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James McAvoy: "I admire Elton John"
Wednesday, January 26 2011

James McAvoy has expressed his admiration for Gnomeo And Juliet's executive producer Elton John.

McAvoy, who provides the voice of Gnomeo in the animated movie, told Parade that he has never been able to meet the acclaimed 'Candle In The Wind' singer. "Do you know what? I have yet to meet the fantastic Elton John," he said.

The actor added that he often hoped that Elton would turn up to offer him vocal advice during the film's recording sessions. He explained: "I'm a total fan of his music and I've been working on this film for I think three years. So every day I would come to work and I would kind of be hoping that that would be the day Elton would be there but he was never there when I was there. I was absolutely gutted. I thought, 'Am I performing badly? Does he not like the film?'"

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