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Elton teams with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
Wednesday, March 29 2017

From its roots as a 1969 concept album, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat's been a stage musical and a direct-to-video live action movie.

Now, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice have linked hands with Elton to convert the camp extravaganza into an animated film. STX Motion Picture Group chairman Adam Fogelson broke the news March 28, 2017 while chatting onstage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Deadline has reported.

Really Useful Group, the media empire Baron Andrew founded in 1977, and Rocket Films, which Elton launched in 1996, are producing the motion picture. Andrew and Tim, who shot to fame as a songwriting duo via stage hits including Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, will pen new songs for the new film together.

Meanwhile, Sirs Tim and Elton have experience collaborating on animated features, namely in writing the songs for the The Lion King and The Road To El Dorado.

Tim's won an Oscar apiece with these composers: with Elton in 1995 for Can You Feel The Love Tonight? from The Lion King, and with Andrew two years later for You Must Love Me from the Madonna vehicle film of Evita. Andrew and Tim share a Tony Award for their score to Evita, and Elton and Tim's Broadway adaptation of the Verdi opera Aida's snagged them a Tony as well.

Joseph And The Amazing Technical Dreamcoat began life as an album and lurched through multiple stage versions, its first London opening at the Young Vic in 1972.

Its first big stateside booking began at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in 1976, but it took until 1981 to open Off-Broadway and the next year to open on Broadway. The 1999 straight-to-video film version starred Donny Osmond in the title role and Maria Friedman as the Narrator, assembling a clutch of character actors including Joan Collins, Ian McNiece and Richard Attenborough.

This musical's based on the Genesis story in which Abraham's great-grandson Joseph gets sold into slavery by brothers jealous of his 'coat of many colors,' but ultimately rises to the right hand of the Pharaoh.

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    Elton's birthday party
    Sunday, March 26 2017

    Elton celebrated his 70th birthday over the weekend, ringing in the big day with a fabulous Los Angeles gala on March 25, 2017 ñ and some top-notch headliners.

    His lengthy career was honored throughout the evening at Red Studios by host Rob Lowe, as well as musical performers Lady Gaga, Ryan Adams, Roseanne Cash and Stevie Wonder.

    Guests included Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Phillippe, Jon Hamm (who reunited on the red carpet with fellow 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer), Heidi Klum and Katy Perry, among others. Wonder and Gaga also led the guests in singing Happy Birthday to Elton.

    The gala ñ which also paid tribute to Eltonís 50-year writing partnership with Bernie Taupin ñ benefited both the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Hammer Museum at UCLA.

    Opening up to Beats 1ís Zane Lowe ahead of the bash, Elton said, ìSome people donít like birthdays, they donít like celebrating, they donít want to know about them, and Iíve always enjoyed my birthday.î

    ìSeventy sounds so archaic, doesnít it?î Elton told Lowe. ìWhen I was growing up, 70 sounded like the end of the world. But things have changed ó youíre only as old as you feel inside.î Though Elton admitted that sometimes, his physical strength is down, he said, ìMy inner self I feel great.î

    Ahead of the glamorous gala, Elton shared a look at his familyís private birthday celebrations at their home, where he was joined by his young sons Elijah and Zachary. In one Instagram shot, the trio can be seen gathered around a chocolate cake. The singer also shared several shots of the birthday cards he had received for his milestone day, as well as a video montage.

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    Breaking down "Saturday NIght's Alright For Fighting"
    Sunday, March 26 2017

    Christian James Hand and Mike Savage, co-hosts of the radio show called "The Session" which airs on legendary rock station 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles, will focus on "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" on March 26, 2017.

    Every Sunday night at 7PM PST (streaming live at www.955KLOS.com) they pick one song and deconstruct it, breaking it down track-by-track, instrument-by-instrument. By sharing the isolated tracks and telling the stories behind the recording process, listeners hear the songs in a whole new way, and gain a newfound respect for the artists.

    This Sunday, March 26, 2017, they'll be breaking down the song "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting".

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    Eltonís Biggest Billboard Hot 100 Hits
    Sunday, March 26 2017

    In honor of Elton's 70th birthday, Billboard took a look at his highest-ranking hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    Elton boasts 67 total entries on the Hot 100 (beginning with "Border Song," which marked his Billboard chart debut on Aug. 15, 1970). With nine having hit No. 1, he's tied for 10th place among all acts for the most leaders. Among solo males, he shares second place with Paul McCartney and Usher; Michael Jackson leads all male soloists with 13 Hot 100 No. 1s.

    Elton has also charted 47 records on the Billboard 200 albums chart, with seven hitting the top spot. His top 10 count stands at 19, spanning from his first entry (and second LP), his No. 4-peaking self-titled 1970 set, to his latest, Wonderful Crazy Night (No. 8, 2016).

    Elton is additionally king of Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, with a record 72 appearances and an unmatched 16 No. 1s. When Billboard celebrated the survey's 50th anniversary in 2011, Elton was honored as the chart's all-time top performer.

    Elton's biggest Hot 100 hit, the double-sided single "Candle in the Wind 1997"/"Something About the Way You Look Tonight," debuted at No. 1 on Oct. 11, 1997, and ruled for 14 weeks. "Candle," his tribute to Princess Diana, who died that Aug. 31, also won him a Grammy Award for best male pop vocal performance.

    The singer-songwriter was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 1994; has won five Grammy Awards; an Academy Award and a Golden Globe (both for "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," from Disney's The Lion King); and a Tony Award (for the score of the musical Aida). He was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1995 and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998 for his charity work.

    (Coincidentally, March 25 also marks Aretha Franklin's 75th birthday, and Elton and Aretha dueted on 1989's "Through the Storm." The song ranks at No. 38 on the list below of Elton's biggest Hot 100 hits.)

    In honor of the Elton's birthday, here is an exclusive Billboard recap of his 40 biggest Hot 100 hits.

    Elton John's Biggest Hot 100 Hits

    1, "Candle in the Wind 1997"/"Something About the Way You Look Tonight," peak position No. 1 (14 weeks), peak date Oct. 11, 1997

    2, "That's What Friends Are For" (Dionne & Friends), No. 1 (four weeks), Jan. 18, 1986

    3, "Philadelphia Freedom" (The Elton John Band), No. 1 (two weeks), April 12, 1975

    4, "Crocodile Rock," No. 1 (three weeks), Feb. 3, 1973

    5, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (Elton John & Kiki Dee), No. 1 (four weeks), Aug. 7, 1976

    6, "Bennie and the Jets," No. 1 (one week), April 13, 1974

    7, "Island Girl," No. 1 (three weeks), Nov. 1, 1975

    8, "Little Jeannie," No. 3, July 19, 1980

    9, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," No. 2, Dec. 8, 1973

    10, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," No. 1 (two weeks), Jan. 4, 1975

    11, "Daniel" No. 2, June 2, 1973

    12, "I Don't Wanna Go on With You Like That," No. 2, Aug. 27, 1988

    13, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," No. 4, Aug. 6, 1994

    14, "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," No. 4, Aug. 16, 1975

    15, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," No. 2, July 27, 1974

    16, "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues," No. 4, Jan. 28, 1984

    17, "The Bitch Is Back," No. 4, Nov. 2, 1974

    18, "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," No. 6, Dec. 25, 1976

    19, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" (George Michael/Elton John), No. 1 (one week), Feb. 1, 1992

    20, "Candle in the Wind," No. 6, Jan. 23, 1988

    21, "Nikita," No. 7, March 22, 1986

    22, "Sad Songs (Say So Much)," No. 5, Aug. 11, 1984

    23, "Rocket Man," No. 6, July 15, 1972

    24, "Mama Can't Buy You Love," No. 9, Aug. 25, 1979

    25, "Your Song," No. 8, Jan. 23, 1971

    26, "The One," No. 9, Sept. 19, 1992

    27, "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting," No. 12, Sept. 15, 1973

    28, "I'm Still Standing," No. 12, July 9, 1983

    29, "Honky Cat," No. 8, Sept. 23, 1972

    30, "Blue Eyes," No. 12, Oct. 2, 1982

    31, "Sacrifice," No. 18, March 31, 1990

    32, "Healing Hands," No. 13, Oct. 28, 1989

    33, "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)," No. 13, May 29, 1982

    34, "Believe," No. 13, May 13, 1995

    35, "Wrap Her Up," No. 20, Dec. 7, 1985

    36, "Who Wears These Shoes?," No. 16, Nov. 3, 1984

    37, "Grow Some Funk of Your Own"/"I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)," No. 14, Feb. 28, 1976

    38, "Through the Storm" (Aretha Franklin & Elton John), No. 16, May 27, 1989

    39, "A Word in Spanish" No. 19, Nov. 12, 1988

    40, "Circle of Life," No. 18, Dec. 15, 1994

    Elton John's Biggest Billboard Hot 100 hits (as a soloist) chart is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, through the April 1, 2017, ranking. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted to account for different chart turnover rates over various periods.

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    Elton Fan Survey - The Results
    Saturday, March 25 2017

    On Februay 5, 2016 we kicked off the our "Wonderful Crazy Year", which was filled with Elton fan surveys. Now the results are in as of March 25, 2017, Elton's 70th birthday.

    But first of all, we would like to thank Antti Honkasalo, who originated the idea for the project, and who worked behind the scenes to prepare the surveys and to prepare the results.

    The top 50 best rated songs:

    1. Someone Saved My Life Tonight 9,63
    2. Love Lies Bleeding 9,59
    3. Funeral For A Friend 9,58
    4. Harmony 9,58
    5. Your Song 9,47
        Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) 9,47
    7. Ticking 9,40
    8. High Flying Bird 9,37
    9. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) 9,33
    10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 9,29
          Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy 9,29
    12. Tonight 9,27
    13. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me 9,26
          We All Fall In Love Sometimes 9,26
          The One 9,26
    16. Pinball Wizard 9,24
          Curtains 9,24
    18. Levon 9,20
    19. Candle In The Wind 9,19
    20. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters 9,18
    21. Tiny Dancer 9,16
          Philadelphia Freedom 9,16
          Circle Of Life 9,16
    24. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) 9,04
          I'm Still Standing 9,04
          Sacrifice 9,04
    27. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 9,03
    28. Better Off Dead 9,01
    29. You Gotta Love Someone 9,00
    30. Blue Avenue 8,98
    31. Indian Sunset 8,96
    32. Sixty Years On 8,95
    33. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore 8,94
    34. Burn Down The Mission 8,93
          Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 8,93
    36. Believe 8,92
    37. Blessed 8,89
    38. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 8,87
    39. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? 8,85
    40. I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford) 8,81
    41. Healing Hands 8,80
    42. Skyline Pigeon [Piano Version] 8,79
          The Last Song 8,79
    44. The Captain And The Kid 8,77
    45. The Bitch Is Back 8,74
    46. Original Sin 8,73
    47. Come Down In Time 8,71
    48. Carla/Etude 8,68
    49. Madman Across The Water 8,67
    50. Live Like Horses [With Luciano Pavarotti]

    The bottom ten:

    1. Spotlight 3,88
    2. Street Boogie 3,93
    3. Warm Love In A Cold World 4,03
    4. Johnny B. Goode 4,21
    5. Timothy 4,22
        Rollercoaster 4,22
        Born Bad 4,22
    8. Thunder In The Night
    9. Go Out And Get It
    10. Sarah Escapes

    The albums from the top to bottom:

    1. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy 8,83
    2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 8,51
    3. Madman Across The Water 8,27
    4. Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player 8,26
    5. Tumbleweed Connection 8,15
    7. Sleeping With The Past 8,07
    8. Elton John 8,01
    9. The Captain And The Kid 7,95
    10. Made In England 7,92
    11. Songs From The West Coast 7,91
    12. Honky Chateau 7,86
    13. Too Low For Zero 7,80
    14. The One 7,78
    15. Caribou 7,72
          The Union 7,72
    17. Rock Of The Westies 7,66
    18. Blue Moves 7,46
          The Fox 7,46
    20. Wonderful Crazy Night 7,43
    21. Jump Up! 7,25
    22. Breaking Hearts 7,24
    23. The Complete Thom Bell Sessions 7,18
          The Diving Board 7,18
          Gnomeo & Juliet 7,18
    26. The Big Picture 7,15
    27. Good Morning To The Night 7,08
    28. The Lion King 7,01
    29. 21 At 33 6,90
          Reg Strikes Back 6,90
    31. Peachtree Road 6,82
    32. The Road To El Dorado 6,69
    33. Ice On Fire 6,68
    34. A Single Man 6,66
    35. Duets 6,56
    36. Friends 6,49
    37. Aida 6,31
    38. Empty Sky 6,23
    39. Leather Jackets 5,97
    40. The Muse 4,54
    41. Victim Of Love 4,34

    The Top 10 live recordings:

    1. Love Lies Bleeding [From Here And There Disc 2] 9,21
    2. Someone Saved My Life Tonight [From Captain Fantastic Deluxe] 9,27
    3. Pinball Wizard [From Captain Fantastic Deluxe] 9,24
    4. Funeral For A Friend [From Here And There Disc 2] 9,21
    5. Love Lies Bleeding [From Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Super Deluxe] 9,08
        Saturday Night's Alright [From Captain Fantastic Deluxe] 9,08
    7. Curtains [From Captain Fantastic Deluxe] 9,06
    8. Funeral For A Friend [From Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Super Deluxe] 9,05
        Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [From Captain Fantastic Deluxe] 9,05
    10. We All Fall In Love Sometimes [From Captain Fantastic Deluxe] 9,04

    The live albums from the top to bottom:

    1. Captain Fantastic Deluxe 8,88
    2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Super Deluxe 8,57
    3. Live In Australia 8,34
    4. 17-11-70 8,09
    5. Here And There 8,05
    6. One Night Only 6,55

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    From the Seventies to Seventy
    Saturday, March 25 2017

    Elton's career rose to phenomenal stardom in the Seventies and he is still standing (and performing) some 50 years later - at the age of 70. Happy Birthday!

    Today, on March 25, 2017, he will be celebrating his 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his songwriting collaboration with Bernie Taupin in Los Angeles.

    On behalf of the Hercules team and all the fans around the world, we would like to wish him all the best and a happy birthday!

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    Elton: ëLife Is Fabulousí
    Friday, March 24 2017

    With 70 looming, Elton is reflecting on life ñ and how his family with husband David has changed it for the better.

    Chatting with Beats 1ís Zane Lowe in a lengthy interview, Elton said his marriage to David has ìgotten better and better and better,î but admitted, ìweíve had our ups and downs like every other couple. Our love has grown stronger and stronger,î he said, adding, ìAnd you have to work at it, you know youíre married.î

    The couple ñ who have been together for over two decades and wed in 2014 ñ share sons Elijah, 4, and Zachary, 6.

    ì[Having children] makes all the difference because itís about them not you,î said the musician. ìAnd itís the greatest thing youíll ever know.î

    He continued, ìPeople say, ëWell, I disagree I donít want childrení and thatís fine, I would have said the same thing, until I had them. Then it was like ëWow this is it? Are you kidding me?í If I was 15 years younger, Iíd have two or three more. Without question.î

    ìSeventy sounds so archaic doesnít it,î Elton told Lowe. ìWhen I was growing up, 70 sounded like the end of the world. But things have changed, youíre only as old as you feel inside.î

    Though Elton admitted that sometimes, his physical strength is down, he said, ìMy inner self I feel great.î And Eltonís certain to be in good spirits this weekend: heís celebrating in style, with a bash thatís been mostly kept ìsecretî from the star.

    ìI just know that itís a celebration of my 70th and the 50 years of partnership with [collaborator Bernie Taupin] and myself,î he told Lowe. ìItís a great year this year, itís the 25th anniversary of the AIDS foundation, 50 years of Bernie and me, and 70 years of me. Itís nice to celebrate things. Life is fabulous.î All proceeds from the bash will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and the Hammond Museum, Elton said.

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    Elton's surprise call to viral video teen Lewis Hine
    Wednesday, March 22 2017

    A disabled teenager who made a video which has gone viral received a phone call from Elton, who said he was moved to tears by it.

    Lewis Hine created it to celebrate his 16th birthday and it has been viewed nearly seven million times on Facebook. He said: "Sir Elton John phoned and said he'd watched the video and I was so inspirational it made him cry."

    Lewis has undergone more than a dozen brain surgeries since he was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 17 months. Lewis, from Portsmouth, said during the phone call Elton said "he was so proud to hear there was someone out there supporting children with disabilities and trying their hardest to make a difference."

    His mum Emma Hine said: "It was a crazy moment in the house, I said Sir Elton John's on the phone for you. I said next time can you give me a bit of notice - my phone hasn't stopped ringing."

    Lewis, who runs a charity called Friend Finder, said he put the video together to "get the message out there that being disabled is not a bad thing, don't let it stop you wanting to do things in life".

    Lewis encounters daily seizures as a result of the tumour.
    He said: "I struggle with a lot of things in my day to day life and I struggle to read and write - it's quite a big challenge for me." Lewis said his next project was to organise a prom for children in the UK who have missed theirs due to long-term illnesses.

    Planned for June 2017, the event for young people aged 15-19 is being held at Portsmouth Guildhall.

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    Wish Elton "happy birthday" on Facebook
    Tuesday, March 21 2017

    Wish Elton a Happy Birthday by leaving your name in his card during the Facebook livestream on March 21, 2017, 6pm GMT. Elton will receive the card during his birthday.

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    Elton reacts to Chuck Berry's death
    Tuesday, March 21 2017

    Following the news of legendary musician Chuck Berryís death, social media was flooded with condolences and heartfelt messages about the star.

    Berry died in his St. Charles, Missouri home on March 18, 2017, when police responded to a medical emergency and tried to revive the unresponsive singer. He was 90.

    Celebrities posted on Twitter and Facebook, sharing their love and memories of the beloved rock and roll star.

    Elton posted: "The greatest rock & roll songwriter of all time. Thanks for all those wonderful records that will define rock music forever. #RIPChuckBerry"

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    Limited signed Elton John print
    Tuesday, March 21 2017

    In celebration of Eltonís 70th birthday, famous Pop Artist Romero Britto has donated 50 signed prints of his Elton John portrait, which will be up for grabs from March 20, 2017.

    The portrait presents Elton covered in an array of bright and warm colours, with a red heart on his cheek, which can be found on many of his portraits.

    The portraits will be available on March 20, 2017 via ejaf.org, and in true Elton fashion, the pop legend described Romero's art as a ìFun, fabulous, rock n' roll portrait.î

    ìIt's a great way to mark my 70th birthday and I hope people around the world can buy and enjoy it, knowing that they are also making an important contribution to our work,î he went on to say.

    The original masterpiece, titled ìSir Eltonî, was sold to Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots at last yearís Woodside Gallery Dinner for £130,000 - all of which was donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

    "Elton is a true inspiration to me, a role model in all senses of the word. He is such a kind soul and I admire all that he does,î said Britto. ìI am honoured to collaborate with him. I remain a huge fan of both he and David."

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