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Bob Birch Auction
Thursday, May 8 2014

Those of us who had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Bob Birch know what a kind, generous, caring individual and talented musician he was. He is sorely missed by his family, his band-mates and friends.

Bob was one of the best bass players in the industry and played with Elton for twenty years. He became a staple of the Elton John band on tour and through the recordings of several albums.

In 1995 Bob suffered a tragic accident when he was hit from behind by a pick-up truck and sent airborne more than 20 feet, breaking his legs and damaging his back and spine. Doctors informed him that he would never walk again, but 6 months later Bob was back on tour with Elton. The accident left Bob with severe injuries to his body. He had to endure several operations and excruciating pain in his neck and back. Bob soldiered on through despite living with the debilitating pain. He continued to tour and record with Elton for another 17 years.

In 2012, Bob could no longer endure the pain and suffering and tragically took his own life on August 15, 2012. Since then, many fellow musicians have praised Bobís work and his musicianship. Those of us who had the distinct pleasure of knowing Bob miss his humour, his on-stage smile, his shades, the work-boots and the genuine sense of caring he gave to all of those he touched.

On May 17, 2014, Julienís Auctions will be holding a Music Icons Auction at The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Sq., New York City. There are 27 bass guitars that Bob owned being auctioned off. Plus some Elton John tour jackets.

The items can be viewed online in the catalogue. Bobís collection is on pages 136-141 in the Rock Icons catalogue. You can download it from their website.

We would encourage all of you to take a look at the items and participate in the auction on May 17, 2014. All the details for the event can be found at the Julienís Auctions website.

This is a rare opportunity for Elton John fans to share in supporting the memory of Bob Birch and to own a part of the musical legacy and friendship that he left us.

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