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Scissor Sisters To Support Elton John
Wednesday, May 12 2004

Currently selling records by the warehouse full, the Scissor Sisters have confirmed that they will be jetting into the UK ahead of their Glastonbury Festival performance for two very special shows with Sir Elton John.

Sir Elton has specifically requested the Sisters' presence for two shows at Bristol City Football Club (June 11, 2004) and at Hop Farm Country Park, Kent (June 20, 2004).

After catching the Sisters at an aftershow party gig, Elton purchased 50 copies of their album for all his friends and personally requested that they appear as special guests on his upcoming tour. Even more unusual is the fact that Elton doesn't normally take a support band on the road with him.

The band will re-release their debut single 'Laura' on June 7, 2004 from their album 'Scissor Sisters' which is out now.

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