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Sanctuary outlines rescue plans
Tuesday, January 31 2006

UK music group Sanctuary has unveiled a £110m rescue deal after revealing a fivefold increase in annual losses.

Sanctuary said it would raise the cash through a shares issue after revealing losses had surged to £142.6m from £26.7m a year earlier.

It blamed the loss on an "awful" year in which it was hit by record release delays and a string of profit warnings. Many of the losses stemmed from Urban Records, a firm it bought from singer Beyonce Knowles' father, it added.

Following a number of delays, cancellations and rescheduled releases from the label, Sanctuary said it had decided to shut down Urban Records.

Meanwhile, Sanctuary set out its proposals for its £110m share issue. It warned the move will significantly dilute the value of its existing shares, as new shares will be offered at a "substantial discount" to its current share price. Despite this, the proposal has won the backing of institutional investors, Sanctuary added.

Meanwhile, the world's biggest independent record label also said it had agreed a deal with its major lender that would see it cancel £35m of its debt. The announcement follows a rocky year for the firm which has cut jobs and seen failed takeover talks - rumoured to involve EMI and Warner Music.

"The past 12 months have been the most difficult and challenging period that Sanctuary has ever had," chairman Andy Taylor said.

Sanctuary prides itself as the worlds "only 360-degree international music group" encompassing publishing, record labels, merchandising, music management, DVDs and live events. Sanctuary's stable of artists include Sir Elton John, the Manic Street Preachers, Morrissey, Beyonce and Destiny's Child.

Shares in the group were down 28.57% - or 0.3 pence - to 0.75p in midday trade.

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    Elton's chairs up for auction
    Monday, January 30 2006

    Four antique walnut chairs that belonged to singer Elton John will be auctioned in Cape Town on January 31, 2006.

    South Africans will get the unique opportunity to sit on Elton's chairs at an auction by Stephan Welz (Sotheby's).

    But, the chairs won't come cheap. The value of the four is estimated between R35 000 and R50 000 (US$ 5,800 to 8,300).

    Bina Genovese of the auctioneers said Elton decided in 1988 to redecorate his house in London and to get rid of the extremely valuable collection of antique furniture he had started collecting in the 1960s.

    The furniture was sold at an auction at Sotheby's in London and created worldwide interest. Record prices were paid for the furniture.

    The four chairs that will be auctioned on January 31, 2006 were sold at the 1988 auction in London, but had found their way to South Africa. The present owner's name was not revealed.

    The chairs, which look pretty uncomfortable from photographs, were made in 1905. They are highback chairs, and two have armrests.

    Those in the know say the unique style is typical of 1905 when furniture manufacturers returned to "specialist work" in reaction to the mass production of furniture at the time.

    Genovese said: "We expect that the four chairs will cause quite a stir countrywide."

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    Exclusive interview with Elton John
    Sunday, January 29 2006

    View the first half of an exclusive interview with Elton John as he discusses his feeling on the development of Lestat.

    The interview can be found on the official "Lestat" website.

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    Hollywood Stars sing on "Unexpected Dreams"
    Saturday, January 28 2006

    Who wouldn't want Hollywood's biggest stars to sing them to sleep? Some of the most surprising voices in Hollywood, accompanied by musicians of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, lend their talents to a new album, "Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars," to be released by Rhino Records on March 28, 2006.

    The CD features 14 spellbinding tunes by composers including Elton John, Billy Joel, Sade, Bob Dylan and Lennon/McCartney, beautifully sung and lushly orchestrated. A portion of the proceeds will benefit "Music Matters," the Los Angeles Philharmonic's music education programs. The album was jointly conceived and produced by Wayne Baruch, Charles F. Gayton and Eric Vetro.

    "Unexpected Dreams" includes the following tracks:

    • Scarlett Johansson -- "Summertime" (George & Ira Gershwin)
    • Ewan McGregor -- "The Sweetest Gift" (Sade)
    • Taraji P. Henson -- "In My Daughter's Eyes" (James T. Slater)
    • Jennifer Garner -- "My Heart Is So Full of You" (Frank Loesser)
    • Jeremy Irons -- "To Make You Feel My Love" (Bob Dylan)
    • John Stamos -- "Goodnight My Angel" (Billy Joel)
    • Lucy Lawless -- "Little Child" (Eric Vetro/Alan Rich)
    • Marissa Jaret Winokur -- "The Wish Song" (Eric Vetro/Steven Shore)
    • Eric McCormack -- "The Greatest Discovery" (Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
    • Victor Garber -- "No One Is Alone" (Stephen Sondheim)
    • Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- "The Nightshift" (Brad Hall)
    • Nia Vardalos -- "Golden Slumbers" (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
    • John C. Reilly -- "Lullaby In Ragtime" (Sylvia Fine)
    • Teri Hatcher -- "Goodnight" (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
    Vetro, among the entertainment industry's most prominent voice teachers and vocal coaches, conceived the project from his own "dream" -- to produce an album of night music, lullabies and ballads performed by major film and television stars, in order to share a different side of their talents. Baruch and Gayton, creators and producers of prestigious musical, theatrical, and television events, developed the album concept with Vetro to include a variety of accompanying musical ensembles drawn from the brilliant musicians of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The three producers worked with the singers to help them select the songs and create individual styles, personally supervise arrangements, orchestrations and recording sessions.

    "Music Matters" is a program of the Los Angeles Philharmonic that reaches more than 120,000 children, educators and adults each year. Its innovative initiatives include the School Partners Program, Music for Educators, Toyota Symphonies for Youth, SummerSounds at the Hollywood Bowl, Master Classes and Kent Kresa Symphonies for Schools.

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    Elton to visit "Lestat" in San Francisco
    Friday, January 27 2006

    Elton John is about to descend on his much-maligned new musical "Lestat," and the cast and crew are gnawing their nails.

    On January 28, 2006, the Elton John flotilla — which usually includes a squadron of bodyguards, assistants and a wardrobe supervisor — will sail into the Curran Theater in San Francisco, where he will get his first look at this troubled Broadway-bound show.

    The tension backstage at the Curran will be palpable, since Elton has been known to fly off the handle if he's not pleased.

    He famously stormed out of his "Aida" on Broadway because he didn't like the way one of his songs had been orchestrated. The problems at "Lestat" run much deeper than the orchestra pit.

    Figuratively speaking, the critics did to this show what Van Helsing did to Dracula — drove a stake through its heart, cut off its head and stuffed garlic in its mouth. Their complaints ranged from the music (bland) to the direction (disjointed) to the script (cluttered).

    Elton's visit comes at a time when the other members of the creative team — director Rob Jess Roth, book writer Linda Woolverton and lyricist Bernie Taupin — are under intense pressure to fix the show before it begins previews in New York in March 2006.

    A production source says Warner Bros., which is producing the $12 million musical, has told the creative team that, unless the changes are sweeping and effective, the lid on the "Lestat" coffin will be hammered shut in San Francisco. "They've been given an ultimatum: Solve the problems, or you're not coming in," says a source.

    Gregg Maday, Warner Bros.' point man on the show, says "ultimatum" is too strong a word. "We all know there are certain things in the show that aren't working," he says, "and we are making significant changes. But sometimes you have to remind people what the schedule is. There is pressure to get what we're trying to accomplish finished so that we can make our dates [in New York]."

    Adding to the pressure is the fact that changes to the script will require some new sets and costumes — to be designed and built in less than a month. Choreographer Jonathan Butterell has joined the team at Roth's invitation.

    Butterell, whose credits include "The Light in the Piazza" and the revival of "Nine," isn't exactly Jerome Robbins, and one wag cracks: "I'm having a heart attack. Thanks for the Band-Aid." But Maday says Butterell "brings a great deal of talent" to the production as well as "an objective point of view."

    As for Elton John, Maday says that even though the composer has yet to see "Lestat," he's very much involved in the retooling. "He's been completely informed about everything. He's dedicated to the show, and he's willing to do whatever is necessary to make it better."

    But a person who knows Elton well says the "Lestat" crew has good reason to be on edge. He points out that Elton's track record in the theater so far is unblemished, amounting to a trifecta of hits: "The Lion King," "Aida" and the wonderful "Billy Elliot." "Lestat," at least at this point, is not in that league.

    The question, as this person frames it, is: "Is Elton going to give the go-ahead to a show that could be his first flop?"

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    Billboard's Money Makers list for 2005
    Tuesday, January 24 2006

    Billboard`s Money Makers chart brings together Nielsen Music data and Billboard's Boxscore numbers to create a master top 20 chart of acts that generated the most income during 2005.

    The list includes album and digital sales as well as accumulated box-office receipts. These artists are at the top of their game and range from legacy acts to pop stars to hip-hop phenomenons.

    1. U2: $255,022,633.35
    2. The Rolling Stones: $152,356,754.40
    3. Kenny Chesney: $87,731,463.50
    4. Paul McCartney: $84,263,375.10

    5. Elton John: $77,150,061.65

    Albums, Broadway, tours, TV, management - you name it, Elton John can do it. His Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace is a huge success. He released 'Elton`s Christmas Party' exclusively through Starbucks this past fall to great acclaim. He sold Twenty-First Artists, his London-based management company (whose roster includes James Blunt), to the Sanctuary Group in April 2005 for $30.1 million. Elton and Bernie Taupin are writing a sequel to 'Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy,' and he also has a development deal with Touchstone Television for a series about a rock star and his entourage.

    6. Celine Dion: $76,137,905.65
    7. 50 Cent: $75,351,514.85
    8. Green Day: $71,753,415.60
    9. Neil Diamond: $70,203,895.50
    10. The Eagles: $67,524,283.25
    11. Dave Matthews Band: $59,567,479.25
    12. Rod Stewart: $58,454,500.85
    13. Toby Keith: $53,033,288.35
    14. Coldplay: $51,705,752.25
    15. Rascal Flatts: $46,819,102.65
    16. Mariah Carey: $46,388,646.80
    17. Jimmy Buffett: $43,239,800.45
    19. Gwen Stefani: $38,963,515.75
    20: Bruce Springsteen: $38,951,568.30

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    UPDATE: New Pantheon Music Prize
    Thursday, January 19 2006

    Elton John is on the nominating committee for the New Pantheon Music Prize.

    The New Pantheon Music Prize was founded by Tom Sarig (co-founder of the previously existing Shortlist Music Prize).

    The New Pantheon is a prestigious award which is honoring the most creative and artistic albums of the year, and Elton John has nominated several albums for this year’s award.

    There are now ten finalists, and the winner is being awarded on February 6, 2006 at the inaugural concert in Los Angeles.

    Following are the albums nominated by Elton:

    Antony and the Johnsons (finalist) - I am a Bird Now
    Fiona Apple (finalist) - Extraordinary Machine
    Jamie Lidell - Multiply
    Leela James - A Change Is Gonna Come
    Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll
    Ray LaMontagne - Trouble
    Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters

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    "Billy Elliot" musical leads theatre nominees
    Thursday, January 19 2006

    "Billy Elliot - The Musical" by Elton John and Lee Hall led the way with nine nominations including best new musical in the 30th annual Laurence Olivier Awards announced January 18, 2006.

    The three precociously talented boys who took turns playing the title role in the show won a combined nomination as best actor in a musical. James Lomas, George Maguire and Liam Mower, who had to rotate as the northern lad with dancing feet because of their youth, will compete against Ewan McGregor and Douglas Hodge for "Guys and Dolls," which snagged eight nominations.

    "Billy Elliot" director Stephen Daldry and choreographer Peter Darling join writer Lee and composer Elton in the running for the top theatrical awards. Daldry and Lee originated the 2000 film on which the stage show is based. It was named best British film at the BAFTA awards, with Jamie Bell winning as best actor in the title role and Julie Walters winning as best actress in the part of his teacher.

    Haydn Gwynne, who plays the teacher in the stage show, was nominated for an Olivier as best actress in a musical and she will go up against Walters, who was nominated for the show "Acorn Antiques -- The Musical!" They will compete against former "Ali McBeal" star Jane Krakowski and Jenna Russell for "Guys and Dolls."

    "Billy Elliot," which has now out-grossed the original movie in the U.K., faces Victoria Wood's "Acorn Antiques" and "The Big Life," by Paul Sirett and Paul Joseph," as best new musical.

    The 2006 Laurence Olivier Awards, presented by the Society of London Theatre, will be handed out at the London Hilton on February 26, 2006.

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    Elton John helps Joss Stone get over a broken heart
    Tuesday, January 17 2006

    Soul singer Joss Stone has turned to her pal Sir Elton John to help her get over her recent bust-up with the love of her young life, Beau Dozier, reports the Mirror.

    Joss had performed a storming soul set at Elton's wedding to David Furnish and Elton's returning the favour by helping his teenage protege through her heartache.

    "Elton is a shoulder to cry on. They speak on the phone often and he tells her to 'hang in there'. She sees him as a kind of godfather.", said a source.

    "He's so supportive and she absolutely adores him. They are very close since she sang at his wedding and he loved it. Her family is overwhelmed to see how close she and Elton are. He even gives her career advice."

    The singer had planned to throw herself into her work since splitting with Beau, her boyfriend of two years. But our source says: "Although Joss knows the split is for the best, she's still very upset because they were so close.

    "She has cancelled a few TV appearances in the US and was due to appear on supermodel Tyra Banks' new chat show but felt she would get emotional if any questions about her relationship with Beau came up."

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    2006 Golden Globe Winners announced
    Tuesday, January 17 2006

    The 63nd Annual Golden Globe Awards were handed out in Beverly Hills on January 16, 2006. Congratulations, Bernie Taupin!

    Winning for Best Song was Gustavo Santaolalla and Bernie Taupin, for "A Love That Will Never Grow Old", from Brokeback Mountain.

    Interestingly enough, the song is ineligible for an Academy Award, due to its limited presence in the film, so the field is still open when it comes to the Oscars in March 2006.

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    Scissor Sisters reveal all about second album
    Wednesday, January 11 2006

    Scissor Sisters are set to make a quicker than expected return with their second album - which will feature Elton John.

    The band, who previewed a host of new songs when they visited the UK for the V Festival and Ana Matronic's secret birthday gig in London last year say that recording is preceding extremely well.

    Elton John has been to the band's New York studio to play on the record the group are producing themselves, though the Sisters have recruited a whole host of guests to feature on the album.

    "The group are currently aiming to have finished in time for a late spring release," explained a source close to the band, adding that the Sisters have had several adventures between sessions.

    The insider claimed the following has happening during the process of making the record:

    "Jamming in a Central American jungle with people who have spent time in a studio with Def Leppard, Elton coming by to make tea and lay down some mean Bo Diddley grooves, picking banjos above a hair extension parlor, employing a 25-piece choir comprised solely of unemployed Brooklyn haircutters, a famous glam rock figure (or two) wondering just what they can buy at the Jamaican grocery downstairs and plenty of swimming with and jumping sharks."

    On a another note, the insider added that the recorded tracks are sounding good but will surprise some of the band's fans. "The songs still sound like old friends," they explained, "but perhaps a slightly different set of friends than you had round the last time."

    Songs believed to be under consideration include 'Can't Decide', 'Hybrid', 'Other Side', 'Cher Baby' and 'Paul McCartney', while 'Everybody Wants', which the band debuted onstage at Live 8, is also set to feature.

    At present a final release date is yet to be confirmed but it's expected the band will return to live action this summer, with this year's festivals not out of the question.

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    San Francisco Critics Meet Broadway-Bound Lestat
    Tuesday, January 10 2006

    Here is a sampling of what critics had to say about "Lestat," the Elton John/ Bernie Taupin musical based on Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles", during its San Francisco tryout at the Curran Theater.

    Dennis Harvey of Variety: "The very idea of an Anne Rice-derived vampire musical scored by Elton John would seem to ensure something lurid, camp, silly. But those qualities, it turns out, are not found in great supply in the Broadway-bound Lestat—an achievement in itself, though also cause for some disappointment. The current handsome, respectable entity could, in fact, use a tad more risk-taking excess. Despite subject and talent involved, it's lacking the memorable high points these watchable, listenable nearly three-hour tuner needs to play as more than a rambling timeline of several high-pulp novels' picaresque events… As one creative staffer was overheard telling friends in the audience on opening night, right now it's a 'good rough cut' in need of fine-tuning. The biggest problem here is, however, insurmountable: Condensing much of Rice's Vampire Chronicle fictions (mostly Interview With the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat), tuner Lestat has way too much plot to wade through."

    Robert Hurwitt of The San Francisco Chronicle: "Didactic, disjointed, oddly miscast, confusingly designed and floundering in an almost unrelentingly saccharine score by Elton John, Lestat opened Sunday as the latest ill-conceived Broadway hopeful in the Best of Broadway series (following on the heels of Lennon and Mambo Kings)... It's too much story, with the authors almost desperately shoehorning some of Rice's plot turns, narrative flights and interminable vampire creation myths into a song here, an overstuffed confrontation there or the large-scale video animation sequences that blanket the set. The characters prove even more problematic, but then, despite her creative departures from Rice's novels, very few of the figures in Woolverton's script have much character… The chorus and orchestra perform flawlessly under Brad Haak's musical direction. The songs, however, range from mildly interesting to, for the most part, banal and virtually undistinguishable."

    Tiger Hashimoto of The San Francisco Examiner: "After Lestat is 'made' as a vampire (without any warning or motivation), he mostly kills men in grisly, on-stage murders that had me cowering and wincing—and I'm a martial arts fan.… The vocal performances—especially Carmello—are strong. The production has atmospheric sets (Derek McLane) and costumes (Susan Hilferty). The special effects are unrelentingly noisy and violent. In fact, the high level of aural and moral toxicity—blended with talky religious mumbo-jumbo (are vampires evil? Maybe not, but they are boring)—may just guarantee Lestat's Broadway fate."

    Chad Jones of The Oakland Tribune: "The temptation to say that the new vampire musical Lestat sucks is almost overwhelming. But Lestat doesn't suck. Oh, it's a mess all right, and though the creative team has nearly driven a wooden stake through the heart of author Anne Rice's much-loved Vampire Chronicles, there may be some faint glimmer of an afterlife… The biggest problem in director Robert Jess Roth's jumble of a production—and the one that isn't likely to change anytime soon—is the score…. The two primary female characters steal the show. It's as simple as that. But this musical isn't called Gabrielle' or Claudia. It's called Lestat, and that's such a shame… Panaro—with a generous assist from Linda Woolverton's cursory book—makes Lestat less an empathetic monster and more a target of ridicule. Panaro does have a beautiful singing voice, but John and Taupin have failed to provide him with a defining number."

    Karen D'Souza of The San Jose Mercury News: "For a vampire musical, Lestat lacks teeth… Shaking his mane like a lion, the actor [Panaro] strikes one to-die-for pose after another as the flamboyant vampire. If pouts could kill, watch out. But he never finds the pulse of this role. His Lestat is neither fierce enough to scare us nor valiant enough to move us…. The worst sin of all may be that the show takes itself so gravely seriously; a little camp would have given it some tongue-in-cheek juice…The score is likewise bland… Only rarely, as in the child Claudia's songs, does the musical hit a vein… Unless its creators can find a way to infuse more intensity, Lestat may be dead on arrival on Broadway in the spring."

    Pat Craig of The Contra Costa Times: "The greatest danger in the new Elton John-Bernie Taupin musical, based on The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, is death by boredom… It's a great story, but, as directed by Robert Jess Roth (with 'musical staging' by Matt West), the new show doesn't capture the romance or the otherworldly qualities of Rice's novel. It's more corny than scary, and it doesn't approach Rice's sense of authenticity. Hampered by cheesy production values and an uneven cast, the staging is unconvincing at best. Linda Woolverton's book, which turns much of the spoken dialogue into hackneyed cliches, doesn't help. And the John-Taupin score—the famous songwriting duo's first effort for the stage—gives it the kiss of death."

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    Elton and David extend honeymoon
    Tuesday, January 10 2006

    Elton and David jetted off to Venice for a romantic break over the new year and now we hear that the pair are sunning themselves in southern Africa.

    Close pal Liz Hurley, who's rumoured to be planning her own wedding, has stocked up on safari outfits for when she flies out to join them.

    "Elton has invited us to join him and David on their honeymoon in Africa," she said.

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    Elton jacket for auction
    Tuesday, January 10 2006

    The biggest internet based auctionhouse in Scandinavia, Lauritz.com, right now has a concert jacket previoulsy owned by Elton John up for auction.

    Check www.lauritz.com and enter lot no. 645537 for more details.

    The auction will close on January 23, 2006, at 5.49 pm (CET).

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    Bjork Named As The World's Most Eccentric Star
    Monday, January 9 2006

    Icelandic pop nymph Bjork has been voted as the world’s most eccentric star. Elton on number 11.

    Bjork was crowned with the title because of her bizarre dress sense, outrageous behaviour and off-kilter musical style. Incredibly she beat the likes of Chris Eubank and David Icke who believes that the world is run by lizards in the BBC poll.

    Elsewhere, Ozzy Osbourne came in at fifth place, Elton John was eleventh and Johnny Rotten was a twenty.

    The BBC magazine editor who ran the poll, said: “Bjork’s eclectic fashion sense and amazing but quirky music secured her the top slot in our poll. Most of our top 20 eccentrics are unconventional in one way or another, and some are wonderfully lovable.”

    The full top twenty is as follows:

    1. Bjork
    2. Chris Eubank
    3. David Icke
    4. Tom Baker
    5. Ozzy Osbourne
    6. John McCririck
    7. Patrick Moore
    8. Vivienne Westwood
    8. Sir Jimmy Savile
    10. Uri Geller
    11. Elton John
    12. Clarissa Dickson-Wright
    13. Ken Dodd
    14. David Bellamy
    15. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
    16. Neil and Christine Hamilton
    17. Zandra Rhodes
    18. Adam Hart-Davies
    19. Keith Floyd
    20. Johnny Rotten

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    Perry buys Elton's home
    Wednesday, January 4 2006

    Former "Friends" star Matthew Perry has given Elton John a financial boost as he has bought Elton's Los Angeles home.

    Perry reportedly paid $4.5 million (GBP2.5 million) for the Beverly Hills condo, which features stunning views of Los Angeles, according to American magazine In Touch.

    It's a big profit for Elton - he paid just $875,000 (GBP486,100) for the sky-high pad in the late 1990s.

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