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An iPod for Zachary
Tuesday, February 1 2011

Elton John is determined his baby son Zachary becomes a music fan before he's a toddler - the tot has his own miniature iPod.

Elton is eager for his child to have great taste in tunes, so he has downloaded his favorite songs onto an MP3 music player for the baby - and the selection includes some of his own classic hits.

He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "It's a teen-tiny little thing, so small you can hardly believe it even is an iPod, but David and I put it together for him. He has Chopin, Mozart, Carole King , the Carpenters, James Taylor, me, Kate Bush, Linda Ronstadt. Oh, and lullabies by Led Zeppelin, so it's a nice mix."

"This boy is going to grow up surrounded by all the good things. Great music, great art, lots of travel, lots of time with our wonderful artistic friends, so he's going to be inspired for the whole of his life."

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