this year.

    Those plans will probably have an impact on Sir Elton John as well. The piano hero performs his Vegas show, The Red Piano in the Coliseum Theatre when Dion is on vacation.

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    Paparazzi: Elton & David honeymoon
    Monday, January 15 2007

    Videos Everywhere has posted a short "paparazzi style" clip from Elton's and David's honeymoon in Venice in December 2005.

    To watch the movie clip, follow this link.

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    Edge looks to raise fresh fund of £30m
    Monday, January 15 2007

    A quoted venture-capital trust that includes Sir Elton John’s manager, Frank Presland, on its board of directors has made its latest investment, buying up a 50% stake in the music promoter My Brother for £850,000, writes Matthew Goodman.

    The deal comes as Edge Performance, which was established to invest in live-music businesses, looks to raise a fresh fund of £30m, having attracted £6.2m when it launched last year.

    My Brother has been set up by music lawyer Jeremy Wakefield. It has a co-promotion agreement with AEG Live, a division of the American entertainment company Anschutz, which has promoted artists such as Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

    The investment is the third for Edge Performance, which was set up by another music lawyer, David Glick. It has also bought stakes in Martha & George and In Tandem, two other concert promoters.

    The fund’s investment manager is Harvey Goldsmith, the impresario, and it is chaired by Sir Robin Miller, a former Emap chairman.

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    Zeal TV to distribute Elton's 60th birthday bash
    Sunday, January 14 2007

    UK independent producer Whizz Kid Entertainment has joined forces with Elton John’s management company to develop and produce a 120-minute Television Special, celebrating Elton's 60th birthday.

    Recorded live at Madison Square Garden, “ELTON JOHN NOW: 60 YEARS ON” will cover an exclusive one-off concert Sir Elton is due to perform on March 25, 2007. In front of a packed audience of celebrities and dedicated fans, Sir Elton will take the stage at Madison Square Garden for the 60th time on the eve of his 60th Birthday!

    The two companies hold global rights to the event and will produce unique and exclusive content for television, broadband and mobile delivery. The companies have hired Zeal Television to handle all sales to international broadcasters and Big Picture to deliver all the digital content.

    In the UK ITV has commissioned Whizz Kid to deliver a 90-minute Special which will air in primetime soon after the concert. The programme will cover the concert itself and also include exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Elton’s private birthday party the night before.

    “This is a once in a life time event and we are honoured that Sir Elton has chosen us as partners” says Malcolm Gerrie, Chief Executive of Whizz Kid Entertainment. “Sir Elton is the greatest showman on earth and this will give us the opportunity to bring alive a full range of his pure classics in a monumental setting”.

    Adds Clive Banks, Elton John’s manager: “In the brave new world of multi-platform content, we feel creating and packaging the content ourselves is the right way to go”.

    Guy Freeman, Controller of Music and Events at ITV comments: “ITV1 is the natural home for big, entertaining events and you don’t get much bigger or better than a weekend of Sir Elton partying and performing like no-one else!”

    Shot in HD and delivered globally on the night via satellite, the show will be directed by Emmy-award winning Director David Mallet and produced by Malcolm Gerrie, Paul Morphos and Lisa Chapman.
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    Elton may bring Priscilla to Broadway and London theaters
    Saturday, January 13 2007

    The Australian drag classic, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", may be picked up for Broadway and London by none other than Elton John.

    The New York Daily News reports that the Elton is interested in buying the rights as a producer after seeing the stage show in Sydney in December 2006. According to the article, an insider said that Elton wants to launch the show in London as early as 2008.

    The musical features drag queens lip-synching iconic disco hits such as "I Will Survive." Priscilla was originally a film starring Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, and Terence Stamp.

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    Most popular celebrities worldwide
    Monday, January 1 2007

    Madonna was the most popular celebrity in 2006. She beat the likes of Charlotte Church and Robbie Williams to top a survey of the most popular personalities requested by people searching on the entertainment search engine Celebrities Worldwide.

    Richard Brecker of www.celebritiesworldwide.com said: "The results show quite emphatically that more people were interested in Madonna than any other celebrity or reality star this year. Her ability to stay ahead is phenomenal - particularly in such a difficult year."

    The singer attracted great controversy over the much publicised adoption of her son David from Malawi and has also reportedly faced marriage difficulties with her husband Guy Ritchie.

    Celebrities Worldwide is accepted as a benchmark of celebrity status and popularity and its website attracts more than 4 million visitors per year.

    TOP 100 NAMES of 2006

    1. Madonna
    2. Charlotte Church
    3. Jamie Oliver MBE
    4. Robbie Williams
    5. Jonathan Ross OBE
    6. Billie Piper
    7. Ricky Gervais
    8. Jeremy Clarkson
    9. Stephen Fry
    10. Matt Lucas
    11. David Beckham OBE
    12. Gordon Ramsay OBE
    13. Trinny Woodall
    14. David Walliams
    15. Fearne Cotton
    16. Victoria Beckham
    17. Elton John KBE
    18. Kylie Minogue
    19. David Tennant
    20. Rachel Stevens
    21. Peter Kay
    22. Davina McCall
    23. Graham Norton
    24. Paul McCartney
    25. Dawn French
    26. Russell Brand
    27. Paul O'Grady
    28. Coleen McLoughlin
    29. Noel Edmonds
    30. Richard Hammond
    31. Simon Cowell
    32. Sharon Osbourne
    33. Nigella Lawson
    34. Ewan McGregor
    35. David Attenborough
    36. Vernon Kay
    37. Chris Moyles
    38. Terry Wogan
    39. Catherine Tate
    40. Michael Palin CBE
    41. Keira Knightley
    42. Chris Evans
    43. Zoe Ball
    44. Chantelle Houghton
    45. Elizabeth Hurley
    46. Bill Bailey
    47. Brad Pitt
    48. Bob Geldof KBE
    49. David Hasselhoff
    50. Vic Reeves
    51. Jarvis Cocker
    52. Kevin Spacey
    53. Paul Merton
    54. George Clooney
    55. Kate Moss
    56. Jo Brand
    57. Lenny Henry
    58. Bruce Forsyth CBE
    59. Angelina Jolie
    60. Victoria Wood
    61. Johnny Vegas
    62. Will Young
    63. Jade Goody
    64. Edith Bowman
    65. Kelly Holmes
    66. Johnny Depp
    67. Joanna Lumley
    68. Cliff Richard
    69. Emma Bunton
    70. Denise Van Outen
    71. Jude Law
    72. Ian McKellen
    73. Patrick Stewart OBE
    74. John Cleese
    75. Ian Hislop
    76. Janet Street-Porter
    77. Martine McCutcheon
    78. Meera Syal MBE
    79. Paris Hilton
    80. Jools Holland
    81. Jordan
    82. Steve Coogan
    83. Cilla Black
    84. Dermot O'Leary
    85. Richard Branson
    86. Tom Cruise
    87. Myleene Klass
    88. George Michael
    89. Cat Deeley
    90. Ainsley Harriott
    91. Kate Winslet
    92. Ray Winstone
    93. Sting
    94. Geri Halliwell
    95. Sara Cox
    96. Jeremy Paxman
    97. Gary Lineker
    98. Carol Vorderman MBE
    99. Bono
    100. Dannii Minogue

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    Elton and David get festive in Venice
    Monday, January 1 2007

    Elton and David spent the holidays in Italy, where they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

    Both were wed in England on Decembr 21, 2005 – the first day such unions were legal – after more than a dozen years together.

    The couple made the yuletide gay in their Venice apartment.

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