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Cee Lo goes Elton John with The Muppets
Monday, February 14 2011

During the 2011 Grammy Awards, it's tough to tell who was more animated for the "Forget You" performance segment: Cee Lo Green or The Muppets.

The soul singer -- who cleaned up the language to his hit track "Fuck You" for network viewing -- donned colorful plumage, oversized sunglasses and a mirrored headpiece, smiling all the while. He got some help from "Country Strong" star Gwyneth Paltrow and some minor Muppets, who sang back up an "played" the number.

While it may appear that Green was just trying to fit in with his crazy-looking felt friends, he was actually make a major nod to Elton John's performance of "Crocodile Rock" with The Muppets from the '70s.

Paltrow didn't reveal much of her cartoony side, but played a girlie perspective on the song her own way, climbing up on the piano and laughing with Green when both tried to avoid dropping the f-bomb. Cee Lo went home empty-handed at the 53rd annual ceremony, losing Record of the Year to Lady Antebellum. Paltrow continues promoting "Country Strong," while the Muppets are starting heavy promotional activity for their forthcoming movie this year.

Check out the videos from the Grammys and from Elton John: who nailed the peacock performance best?

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