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Elton John "Next Fall" Broadway video interview
Friday, March 12 2010

Next Fall received rave reviews off Broadway and when Broadway.tv recently interviewed the cast, no one knew that only a few days later Elton John would be announced as a producer for the show.

During Broadway.tv's exclusive interview with Phil Berk who is the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press, they discussed how Hollywood has had such a big impact on Broadway. Berk argued that the current economics of Broadway dictate a big name is needed to star in a show to be successful.

Some worried, that while "Next Fall" told a very strong and important story, the show may not get deserved attention and audiences because of the lack of household name star power. Elton John fixed this issue by becoming involved with "Next Fall", something Broadway.tv thinks is very noble and kind, of one of the most successful music artists in the world.

On March 11, 2010 Broadway.tv had the chance to interview Elton. Watch the video to see why he wanted to be a producer for "Next Fall".

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