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Elton's song secret
Wednesday, January 26 2011

Elton became emotional every time he performed his song "The Greatest Discovery" prior to his son's birth, because the lyrics reminded him of his surrogacy secret.

Elton and David welcomed little Zachary via a surrogate mother at Christmas Day 2010, after keeping their baby plans quiet for nearly a year. Elton admits his song from 1970, about the birth of a child, reminds him of the emotional journey to becoming a parent and he grew teary every time he sang it before the tot's birth, because he couldn't share his news with his audience.

He tells Access Hollywood, "It's about the birth of a new baby and I was singing it before he arrived and I was getting very emotional as I sang it. And I thought, 'People don't know what's going on and I'm singing this song.'"

And he reveals he is now serenading his baby boy with the track, adding, "I've been singing that (to him) recently."

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